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Here I wish to list all those song titles that were written (or co-written) by Tim either specifically for others or that came to be performed by others. Cover versions such as can be found on He / She / They Will Have Their Ways are not included. Any more suggestions or additions are warmly welcome.



Jimmy And The Boys – They Won’t Let My Girlfriend Talk To Me (Tim Finn)

Sharon O’Neill / Jenny Morris – Puberty Blues (Tim Finn)



Jenny Morris – Beating On The Same Drum (Tim Finn)



Jane Maddick – Am I Big Enough (Tim Finn)



Gary Dyson* – A Million Reasons Why (Phil Manzanera/Gary Dyson/Tim Finn)

Gary Dyson* – The Great Leveller (Phil Manzanera/Tim Finn)

Gary Dyson* – Venceremos (Phil Manzanera/Tim Finn)

Ana Maria Velez* – Astrud (Tim Finn)



Daryl Braithwaite – Blue Hills (Tim Finn)

Wendy Matthews – Standback (Tim Finn/Wendy Matthews)

Wendy Matthews – Happy (Tim Finn/Wendy Matthews)



Andy White – Because She Loves It (Tim Finn/Andy White)

Vika & Linda – Honey Bee (Vika Bull/Linda Bull/Michael Barker/Tim Finn/Paul Kelly)

Vika & Linda – Princess Tabu (Vika Bull/Linda Bull/Michael Barker/Tim Finn)



Andy White – Last Day Of Summer (Andy White/Tim Finn)



Annie Crummer** – Edible Flowers (Neil Finn/Tim Finn/Nigel Griggs/Eddie Rayner/Noel Crombie)


     * As part of Phil Manzanera’s album „Southern Cross”.

     ** As part of Eddie Rayner’s album „Play It Straight”.

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I’m writing these lines as an addition to my above summary because for a while I’ve been wondering how much was in reality Tim’s contribution to the songs on Phil Manzanera’s album „Southern Cross”. I know that the subject has been touched upon several times in earlier threads. For the most part, I read: Tim has added lyrics to Manzanera’s instrumental pieces, and that’s how the album came into being.

Officially one can read on the picture sleeve of the later released „A Million Reasons Why” CD: „Tim helped me [sc. Manzanera] gather my lyrical [italics mine] thoughts, and together... we came up with, what we thought was a new musical genre, ’Southern Cross’!”. This wording seems to me misleading, to say the least. One can easily think that Tim’s contribution to the songs was not more than add lyrics.  See, for example, on the Roxy Music web page ( „Tim helped Phil with lyrical thoughts...” In my opinion, there’s something wrong with this interpretation, and I would like to give expression to my doubts here.


1) There is one song on the album, „Astrud” (sung by Ana Maria Velez) which goes only with Tim’s credits (lyrics and music written by Tim). It is peculiar that this is one of the most Latin sounding pieces on the album  – beside „Tambor” and „Guantanamera” –, and still it has nothing to do with Manzanera as to the writing credits.


2) Those songs with Tim’s cooperation are hard to imagine having the same melodies in their original forms as in their later phases when lyrics were added. To put it differently, the instrumental pieces are likely to have been without definite melodies, and definite melodies came along with the lyrics. As many songs as I know from Manzanera do not have such lines of melody as I find in the songs co-written by Tim.


3) The melodies of the songs co-written by Tim seem to be very typical of Tim’s works at the time – especially his eponymous album „Tim Finn” (1989). This fact has been recognized by fans in this forum before. Musically, Tim was on his acme.


4) Looking at the credits one can see that Finn’s name as a rule is written in the second place like this: (Manzanera/Finn). The same holds true for cooperations with other musicians, like in „Tambor” (Manzanera/MacCormick), and „Blood Brother” (Manzanera/Dyson). In the latter cases it would be hard to believe that MacCormick and Dyson helped Manzanera with lyrical thoughts. They must have written the melody as well (or at least, the melody must have been the result of a common work).


5) In a review, I have read that „The Great Leveller” would have fitted well in a Tim Finn solo album, it would have sounded good on Tim’s voice, and I must agree. Gary Dyson is also the lead singer of the first and last songs of the album, „A Million Reasons Why” and „Venceremos”. In „Venceremos” we have the usual (Manzanera/Finn) label while in „A Million Reasons Why” we have either (Finn/Manzanera/Dyson) or (Manzanera/Dyson/Finn). The first one seems to me the more proper. As I imagine, the song may have been written by the pair Manzanera/Dyson like „Blood Brother”, with Tim adding some integral parts like, for example, the chorus which sounds to me very much like Tim Finn. In this point I might be mistaken as I could even go so far as to assume that Tim was somehow involved even in „Blood Brother”. But my imagination may have gone too far...


Gryph, or anyone who is in a familiar relation with Tim, could you tell me something certain about this, or perhaps ask Tim on occasion? The collaboration with Manzanera was not even mentioned in Jeff Apter’s recent book as far as I know.

I’m afraid I have to correct and supplement my own catalogue in several ways. A very good NZ discography page ( has considerably enlarged my knowlegde of Tim Finn’s collaborations in the past and present. Here are the additional details I have found concerning Tim’s activity in writing / co-writing songs:



Renée Geyer – Every Day Of The Week (Tim Finn)




Andy White* – If You Don’t Know By Now (Andy White/Tim Finn)

Andy White* – Jacqui (Andy White/Tim Finn)

Andy White* – Because She Loves It (Andy White/Tim Finn)

Andy White* – Whole Thing (Andy White/Geoffrey Oryema/Karl Wallinger/Peter Gabriel/Tim Finn)



Mark Hart – Something To Take My Mind Off Of You (Mark Hart/Tim Finn)



Katie Noonan & The Captains – Never Know Your Luck (Katie Noonan/Tim Finn)

Katie Noonan & The Captains** – Gladness (Katie Noonan/Tim Finn)


     * From the album „Teenage”. The song „If You Don’t Know By Now” came to be called later „The Last Day Of Summer” (of which live acoustic performances are known).

     „Whole Thing” was somewhat reshaped as „Whole Thing #2” on Andy White’s album „Compilation” in 1998 (here credited as Andy White/Tim Finn), and has more recently found its way into Peter Gabriel’s „Big Blue Ball” project.

     By way of remark, it may be mentioned that the ALT song „Many’s The Time” was also recorded by Andy White in 1994 on his album „Destination Beautiful”.


     ** Only available as iTunes mp3 bonus.

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