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is any1 looking forward to the world cup? i personally cant wait! ireland haven't been in an international championship since 1994, so this is going to be great year for them! Smiler
since all the games (in europe at least) will be on really early in the mornin, the irish are trying to get the pubs to open early for it!! - we love our drink so we do! Wink i hope they do - it will be great crack!!
any1 have any idea who will win??

ooooo i cant wait!! Big Grin
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I can hardly wait either. Alison, I would normally cheer for Scotland too, as my ancestors came from there and Canada doesn't usually qualify. (Even if they did it would be a disaster)

This time I say watch out for Portugal, although I'll be cheering for Croatia and England. It's about time England tasted World Cup glory again. France is the team to beat and if Argentina doesn't blow their cool, they could be the team to do it. Of course there's always the Brazil factor too.

Bring it on!!
Yeah, apart from Scotland I always cheer on Croatia too, as well as Holland but they didn't make it either. So this time I'm adding Denmark & Argentina because my team (Rangers) has got a player in each of their squads. Peter Lovenkrands for Denmark & Claudio Caniggia for Argentina. I hope they do well, Peter is a brilliant player, as the recent Scottish Cup Final showed. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

I likes this topic!!!

Ok so being another native ozzie, we are ledt unrepresented, but nevertheless football (aka soccer damn nomenclature) rocks!

France and Argentina are favourites yes... actually a couple of years ago I predectited Argentina to win after it became evident their youth system was coming up with the goods (saviola, riquelme, aimar et al) but now their squad is so strong they are not taking a couple of those players. I have a funny feeling now tho that them being favourites mite not win afterall... i think much depends on veron and how he plays tho i wouldnt back against him. France will be red hot with Zidane in full flight (see THAT volley!). Italy too will be strong.

Honarable mention for Ireland seeing as they possess they one and only KEANO!

Anyway I can't wait and living here in OZ, its in our own timezone (which to those fans living down hear will know to be of great benefit, rather than the bleary-eyed-going-to-work scenario weve had to put up with for years)!
Honarable mention for Ireland seeing as they possess they one and only KEANO!
Actually we've got two Keanos!

Roy squad/newsid_1901000/1901112.stm

and Robbie squad/newsid_1901000/1901062.stm

Now let's see if we can do better than we did in 1990, when we lost out to a lucky goal by the host nation, Italy. As long as we don't meet England in the tournament, I'll be happy (divided loyalty Smiler )

As you're not represented this time, I think that all you Aussies and Kiwis should get together and support Ireland Smiler I'm pretty sure that we have Neil Finn's support again this time, after all Crowded House appeared on stage at 'The Fleadh' in 1994 wearing Ireland football shirts!

I'll be watching the matches at 730 GMT on television with everyone else who can't make it to the Far East. As an expatriate Irish citizen now living in the UK, I'll have to find an Irish pub which opens at dawn (shouldn't be too difficult Wink Wink Wink !!).

Come on you boys in green!

PS: I think we have the distinction of recording the worst football song in history! if you dare to listen Eeker
Originally posted by Anselm:
[qb]Honarable mention for Ireland seeing as they possess they one and only KEANO! Actually we've got two Keanos!

As you're not represented this time, I think that all you Aussies and Kiwis should get together and support Ireland Smiler I'm pretty sure that we have Neil Finn's support again this time, after all Crowded House appeared on stage at 'The Fleadh' in 1994 wearing Ireland football shirts![/qb]
With all respect to they say there's only ONE KEANO . With Roy at the heart of your side I'm sure Ireland will do well... theres no way he'd have it otherwise... superb player and leader and truly belongs on the world stage.

As for Ireland, well of course u have this Aussies support! Big Grin
Are there any other American football (you know, soccer) fans out there on the forum?
I would love to see our sweet Yankee fellas pull it out. They do have a better coach this time around, and with the addition of young Demarcus Beasley to the usual amazing likes of Brian McBride and Jeff Agoos, they have a very strong lineup. And I always love an underdog Wink . BUT, I know it's a longshot. Otherwise, I am pulling for England or Ireland. Wink
My predictions:

England to be really, really useless and get dumped out without winning a game (draw with Sweden, lose to the Argies and then draw 0-0 with Nigeria when needing a win).

Ireland to qualify for Stage 2 (although the Cameroonians may pip 'em something like goal difference) - hope not.

Depending on the way the draw works out, I fancy a France v Argentina final with the Argies winning.

