Originally posted by Mrs Horse Pants:
This is something I've actually been thinking about recently, and I picked Lullaby Requiem for obvious reasons. My other pick is Astro, which has always struck a chord with me - could be because TWT was on high rotation on my stereo when my Grandma died in 1998.

Oooh yes... Astro is also a very good one.. I love that song - what a way to remember someone's life
Originally posted by MaryAnn:
I think I would have "Where is my Soul" !

With particluar emphasis on Down below they're looking for me

Nice one, MaryAnn.
Originally posted by Mrs Horse Pants:
Our very own RedGirl keeps telling us that she wants Distant Sun played at her funeral.

(Just in case she can't remember her password to log in and post that herself) Big Grin

ohhh thank you Mrs HP. A good reminder there... and isn't it funny that when you started to tell me about this topic I thought "I have to remembr to tell her I want Distant Sun"... ahhh me and my cottage cheese brain

So I guess I can stop telling you now?

Oh and I think an acoustic version would be the best. Thank you!

Have you decided girls where I will be disposed of (which country/countries/location) and how?
Hum whatever you like while you're doing it!!

Oh and GREAT avatar by the way Mrs HP- AWESOME!!!!! Good on you and the magic Doodler Big Grin Wink Big Grin
Well, id go for an upbeat song. Something that has a bit of humour. How about "Locked Out", or "Clumsy". Of course if you played something like "Anytime", there probably wouldn't be a dry eye in the house, probably from all the laughter, hopefully.

It's amazing reading those lists of Top 10 Funeral songs. Why people don't want to play the chicken dance at their funeral is beyond me. Smiler
i won't have a funeral (i prefer cremation) but as my ashes get poured over N.Z. (hey, it's my plan) "as sure as i am" would be nice in the background...
Don't stand around,
Like friends at a funeral,
Eyes to the ground,
It could have been you.

Never Be The Same.
I'd want 'She Goes On', hopefully it would give comfort to the people I love. Followed by a rousing rendition of the chicken dance!
Probably DDIO, Four Seasons or Never Be The Same.

I love All The Colours but it does remind me of my Dad and I wouldn't want everyone to be weeping as funerals are just horrid anyway.

My cousin had Robbie Williams' Angels which was great but now every time I hear it, I remember.

God, this is so cheery!
She goes on
All the colors
Gentle Hum
Part of Me Part of You

***What an interesting thought. I think I am going to start planning my funeral.

Why not? I could go at anytime Smiler.
I would like to "hear" Drive home from the rain soundtrack. The intro is so beautiful and sad.
And all my friends will cry when they hear that it will be a long way to drive home without me. Wink
Other instrumental songs from the rain soundtrack are also very appropriate.
Half-Full, thanks for the reply and sorry its taken me so long to pick up on it. I've heard a snippet of the Diana version and it sounds lovely - I adore it when Neil goes all acoustic. In that vein, all those of you who mention 'Try Whistling This' - have you heard the version recorded at Abbey Road in 1998? A wonderful piano and vocal. Definitely up there in the 'tie breaker' stakes if we can only choose one!
Into the Sunset
Better Be Home Soon
In Your Sway
Stuff and Nonsense
Faster than light

yeah, i like that little selection!
The Climber is my recent choice (particularly the version off 7 Worlds....) but it has always been She Goes On. Tough choice!

Try whistling this 'sinner' last day of june'sunset swim'turn and run'edible flowers'loose tongue'and stuff and nonsense.Hope the vicar's up for it
I reckon I'd go with 'Distant Sun' and 'Sister Madly' (the live version that came on Recurring Dream's live album)- because even if you're not a Crowdie's fan, how could you not have a cackle over Hessie's unfortunate out of tune note?

I also love 'Friday I'm in Love' by the Cure- not a Finn related song, but one which will be blaring from the cd player at my big event.
Haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking 'Into The Sunset'. I'm almost convinced I'm getting the following part of the lyric on my headstone...

And here now I come to rest
Under Lion Rock
Over Marine Parade
Maybe this time
Here I'll stay
The Devil You Know. Not that I'm planning on dying this week. Which will mean that it'll be different next week.
I really must add Devil You Know to my list aswell (cant believe I did'nt put it on there before really)and especially after just hearing it live. oh my
Originally posted by Molten Toothpaste:
Neil Finn's version of "I can see clearly now"

I agree but I have also heard Neil Finn sing "There is a light that never goes out." Neil Finn only!
add DDIO and I Don't Wanna Dance to my list, and maybe I Hope I Never, perfect funeral song that, "I hope i never have to see you again" Big Grin
All the colours or Anytime would be good.

Mind you I'm not sure about pop songs at funerals. My cousin had Angels By Robbie Williams and now when I hear it, I think of the funeral. Frowner

Having said that I had a classical piece at my Dad's funeral and that was used on a Tv programme. Hmmm
I had a friend die in a car crash coming back to college about 3 weeks ago and they played 'Better Be Home Soon' while people were placing flowers on the casket...
Also we're planning on having a memorial service here (the funeral was 300 kms away) and my friend who is organising it actually asked for 'Together Alone' which I think will be nice (he had some islander herritage to the Maori chant won't be completely lost).

So heres 2 examples of CH/Finn songs in use. Pitty about the cercumstances though...
"Edible Flowers" nearly makes me cry everytime i hear it. "All the Colours" is great too, it's a bit more cheerful. And "Stuff and Nonsense"- so many!!!!!!!
Two additions to mine.
1) Nails in my feet {or as Foxtel's Air channels contantly keep calling it 'Nails In My Heart'! Roll Eyes Wish they would get it right!}
2) Years Go By.
Does anyone know if "All the Colours" was written about their mum passing? Since the first time I heard it I always assumed it was about their mum.
Originally posted by Kylie S:
Does anyone know if "All the Colours" was written about their mum passing? Since the first time I heard it I always assumed it was about their mum.

Yes, it is. Tim had talked about this on a couple of occasions during the promotion of Everyone Is Here - I just can't remember where, sorry!
Its going to have to be Distant Sun, if only because its my favourite song ever. It'd be a good sing to go out to.


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