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Please forgive me if this has been discussed before.  I stumbled on this today (it came up as a recommended clip after I watched a Pajama Club clip Neil posted in his email journal today).  It's a great recording of the CH performance on Much Music during the Together Alone tour in 1994.  I had read about the broadcast before and I think had seen some videos of individual songs, but really enjoyed watching the entire show today.

It was recorded about a week before Paul left the band, and while watching I kept wondering how far along he was in his decision-making process.  At that point was he just aware he was not happy, was exhausted, etc.?  Was he weighing the pros and cons of leaving during the tour and trying to just tough it out?  Did anyone else in the band or in his circle know he was seriously considering it?

Neil looks so happy during the performance, and the band is playing so well together during this taping.  I loved that the audience all seemed to be real fans too.

I will wind up revisiting this a lot

...but you turn right over to The TV Page...

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Hi @The TV Page.

That's nice you enjoyed the gig. I must admit I've struggled to watch it all because - for me - I get affected by how sad/dark Paul is at that point.

To answer your specific question, it's been a while I've read Bourke's book - but I think Paul was sick of touring, unhappy with how the record company was promoting the album and genuinely depressed.

I agree the band sound great but I reckon one can just see the tension between them.

Oh, and during Italian Plastic, if you look at Mark during the melodica part (well he's playing the keyboard on that gig), one can see the concerned look on his face when he looks at Paul. It's just evidence that he was as good friends with Paul as Neil and Nick were.

The downloader- gromit - put up some other Crowded House gigs. My favourite is the South Africa 1993 one. The audio may not be the best but the band are all in good spirits and performances are fantastic... oh, and it's insane how fast Mark goes from keyboard to guitar on 'when you come'.

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Thanks for the info!

I too haven't read the Bourke book in many years.  I agree that in the clip, knowing what was about to happen, the sad/dark state Paul was in appears easy to spot.  I was just writing the things going through my mind watching it from the distance of 2021.   I don't expect to really know the timeline.

I was at the show in Atlanta, and had absolutely zero idea there was any tension, much less that Paul was departing that night.  It was certainly a less joyous show than the one I saw on the Woodface tour, but it was electrifying, more intense, at times funny (the audience viewpoint section for example), and riveting throughout.

I have the Paul is Dead club CD from that show (which missed a good portion of the setlist - it was a very long show!), and I don't think there's much in the audio that gives it away.  It would be very interesting to be able to see the Atlanta show again, and like with the Much Music broadcast be able to pick up verbal indications of what was brewing.  The only visual clue I remember that Paul was departing is the way in the last third of the show (or at least the encores) the rest of the band would turn to Paul, or even walk over to his kit, and let him select the next song.   

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