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i got into the music of neil finn through crowded house and have always found their music far superior to split enz.don't get me wrong - neil is one of my two biggest musical heroes and split enz obviously did some great stuff.neils material since( especially everyone is here)bears more resemblance to ch than here's my question : why has there been several split enz reunions, and yet nothing bona fide from crowded house in a's almost as if neils time with ch didnt matter as much which is amazing when you consider how loved they are throughout the world.paul hester was amazing,but for me his passing should not be the end of the road for the crowdies.nick,mark,peter and indeed tim are also so much part of what made them so may not be as good without paul,but it would still be better than any other current band that i could think of.split enz have never let constantly changing line ups stop them.its great that they are reforming,but it only makes me sad what i am missing out on as a crowded house fan.

i could start again - you can depend on it

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I think something may be happening Crowded House wise with Peter mentioning something on the forum but obviously, this will be on the backburner now that Split Enz are touring. I have to say that I prefer Split Enz to reform rather than Crowded House. I saw Crowded House over 50 times in various guises and it was never the same once Paul left the band. To be honest, unless this new project is REALLY special, my preference would be for them to let sleeping dogs lie. I am always open to the odd new classic though, Neil sure can knock 'em out! I certainly don't agree with the comment about Neil's time in Crowded House not seeming to matter. It was HIS band and will always be special to him in that way I'm sure. That's your opinion though so that's fair enough. But I'm 100% certain he doesn't think of it like that. Just out of curiosity, did you ever see Crowded House Live? If not, is it not just a hankering to see them? It is the same with Split Enz this time around. For so many people who were too young to see them at the time, it is possibly the last chance ever. I'm flying in from the UK, it means that much to me.
Most certainly Neil is proud of Crowded House and what they achieved, and he is still performing Crowded House songs at his shows, but I've always felt from his interviews in the past on the subject, that he didn't have any desire to resurrect the band. That's the impression I got anyway. Ten years really isn't that long, I suppose.
It's true Split Enz with various members have done some performing together since they split but not huge scale reunion tours. And certainly not in Australia. Farewell to the World was only 10 years ago. Enz of An Era was 22 years ago which explains why we Enz fans are off our faces!
I would love to see Crowded House in some form again, and I understand how you feel especially if you had not seen them before.
My Crowded House memories though, will always involve Paul Hester.
it's almost as if neils time with ch didnt matter as much which is amazing when you consider how loved they are throughout the world

How insulting....Neil would NEVER think that. CH may do something in the future but I think you're underselling Paul Hester's contribution. He was not only integral but without him, no reunion would be the same.
Originally posted by nailsinmyfeet:
it's almost as if neils time with ch didnt matter as much which is amazing when you consider how loved they are throughout the world

How insulting....Neil would NEVER think that. CH may do something in the future but I think you're underselling Paul Hester's contribution. He was not only integral but without him, no reunion would be the same.

In my opinion a reunion without Paul is simply not possible. Have a look at the FTTW video for example! Paul has such a huge part in that show, as he has in others. He's got such stage presence, without him there is just no CH. And it's not as if Neil doesn't play CH music anymore, have a listen at Homebake! It's just not the same, it makes it all the more clear how much Paul is being missed....

By the way, what's wrong with using capitals?
I can't tell you how happy I was to see Nick at the Enmore/Homebake shows in December. Perhaps it was as close as we will ever get to a CH reunion, but perhaps not. Who knows what is around the Crowdie corner? Anything is possible!

Neil keeps the Crowdie songs alive but for me, there was an aching absence and there always will be. Paul was such an integral part of the magic. And the harmonies now........ooooh, it just breaks my heart. I can't help but sing his harmony parts to every Crowdies song - that's just the way I've always been. I admired that man so very much.

Would I like to see Neil, Nick, Peter and Mark play? Of course I would! But there'd be songs that they'd be hesitant to play and it would be tinged with an unavoidable sense of sadness. But at the same time, it could be a celebration of the wonderful history they've shared.

