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So far looking at the sneak peak at the list, I think Neil is leaps and bounds ahead of Mick Jagger, James Hetfield or Bob Dylan to just name a few. But then again, they are probably looking at popularity and quantity instead of quality. To me, Neil should at least make the top 25. And also, I know they say rock era, but maybe it should be called rock/pop era? I mean Michael Jackson is on there, Sam Cooke, even me not rock voices.

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Unfortunately, I don't think there's a snowball's chance in heck. He didn't even make their Top 500 Songs list (in the North American edition).

I think by "rock" they just mean "music made by bands," whether those bands are rock, pop, metal, soul, whatever.
these lists are so Americanized, it's crazy. I'm positive that Neil would be in the top 50 (at least) if Australia put out a similar list of their World top 500. Then again they would include many Aussie artists like the lead singers of Mid Night Oil, INXS, etc....which would not be a bad thing. I mean I would take them ahead of Astley, etc.
....actually Martine would hit me as we pass on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg next time, but I would say that Burton Cummings should be in the top 25 for sure, whether U.S. , Australia, U.K. or anyone makes this list. If Elvis were alive he would put Cummings in the top 10 (he did say Cummings had the greatest voice in rock)
I won't hit you because I totally agree that good old Curtain Bummings deserves to be on ANY list of top rock voices of the ages.

I really admire his voice..his songs..not so much.

And also agree that Neil is overlooked and underappreciated when it comes to these kinds of lists too, but doubt that he's losing any sleep over it.

Seven years later, not much has changed. In the August edition (US), a list of All Time 100 Greatest Songwriters was published.

You guessed correctly: no Neil.

To say that list is biased towards American artists is the understatement of the year. I hate commenting on rankings but putting Taylor Swift in front of the guys from Abba is laughable... the geniuses Andersson and Ulvaeus come in at #100, while Bob Dylan made #1.

No disrespect towards the Zimmerman, and I agree that his "Like A Rolling Stone" is a masterpiece, but ahead of Lennon and McCartney?

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