I'm interested to know what Finn/enz/crowded song they would choose to have at their funeral. A little morbid perhaps but i'm very intrigued to know what other finn fans choices would be. I personally like Neil's "Try Whistling This"; i love the strength in the directness of the lyrics in the last verse and the way the music in this song reminds me old family movies i used to watch on an old projector.
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Hmmm i should burn a Finn CD and keep it with my will. I'd love Finn songs to be played at my funeral, and I know it would be a comfort to my hubby and kids, as they associate it with me.

Songs might include:

Together Alone
Don't Dream It's Over ( maybe the Princess Diana Version)
Better Be Home Soon
Lullaby Requiem
All I Ask
Fall at Your Feet
Wherever You Are
Into the Sunset
Suffer Never
Last Day of June
Won't Give In
All the Colours
Part of Me Part of You
Gentle Hum
Sunset Swim
It is a bizarre thread but strangely, it draws you in. Smiler

I was thinking about Don't Give In and I love the line 'everyone I love is here" but there's also the line "even if time is just a flicker of light and we all have to die alone". I couldn't imagine hearing that at a funeral, it would tear my heart out. But then again, I suppose it is a very uplifting song, isn't it?

I don't know if I could choose one....Try Whistling This or Don't Dream It's Over, maybe.

What is the Princess Diana version? I'm curious too!!
Oooh, it is an odd topic, but it's obvious that I'm not alone in thinking about this either Wink

I have made a bit of a list:

Sweet Secret Peace-The song that Neil officially blew my mind to

Anytime-Because it just struck a chord with me

Into the Sunset-Because it's again, one of those utterly gorgeous Neil songs

I haven't added any other ones yet, but I'm sure I will
Sweet Secret Peace!!! I can't believe I forgot that one!!!

Now about the Diana version of DDIO...

There is an absolutely gorgeous version of DDIO on the Diana Princess of Wales Tribute CD. Go forth and find it, ye faithful fanns!

Edited to add:





Infact there are many copies currently up for bid on ebay. Despite the error in one copy's track listing, Neil does indeed sing DDIO and NOT Streets of Philadelphia. Obviously the person selling that copy is NOT a Neil Finn fan!!!
It was mentioned but I'm tempted to go for Love this Life... because all the other ones I think of would tear me apart if I heard them at a funeral... and it's probably the most apt - you never fell no pain when you're dead surely?

Though I'm not sure I want a funeral... I think that would be the one if I did
1) She Goes On
2) All the Colours
3) Never be the same
4) Gentle Hum

There are several, but these 4 run the emotional gammit.A little bittersweet and a little uplifting.
After all, thats what funerals are for.....have a good cry, find some happy rememberences, and get on with life.
(easier said than done...I know)
Originally posted by Whistler:
Finngirl 'Turn and Run' would have been my number 2. nice choice!
Why, thankyou Whistler, I've heard Turn And Run live a few times, but the time I heard it in Auckland at Neil's Seven Worlds Collide it blew me away, there was a lot more focus on the vocals and it really suited the atmosphere of the venue.
I agree with afew of the other Frenz and think I will keep a Finn cd with my will so that voice can see me off to heaven.
Originally posted by lavar78:
"Don't Dream It's Over" is appropriate in a melancholy-yet-uplifting way. The fact that it's my favorite song makes it an easy choice.

So funny you mention this song. As I read the topic title, this song came into my head. I just get shivers each time I hear it. Very hauntingly beautiful melodies.
Originally posted by Finngirl:
Originally posted by Whistler:
Finngirl 'Turn and Run' would have been my number 2. nice choice!
Why, thankyou Whistler, I've heard Turn And Run live a few times, but the time I heard it in Auckland at Neil's Seven Worlds Collide it blew me away, there was a lot more focus on the vocals and it really suited the atmosphere of the venue.
I agree with afew of the other Frenz and think I will keep a Finn cd with my will so that voice can see me off to heaven.

Yeh! the first time i heard that song was on the concert DVD that i have now flogged to death!
I've always thought "She Goes On" would make a great funeral song!
Pretty soon you’ll be able to remember her
Lying in the garden singing
Right where she’ll always be
The door is always open

This is the place that I loved her
And these are the friends that she had
Long may the mountain ring
To the sound of her laughter
And she goes on and on

In her soft wind I will whisper
In her warm sun I will glisten
’till we see her once again
In a world without end

We owe it all to frank sinatra
The song was playing a she walked into the room
After the long weekend
They were a lifetime together

Appearing in the eyes of children
In the clear blue mountain view
The colouring in the sky
And painting ladders to heaven
And she goes on

