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One of the most important tracks on the deluxe edition is Fall At Your Feet early version.. well it and Left Hand... though Left Hand is important across various albums...

The Finn demos are great as ever, Fields Are Full Of Your Kind is a great addition. 

The unheard song demos are very interesting - they consistently show how the writing process works - stick with them as they will suddenly morph into something you know..


and how could I forget Be My Guest - why was this never given a full album spot?

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Stuff I think about Woodface by Harry Trousers

- we have 7 songs recorded for album #3 on Afterglow. 3 more on the deluxe edition of Woodface. Tim Finn put out the attempt at "Throw your Arms around me" and there is a dodgy version of "Sound on Truth" out on the interweb. 

Crowded House can legitimately lay claim to having a lost album.

- Many of these reject songs have that bright reverb on the drums. Same as you can hear on "Whispers and Moans" and "Fame Is". It is as if that album was recorded right when tastes changed from 80s reverb to the more dry 90s sound. I wonder if the songs could be accurately divided into recording sessions by their drum sound.

- Neil Finn seemed really into having a yearning verse followed by a shouty bluesy chorus (see 'Sacred Cow', 'Fields', 'creek song/left hand'). Vice versa in the case of Fall at your Feet. I think he pulled it off on "In My Command".

- "Be My Guest" is awesome.


Shadowman posted:

From the Finn Bros session there is also: 

- Strangeness and charm (on the Tim Finn album)

- In love with it all (on Tim Finn album)

- Prodigal son (bside of Suffer Never?)

Plus the still missing Cemetery in the Rain. 

And have I been mis-informed, or was Sound of Truth not Finn Bros. instead of CH? I had it as being part of the Murchison Street demos for the aborted Finn Brothers album.

There is a bunch of footage from periscope studio and the whole band is there. Mark Hart puts some keyboard on "sound of truth" then they play it back. Neil Finn explains that his lyrics are just nonsense so the song isn't finished but it sounds great. There is also a scene where Nick Seymour talks about a song he wrote with some instrumental thing playing in the background.

If this has been mentioned elsewhere I apologize. My Woodface reissue disc has a problem with Tall Trees -- near the end, for about 1 second, there is some kind of muck up that sounds like phasing between the two channels. I'm not sure how else to describe it, but there is a definite audio problem that is not on the original. I ripped it in secure mode and the rip says 100.0% accuracy, but the problem is there so it must be on the disc. I compared with my old rip of Woodface to be sure.

So, wanting an error-free track, I went to 7digital and paid to download a FLAC of Tall Trees from the reissued Woodface. Guess what, the issue is on that it's not just me.

Hate to say it but apparently, at least some of the discs were pressed with an error on Tall Trees. Hoping that's the only problem track I find.

If anyone out there does NOT have this issue, and wouldn't mind getting a clean FLAC of Tall Trees to me, I would very much appreciate it -- I already paid for it (twice) so I don't think there's any legality issue there.

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slowpogo posted:


Hate to say it but apparently, at least some of the discs were pressed with an error on Tall Trees. Hoping that's the only problem track I find.

Yeah I just ripped a FLAC of Tall Trees from the re-issue and found the same error. Starts at 2:03.

Not a huge problem for me since I've already got the original album, but still a bit of a shame.

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Dorthonion posted:

I ripped the 10 seconds starting at the 2'00" mark as a wav and put it on Finnatics for you to check for yourself. Right here I don't have the eq (good speakers, headphones) to compare the original CD with the reissue well enough to tell. So if this should sound ok to you, I can provide you with the FLAC of the song (PM me for that).

The bit you ripped has the error as well. It's like a glitch in the right audio channel, particularly noticeable if you're using headphones.

That's pretty disappointing, especially as it just arrived this morning. I know Sony had a couple of disc replacement exercises for Bob Dylan discs that had errors that only affected fractions of seconds. The Steve Hoffman forum is good for finding out such information. I wonder if Universal will replace the first disc for either those that have purchased or for later runs. 

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