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I feel your nervousness, Jane. I had only my 2nd interview in 12 years yesterday, and luckily it went well. More than 10 applicants, and they tell me I'll be called in for a 2nd round next week.

I can tell you 3 things that helped me out-

1. Make notes about what points about yourself (and your career) you'd like to get across in the interview.

2. Anticipate what questions your interviewer might ask based on your resume, or the old standards like "Why should you be chosen for this job?" - and have some notes on how you'd like to respond.

3. Relax, and keep eye contact.

These may or may not help you, but I'm sending good vibes your way too!
Thanks a bunch! Good suggestions. Now I'm having wardrobe traumas. Recreation and Parks administration tends to be really casual. I'll be interviewed by district board members, and chances are they are retirees, maybe school employees. Can I wear a long denim skirt and polo shirt or should I go with the short-sleeved skirt suit? I don't want to look too prissy - I need to look like I'd be hands on.
Best of luck, Jane, as far as your interview-wear goes, I'd go for the suit. I hate the thought of looking like I'm trying too hard but there is truly nothing wrong with going in there looking professional (and like someone who wants the position).
Best of luck to Geddy as well...maybe you'll actually prefer this job? I'll send nothing but good vibes this time! Wink
Good luck to Jane and Geddy on your interviews!

I can personally attest that it is a great idea to make notes about yourself. A couple of the hardest interviews I did were for jobs internally in my company - after I'd already been here a few years. They asked for specific instances of great customer service etc...writing things like that down really keeps those things fresh in your mind.
Thanks you guys! I really felt the vibe: The interview went well and there's some other possibilities. I'm gonna ride this wave of good thoughts as far as it'll take me!!

Thanks for the advice to "look smart"! One of my interviewers was in a tie and the other was business casual, so that was the right idea to not out-cas them. Although I was a little warm in the lined suit jacket, with the pantyhose & all. And it being more than 100 degrees. And having to wait outside the locked senior center for about 20 minutes while the right key was located. But I knew I couldn't get wilted and further embarrass my interviewers. Good thing a nice stiff breeze (40 mph not kidding) was blowing and I stood in the shade of a tree. So I chatted away with the board member who wasn't fetching the key, (doesn't time waiting fly a lot faster when you chat with somebody?). After we were let in, I took myself on a mini-tour of the center while the A/C was turned on and the guys prepared for the interview by using the photocopier.

The point of this story is that by the time we sat down for the interview, when Mr. Alvarado offered to move the floor fan closer, I usually would have said No but I accepted. He set it up blowing in my face, I could feel my hair stirring. Thank goodness! It was so refreshing. (I had meant to bring my own little bottle of water but duh forgot).

OK, so it's like I'm on a modeling shoot with the wind machine blowing my hair. Could that have been somewhat alluring to my interviewers? Like there was something about me but they didn't know what?

(I tellya, when I'm district manager, the right folks will have the right keys, and ice water will be served from the kitchen immediately - it's further proof they need me!!)

Thanks again! Everybody has such great advice and meaningful words of encouragement to provide. Plus, coming from Neil fans it has so much credibility. Frenz Indeed!

Here's hoping!!

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