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I believe it's safe to assume that the name Crwoded House will not be used again for any new projects although it would be great if Neil, Nick and Mark would collaborate on some musical venture even if it's only a track for a solo album (or a CH box set - sorry to bring another thread into this).

By the way a litttle sideline - Led Zep wasn't on the Live Aid DVD because Phil Collins was on the drum stool. They refused permission because they were crap on the day. Such vanity is to be applauded sometimes.
Originally posted by dazz:

Led Zep wasn't on the Live Aid DVD because Phil Collins was on the drum stool. They refused permission because they were crap on the day. Such vanity is to be applauded sometimes.

And why were they crap on the day? Surely it couldn't have been because Phil Collins was on the drum stool! I mean, he's just got such a huge track record in heavy rock ... Wink

(Reminds me of a fave Hester moment: After drumming for Midnight Oil once, he said the slowest Oils song was still faster than the fastest CH song!)
Without wanting to be a devils advocate. If Neil Finn, Nick Seymour and Mark Hart decide to join forces with say Rob Hirst (ex Midnight Oil, excellent drummer / songwriter) on drums and do a series off concerts in Australia next year to celebrate the release of a you beaut ducks nuts Crowded House box set with bonus live material etc. and they play only "Crowded House" songs. Is it Crowded House?

Lets say that it all goes swimmingly well and the collective have a great vibe going on and they decide that they want to have a run through the US and Europe to support a CD with ten fresh tunes - is it Crowded House?
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Interesting question MP... not one to answer straightaway! But if you look at the Rolling Stones (something I try to avoid these days!), Deep Purple, and a lot of other bands who mainly remained the same after one member left, then reluctantly I'd have to say yes. With the exception of course of Queen and INXS, I find that really embarassing and I'd never go to see any of them.

But especially with the line-up you are suggesting, with Nick and Mark, and who knows, maybe even Tim!I think that would be Crowded House alright... And I'd go to see them as well! Of course I would. But still, it's not the same without Hessie, and I'd hate for them to call it a reunion. That most definitely wouldn't feel right. It's simply not a reunion without him, in my opinion.
If Neil Finn wanted to call it Crowded House, then yes it would be. Afterall, Tim Finn, Phil Judd, Eddie Rayner, Mike Chunn, Noel Crombie and Emlyn Crowther were Split Enz, and so were Neil Finn, Eddie Rayner, Noel Crombie, Nigel Griggs and Paul Hester.

Look at King Crimson:

1969 Robert Fripp, Greg Lake, Ian McDonald, Mike Giles, Peter Sinfield

1970 Robert Fripp, Mel Collins, Greg Lake, Mike Giles, Peter GIles, Peter Sinfield

1970 Robert Fripp, Peter SInfield, Gordon Haskell, Mel Collins, Andy McCulloch

1971 Robert Fripp, Peter SInfield, Boz Burrell, Mel Collins, Ian Wallace

1972 Robert Fripp, David Cross, John Wetton, Bill Bruford, Jamie Muir

1973 Robert Fripp, David Cross, John Wetton, Bill Bruford

1974 Robert Fripp, John Wetton, Bill Bruford

1981 Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin

1994 Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Bill Bruford, Tony Levin, Trey Gunn, Pat Masteloto

2000 Robert Fripp Adrian Belew, Pat Masteloto, Trey Gunn

The only consistant member is Robert Fripp. So if Neil wanted to call something Crowded House, he can. The question is would he?
If you think King Crimson is bad, you should have a look at the history of The Chills. I think just about every song they wrote was done with a different lineup (Martin Phillips the only constant)! :-)

I think it would be hard for him to call anything Crowded House now with what happened to Paul. If Paul was still alive, but didn't want to be part of a reunion, Neil may well have gone ahead. But he was a big part of the live show...and it just wouldn't be the same. I know you have to move on some time, but maybe that could be said about a CH reunion as well.
I won't argue with Camus. If Neil wanted to call it Crowded House he's well within his right to but I think Neil is quite prepared to let the name rest. If he did, I wouldn't be upset. After all, Paul did leave the band in 1994 and the band carried on for another 2 years. Sure the band was a different beast but if eyewitnesses are to be believed in the book Something So Strong, the musicianship was outstanding and it really prompted Nick to come out of his shell on stage. The live tracks on the latter CD singles suggest this to be the case.

And even if fans protested, would it be safe to assume that everyone who has posted on this forum would go and see the shows? Sure, some would bitch and moan about "'not the same without Paul" BUT we'd still go and see them. Personally I can't believe Split Enz fans are wishing for Phil Judd to be part of the reunion tour. Face it, the early line up weren't as successful (or entertaining) as the latter so why would they choose to represent the band as a quasi-avant garde (read "smart ass") combo when a majority of the people want the hits? Obviously it's not enough for some fans that they have reformed - AGAIN - and touring.

And to lay the Led Zep/Live Aid debate to rest before it takes over this thread. Phil Collins was only one of two drummers for Led Zep that day - the other being Tony Thompson (who was in Chic and The Power Station - do these qualify as hard rock?). The surviving three were under rehearsed and has much pressure on them in America as they were more or less the feature attraction on the day. Such expectations were bound to be result in a less than spectacular gig. The band withdrew permission to be on the DVD because they felt THEY weren't up to standard (as was the case at Atlantic's 40th anniversary party in 1988 where Jason Bonham sat on the drum stool). Blaming Phil Collins - whose drumming skills are more than adequate enough for a hard rock band, by the way - reeks of ignorance. Unless you are a rose coloured glasses wearing card carrying obsessive fan of Led Zeppelin whose heroes cannot do any wrong in which case God Speed and be on your way.

Anyway back to Crowded House...

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