In her soft wind I will whisper
In her warm sun I will glisten
’till we see her once again
In a world without end

In her soft wind I will whisper
In her warm sun I will glisten
And I always will remember
In a world without end
She goes on
She goes on
She goes on

The lyrics just lend themselves to remembering someone that has already passed on and I like the "till we see her once again in a world without end" makes me feel comforted thinking about meeting up with my friends and family in "heaven".
I also like She will have her way......but She goes on would be my top choice!
Originally posted by talltrees:
"Edible Flowers" to honor the dead, followed by "I See Red" to get 'em dancing !!

i was wondering when some one would say edible flowers. maybe we could crowd surf your coffin out to the herse with I See Red
oooo....morbid topic, love it.

for me, definitely Love this Life and I also like the idea of Faster Than Light because it's always struck me as being a bit spooky and otherworldly...so perfect.

I'm also sort of partial to the webcast version of Devil You Know...sort of as a cautionary/ eulogy statement of "get out there and live before it's too late, don't get stuck in that rut"
Oooh! Extremely freaky that I (and Mrs HP) were thinking about this before this thread actually started...somebody is psychic out there!

I guess it would have to be Love This Life...

But that could change to Time Immemorial or Lullaby Requiem at any moment.....both such beautiful, haunting songs.
Oooooh yes Love This Life or Time Immemorial. GOOD choices.

I have to put a BIG vote in for Distant Sun though. I find it uplifting and haunting and painful and positive...all depending on what mood Im in at the time.

That and its simply the best pop song ever written in the history of the world Big Grin

Maybe The Climber too, if I really wanted to depress everyone Wink
I saw this thread and had to have a think about it for a day or so. I want "Fair Warning" by Todd Rundgren played at my funeral but it's 8 minutes long and a rather aquired taste. So after that I'd have "It's Only Natural" to provide some relief to the mourners. I know it's a perky kind of "up" song but the opening lyrics are perfect:

Ice will melt, water will boil
You and i can shake off this mortal coil
It's bigger than us, you don't have to worry about it
All The Colours, DDIO and She Goes On for the serious part.

Maybe Anytime, that would depend on the circumstances...

Years Go By, to get people to think about their lives....

One Step Ahead finally or Time For A Change, that I don't know!

Some topic this is!!
All of the Colors - not one of my absolute favorites, but it would be on a list with Love This Life, Never Be The Same and Gentle Hum!

I can never forget
The day we said goodbye
Holding your hands
A rainbow low in the sky

And all the colors there
To gather you up
And carry you up
All the colors there
To gather you up

Now, we're left here
To get on with our things
Writing it down
And working with wood and strings

And all the colors there
To open us up
And bring us luck
All the colors there
To open us up
Originally posted by Mrs Horse Pants:
This is something I've actually been thinking about recently, and I picked Lullaby Requiem for obvious reasons. My other pick is Astro, which has always struck a chord with me - could be because TWT was on high rotation on my stereo when my Grandma died in 1998.

Oooh yes... Astro is also a very good one.. I love that song - what a way to remember someone's life
Originally posted by Mrs Horse Pants:
Our very own RedGirl keeps telling us that she wants Distant Sun played at her funeral.

(Just in case she can't remember her password to log in and post that herself) Big Grin

ohhh thank you Mrs HP. A good reminder there... and isn't it funny that when you started to tell me about this topic I thought "I have to remembr to tell her I want Distant Sun"... ahhh me and my cottage cheese brain

So I guess I can stop telling you now?

Oh and I think an acoustic version would be the best. Thank you!

Have you decided girls where I will be disposed of (which country/countries/location) and how?
Hum whatever you like while you're doing it!!

Oh and GREAT avatar by the way Mrs HP- AWESOME!!!!! Good on you and the magic Doodler Big Grin Wink Big Grin
Well, id go for an upbeat song. Something that has a bit of humour. How about "Locked Out", or "Clumsy". Of course if you played something like "Anytime", there probably wouldn't be a dry eye in the house, probably from all the laughter, hopefully.

It's amazing reading those lists of Top 10 Funeral songs. Why people don't want to play the chicken dance at their funeral is beyond me. Smiler
Probably DDIO, Four Seasons or Never Be The Same.

I love All The Colours but it does remind me of my Dad and I wouldn't want everyone to be weeping as funerals are just horrid anyway.

My cousin had Robbie Williams' Angels which was great but now every time I hear it, I remember.