Regardless, its the greatest feast of footy there is. Just a shame the games are on when I should be at work Frowner

*Hugs Sue* YAY a sane person at last Wink

(But just so it looks like I'm being informative...) World Cup refers to the FIFA World Cup - Football [Soccer] World cup. It starts end of this month in Japan & South Korea. For some reason the BBC, ITV & The british government seem to think that EVERYONE in the UK cares about it. FIFA stands for something in French i think. Confused

The cartoons on the Beeb don't even look like Manga... Roll Eyes
I'd just like to apologise to everyone excited about this thing.

I'm Scottish, I live in Japan, not half an hour away from where the Japan team are training and the stadium that might be hosting Brazil in the quarter finals and I really can't be bothered with the whole thing Razzer

I'd put it down to coming from Kirkcaldy (It's hard to be a football fan when your home team is Raith Rovers... Big Grin )
i dont want to sound too bigoted (or corny), but IMHO football is the greatest sport ever - it knows no boundaries - rich and poor, black and white (and pink and green!), all religions. it transcends all of these things and brings the whole world together into a celebration of life (without meaning to sound like an advert for COKE!) Wink
and when its played right it really is a beautiful game to watch

I can't wait - I'm watching every game - taping any that are on at the same time. I love it. Such quality. And SO TIGHT as always ! And most fitting to have a WORLD cup for a sport which is actually played by the world !!!! A hee hiddly hee.

Typically - England are in the group of death. England *always* have the group of death for some reason...

There are some pubs around here which are doing breakfast and a beer with a cup of tea and toast for a fiver at 6.30am. Fine idea.

Here is an Excel spreadsheet thing which is quite snazzy and might be handy.

Signing off - Lozza, waving the flag for England..
Also waving the flag for Croatia..
And my tip for a good outside chance - odds stacked against them gamble - Tunisia.
Originally posted by Anselm:
[qb]Ahem. Correction. We no longer have 'Keano' , as he's been sent back home for being a naughty boy.

But that's not going to stop us, and the fans will still cheer and sing like we always do! Smiler

Roll on 1st June.[/qb]
Frowner Fiery temperement as always, still at United his criticisms always seem to be tolerated, but obviously not here.
posted by anselm
Keano been sent back home for being a naughty boy.
But that's not going to stop us
Mad i would just like to voice my disapproval for keano, the d***head - what a prima donna.
i hope ireland beat the **** out of everyone the play, just to show mr keano that ireland r not a 1-man team Mad

excuse the bad language, i am sooo mad with that little git!

ok, thank u frenz, i've calmed down now Razzer
Over here in Canada, a lot of the games are going to be on at really bad hours-3:30am, 7:30am, so there will be a lot of bleary-eyed people going into work for the month of June.

I am pulling for Ireland as well-I'm going there for vacation late next week. From an ancestral standpoint, I usually pull for England or South Africa(who doesn't stand a chance). Shame about the Roy Keane situation-I think the weight of it all may affect the team.

I'm hoping for some great matchups and hopefully a few massive upsets.
Well, the World Cup is finally up and running! Shame about Ireland not winning against Cameroon. The opposition looked great in the first half, strolling about in the heat and picking their passes at will. But what a great recovery by the Irish in the second half, totally turning the tables....and we should have won it!! Roll Eyes

Can't wait until we meet Germany now...
England is my team - though like Paul H I suspect it could be the first plane home; Nigeria looks like being vital, I can't see them beating either Sweden or Argentina (two draws probably).

I'll keep a keen eye on Ireland, as my ancestors on my dad's side are from Dublin and Galway.

France are still my tip for the winners, even after Senegal and Denmark victories in that group.

but none of this is important to me as my home town team EVERTON, who matter a lot more to me.
all the pubs were open today for the ireland match (at 7 am) - it was great. they weren't allowed to serve drink, but that didnt stop some publicans (naughty naughty Wink )
anyways i am recovering from an all-nighter (i was afraid i wouldn't be able to get up for the match, so i stayed out all night Eeker )
looking forward to germany Smiler

The Ireland-Cameroon match was greatly entertaining. Shame about Robbie Keane's shot off the post. If Ireland can continue to play like they did in the second half, they'll progress to the next round without doubt.

I loved hearing the Irish fans chant,"Are you watching, Roy Keane?" Too funny.

Now I'm really getting excited about my Irish vacation.

Oh, and good on South Africa for their draw!
OK, I'm not a footy fan (but a baseball fan), so I never thought I'd end up posting here. But here I am because I just wanted to say:

1-0 (yes, One Nil), Japan!!! Yay! Big Grin

I have to admit that I had nothing better to do than to cheer for our national team this evening, as there's no Tigers (pro baseball) game scheduled on the footy dates. However, it was really exciting to witness the historical moment of the first ever winning match for Japan in the World Cup.

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