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Around the beginning of 2020, I started noticing that a lot of Crowded House videos on Youtube seemed to be getting a lot of new comments that were very similar. The pic below is just one example but you can find this on virtually all of their videos -- the same handful of comments with slight variations are posted many times in the same period of a few months. It's clearly some kind of organized bot campaign on behalf of Crowded House.

This started when the pandemic was still ramping up, and Crowded House were in the studio and starting to drop hints about the new album. We know Neil signed with a new high-powered management firm after joining Fleetwood Mac...perhaps this bot campaign is their work? I assume the purpose is to boost their place in the algorithm so they show up more often in people's feeds.

I guess this is the way of the world now, unfortunately, but doesn't seem like Neil's style. Anyone else notice this?

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Good spot, thanks for putting this together! I had noticed the abundance of the "Go Nick... " comment but didn't notice the different usernames and thought it was some single very very obsessive fan. Shows how naive I am.

I don't know what to think if it yet, but I'll certainly pay attention to it now. At least it's a reason to read the comments. 

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