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So dragging this thread out of the depths…

@Greatfox posted:
furthermore, is there a neil demo of it in existence?

Haven’t seen this mentioned before, but I’ve been listening to the live Mullane’s version of Left Hand for years since hearing a bootleg of it years ago, and then more recently on the deluxe edition of CH’s debut album and I always loved the jingly guitar on the intro and verse and thought it was a waste that Neil essentially threw it out, never to be used again after he wrote the newer verse that became the offical version.

Then this weekend it finally hit me – he DID use it again. Not for himself, but when he wrote You I Know for Jenny Morris.

Have a listen to the Mullanes intro and verse to Left Hand, then listen to the original version of You I Know (17 sec onwards) intro and chorus and there is the same jangly guitar riff.

So there may not be a demo of Neil doing You I Know, but the original Left Hand might be as close as we get to the origins of this song.

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