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Trying to locate a VG+ (or better) copy of this cd.  If you have a copy and are willing to part with it, please contact me.  I can do cash, trade (large vinyl & cd collection) or combination of both.


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This one is a real bugger to track down.

If anyone has any advice on wear to search for this rare cd, it would be greatly appreciated.  I should have mentioned I have some nice memorabilia, rare albums, and other goodies to trade if $$ (paypal of course) isn't your bag.

Thanks loads!



Sorry, unable to help out with this one.

Just out of interest though, what were the differences between this and the final retail pressing?

I realise Spirit of the Stairs was included, but were there slightly different versions / mixes of other tracks? I seem to recall Astro, Sinner and Twisty Bass were slightly different?

Astro mix is the same to my ears but includes a count in. Sinner and Twisty Bass are quite different, but neither of them are superior to the final versions. Just kind of fun to hear an earlier mix attempt. Quite a few little noises and samples were left off the final mix of Sinner. Spirit of the Stairs is the best reason to hunt this down. In my opinion it's the best recorded version of the song.

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