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Have any NZ fans bought the WGI CD single only to find that it just wont play. The singles not out in Blenheim and so my Dad just mailed me a copy he got from Sounds in Auckland and my delight turned to horror when the ****in' thing just wouldn't play. Did I just have massive bad luck and get a dud copy or has anyone else had this problem?
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Thanks Jaffamon.

Yeah I just read the sleeve and disc and suddenly clicked. Feel a bit stupid now.

By some amazing piece of bad luck my TV is in being fixed and needs new parts and my DVD player is a Playstation 2. The only way that it goes is when you press the TV/AV button on your tv remote. Just my luck to get a set with no remote control and no TV/AV button on the set. And it's at least three weeks til' I get my set back I'm told.

I saw in The Warehouse the three track CD single version you mentioned, but I held off on getting that because Sounds told me that next week they are getting in a part 1 and a part 2 version of Wont Give In and one of the CD's will probably have the same b-sides as the three track release out now. So I don't really want to buy the same thing twice.

At least I finally got to hear those three new songs on earphones at The Warehouse for the first time. All sounded brilliant.

But it still sucks major ass to have something this brilliant and not be able to play it yet.

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