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@renzo posted:

I haven’t heard a peep about Pajama Club. Does anyone have any info as to if Neil has ever brought this topic up? Still one of my favourite endeavours by him. Thanks

Nah, just a one off I reckon. As CH is now him and his boys (also the core of Dizzy Heights, Out of Silence and Light Sleeper) it’s difficult to imagine him putting out something outside of CH for the foreseeable really.

From what I recall Pajama Club was the result of pretty specific circumstances. Neil and Sharon were empty nesters and decided to jam together on a lark, and then songs naturally came out of that, and they decided to put out an album. Not really their intention at the start but it just happened.

Of course they could just decide to do it again, but I have a feeling Neil would rather preserve the unique one-off aspect of it. At least that seems like what he'd say.

If Neil doesn't do Pajama Club again I just wish he would create a similar vibe on the next Crowded House or solo album.  It would be a shame if he doesn't create something similar since he has so much to give in that genre of music (not sure if you call it alternative psychedelic or ?.....he can even do something Pink would be amazing)  Here is a sample of what he has in him that would form an incredible album:

In Session: Pajama Club - Dead Leg - YouTube

Having recently invested in a record player, feels nice to hear others about to make the same investment. I had been a bit on / offish about doing it. The lever to doing it was the Finn record. I really wanted to hear that on vinyl and feel ever so pleased that Pete Pahides and Needle Mythology were able to do that.

I have also steadily been purchasing older / harder to find records. Have just about worked through the Crowded House album catalogue. It's interesting as for some records, I can't really tell a difference, for others, it sounds different. Might just be my ears!

Sadly, all my vinyl is at least ten years old. I'm no longer in reasonable driving range of Amoeba Records in San Francisco (OR Los Angeles).

If either or both are out of business by now, please don't tell me. Like Linus, speaking of the Great Pumpkin's potential nonexistence (which I hope, like Linus, we can all agree is at least rationally possible), "I don't want to know."

@Mr. Sadly posted:

I'd buy it - if it were released on vinyl.

And next I'd buy a record player. And no, I'm not kidding! I've got too much unused vinyl lying around, and perhaps a rash public vow of this kind is just the boot in the patootie I need.

Do it !!! there is so much choice around and with great speaker sound you don't have to pay an arm and a leg. I also love that they have portable ones too so not cabled up to the stereo any more

IF Pajama Club puts out a followup LP, THEN I will purchase a well-used or very-well WEIRD NEW LP player.

IF NOT, well hell. I still have all these records lying about unplayed/-ayable!

Sometimes a rash public vow upon an arguably implausible premise is just the goad I need to consider (sincerely, but not seriously) (it is not/cannot be a matter for GRAVE {"serious"} CONSIDERATION, right?) doing the thing anyway, on pure whim/lark mode. As is my worked-in and deep-disciplined wont.

Thank you usaoz for the spike of encouragement! Your shot of jolt juice is well-placed, with this man's too too choo-choo choosy caboose, betimes. No, I mean it all sincerely. No jest in my best.

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