How would you like to see Crowded House perform a Woodface 30th Anniversary tour in 2021 to promote a Woodface box set?

For anyone interested, I wrote up the full details of my concept here, and even created some basic concept cover art for the box.

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This looks great. I was skeptical at first but I think it would work. However some may feel short changed buying another Woodface after the Deluxe Edition.

Woodface is THIRTY years old?

thanks for making me feel ancient.

hess wouldve turned 60 a few weeks ago.

boys were in their 20s and 30s when they were at their peak.

come to think of it, so were we all

great times.

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A fair point about buying another version of Woodface so soon after the reissue. But in this day and age of boxed sets being released for classic albums I think it's more than justified. It also would be half a decade later.

Personally I would have liked these deluxe versions to be staggered for release at the 30th anniversary of each album. It would have created more of a sense of event for each one. And by 2021 a Woodface boxed set would have been a much easier sell.

Having said that I'm not complaining at all about the reissues. They're generally amazing.

And yes Silent Stream, Woodface will soon be as old as the time between the Beatles releasing Rubber Soul and Beatles Anthology!

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