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Does anyone else have the newest Ron Sexsmith album "Retriever"? If you don't, you should get it, definately, as it has some serious Finn tendencies, and is produced by Mitchell Froom.
Won't Give In sounds so much like on of the songs on there, called "Wishing Well". It's the melody and the piano. They both have this real nostalgic bittersweet feel to them.
Anyone else agree? Smiler
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Originally posted by Mlee Marie:
[qb]They both have this real NOSTALGIC bittersweet feel to them.
Anyone else agree? Smiler [/qb]
I agree with the word NOSTALGIC.
I have sampled 1.30 minute sneak peaks of 2 song from Finn 2 callled Way Back Down and Anything Can Happen.
As I have said in my previous post, the arrangements for these new Finn 2 songs all gel to create these 2 powerfull and IMHO accurate adjectives to describe it all:

1. Primeval
2. Timeless
That's the type of clarity, within the the time and space these new Finn 2 songs; possess, something which was missing from recent prior solo albums by either Neil or Tim.

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