God, this is so cheery!
I would like to "hear" Drive home from the rain soundtrack. The intro is so beautiful and sad.
And all my friends will cry when they hear that it will be a long way to drive home without me. Wink
Other instrumental songs from the rain soundtrack are also very appropriate.
Half-Full, thanks for the reply and sorry its taken me so long to pick up on it. I've heard a snippet of the Diana version and it sounds lovely - I adore it when Neil goes all acoustic. In that vein, all those of you who mention 'Try Whistling This' - have you heard the version recorded at Abbey Road in 1998? A wonderful piano and vocal. Definitely up there in the 'tie breaker' stakes if we can only choose one!
I reckon I'd go with 'Distant Sun' and 'Sister Madly' (the live version that came on Recurring Dream's live album)- because even if you're not a Crowdie's fan, how could you not have a cackle over Hessie's unfortunate out of tune note?

I also love 'Friday I'm in Love' by the Cure- not a Finn related song, but one which will be blaring from the cd player at my big event.
All the colours or Anytime would be good.

Mind you I'm not sure about pop songs at funerals. My cousin had Angels By Robbie Williams and now when I hear it, I think of the funeral. Frowner

Having said that I had a classical piece at my Dad's funeral and that was used on a Tv programme. Hmmm
I had a friend die in a car crash coming back to college about 3 weeks ago and they played 'Better Be Home Soon' while people were placing flowers on the casket...
Also we're planning on having a memorial service here (the funeral was 300 kms away) and my friend who is organising it actually asked for 'Together Alone' which I think will be nice (he had some islander herritage to the Maori chant won't be completely lost).

So heres 2 examples of CH/Finn songs in use. Pitty about the cercumstances though...
Originally posted by Kylie S:
Does anyone know if "All the Colours" was written about their mum passing? Since the first time I heard it I always assumed it was about their mum.

Yes, it is. Tim had talked about this on a couple of occasions during the promotion of Everyone Is Here - I just can't remember where, sorry!
I think Edible Flowers is a beautiful song but would be too downbeat for a funeral - I like the idea of I See Red - my mum says she'd like something more like that and people not wearing black at her funeral - she's 70!
I must admot though She Goes On seems one of the most appropriate ones and as you point out Elissa - the lyrics!
Try Whistling this is also a goodie.
Blimey! We'll all end up with concerts for our funerals! Lol!
'All the Colours' gets my vote. Our daughter was stillborn last year - I played it to her before we said goodbye to her for the final time - I still can't listen to it, but it does remind me of her (and my Mum, who passed away not long after), and gives me the feeling that I'll see them again one day.
Morbidly I suppose, I've really enjoyed reading this topic!

For my father's funeral, I chose Neil's "Lullaby Requiem", which I thought worked out quite well. I think the children's choir really adds to the mood.

Since that time, the Finn Brothers' "Everyone Is Here" album was released, so I'd have to add "All the Colours" to the mix. The actual album version wouldn't quite work for me as far as atmosphere is concerned, but I've heard a recording of a live acoustic version of the song that absolutely blew me away. It would work perfectly for the situation.

Several suggestions made by others made me realize that I might have to go back and listen to some of these other songs with this thread in mind. You guys are good!
I'm wary about using a well-known song at my funeral, after my uncle's funeral about 10 years ago...they played Unforgettable, which was really moving, but even now I can't listen to that song. I wouldn't want to 'ruin' it for anyone. Wiht Finn songs I guess I would go with She Goes On, and Into The Sunset is also a good choice, and maybe Paradise (Wherever You Are) to lighten the mood a bit.
don't really want to think about funerals, as it's my dads on wednesday Frowner

but, I had 'Fingers Of Love' as the song for the first dance at my wedding in 2001.
and then my first child, Finn, was born 10 months later.
only a little obsessed....
hmm, I'd have to be unoriginal and go with She Goes On or Stuff & Nonsense too. But then again, I really like Nails In My Feet and so I might choose that one simply because I'd also want people to hear a song I really like.
As of right now, considering that I don't know half the SE/CH tunes, I would say Four Seasons in One Day, DDIO, and Pineapple Head, followed by Message to My Girl. Big Grin And then at the reception thingie (does anyone else feel awkward at those things?!) Poor Boy and Dirty Creature and Locked Out and Sister Madly and IN the Lowlands...etc.

And Save a Prayer by Duran DuranWink.
Love the idea of having Chocolate Cake played. Following in the vein of I See Red, how about Hard Act To Follow from Corroboree.

Admittedly I'd not really thought about it before, Better Be Home Soon by Crowded House is already associated with Paul's funeral, which Neil performed for him.

At mine I'd probably want Take A Walk from Time & Tide as it's a really positive track.

It's very unfortunate that funerals are a time of sadness, when really they should be a time to say goodbye to a friend/loved one and to celebrate their life. Personally I'd rather the last gathering of friends and family in my honour be a happy occasion. Smiler

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