Will it ever happen? Only time will tell...
Well I seemed to offend almost everybody who replied to my thread.Well I in turn am quite offended.A careful read at my ist post will make it quite clear how much i love both neil and hessie.The comment I made about Crowded House not seeming to matter to Neil was not my definative opinion on Neil's feelings towards his former band but merely an impression that could be given considering how much Split Enz seem to get priority.Some of the replies that said that A:it would not be the same without Paul and B:Neil still plays the songs solo and also reffered to the Homebake festival are missing the point I was trying to make.I think it is great to hear Crowded House songs played by Neil or The Finn Brothers ,but still not the same as hearing them performed by the band who made them famous.In answer to the people who asked me if i had ever seen Crowded House live before, I have seen the following gigs:
glasgow concert hall 1993(with Paul)
glasgow secc 1994 (with Peter Jones)
the first ever T in the park festival at strathclyde park outside Glasgow (with Peter)1994
All those gigs were amazing,but i especially loved the T in the park gig .It wasn't the same without Paul - but none the less still fantastic and an experience well worth repeating for it's own merits.
I have also seen Neil live three times (playing and singing weather with you on stage)plus the Finn Brothers on their most recent tour.I hope this establishes my credentials as a true fan! I merely wanted some forum members insights and points of view on the subject of the lack of Crowded House activity opposed to what Split Enz get up to as a means of discussion.I will however think twice now about putting any further messages/points of view on the forum.
p.s. hope you apreciate the painstaking use of capitals - sorry in advance about the spelling.
I've been as confounded over the years as the original poster about the recurring SE reunions w/o any CH collaborations. Sadly, that day really is done now. Threetles don't equal Beatles and Nick, Neil and Mark do not CH make.

As to why the diff between the rate of regrouping between the two bands, I guess I've started to chalk this to the mysterious and not to be understood by any but themselves relationship of the Brothers Finn, the positions they held in the respective bands, etc. One never got the impression that relations were anything but good between Neil, Nick, Paul, Mark in the years after.

While I think the SE reunions have been respectful, dignified affairs it is always too much to expect these things to extend a legacy. Since it never happened, you can always comfort yourself with the notion that CH would've been the ones to not "jump the shark" if they got back together. I always wanted more in the years after 1996 and Afterglow only made it worse.

But if we're honest, CH like anything else was of a time and place that would be difficult to replicate. I'd have welcomed the attempt but the keen desire to see this happen from our side is the result of a very daunting body of work to live up to from the artists' side. History tells us that success under these conditions would've been tough.
I guess the question is what makes it Crowded House?

If Neil, Nick and Tim play together does that make it CH? Does Mark Hart have to be there? If you can call them CH without Paul, what do you call it when it's just Neil and Nick on stage? Where do you draw the line?

To me, CH were Neil, Paul and Nick. They were the core members and so any reunion would have to at least involve all three. Since that sadly cannot happen I don't think I'd ever be happy with the remaining members doing anything under that moniker.

I missed out on seeing them live but I respect Neil all the more for leaving it intact. I can still hear the songs performed live by him in various guises and that is fine by me. I think I'd be slightly disappointed if there were ever a reunion. Sure, release more stuff from the vaults but no new live shows or recordings.

I think it's fine for the remaining members to play together but why does it have to be under the name CH? There was a definite chemistry between the 3 founding members and not all bands have that, which is why some are able to survive line-up changes.

I think it shows how highly Neil regards the band that he has resisted all temptation to reform so far.
Originally posted by stuartjb:
it's almost as if neils time with ch didnt matter as much which is amazing when you consider how loved they are throughout the world

Perhaps it's the opposite - that Crowded House was in fact so special to Neil that he thought that any reunion couldn't live up to the time when the band were an ongoing thing? Either for himself, the band or the fans. That's just an idea, because I don't know him, but it's how I feel about it. Without meaning any disrespect for those who are so excited about the forthcoming Split Enz shows (after all I flew to the other side of the world myself for the Millennium gigs) I think such an exercise can diminish everything that went before. I guess David put that better! No, I didn't ever see CH live, and as much as I regret that, I have never hankered after a reunion, and now, without Paul, I want it still less. I'd rather Neil spent his time making new music rather than trying to recreate the past.

As for the reason why Split Enz have got back together so many times and Crowded House didn't, well I don't know. Maybe Neil, Paul and Nick were just too busy, putting it off for 'tomorrow'. Sadly tomorrows ran out for Paul, and I can't help but think that has contributed to the decision to go ahead with the current SE reunion.

And Stuart, please don't be put off from expressing your views - this music is something we all care about, and that tends to result in strong opinions! Take it as a compliment - you asked a thought-provoking question Smiler
I think that for as wonderful as CH was it was equally heart wrenching and explosive. correct me if I'm wrong but I think Neil has said a number of times not to hold your breath on a CH reunion. Some of that may have come from a place of "i'm going forward with my new stuff, why relive the past" type of attitude. But then to go along with the enz...hmmmmmmmmm. (chalk it up to good timing?)

I just can't see it happening and honestly, I'm ok with that.
From comments Neil's made over the years, I got the impression that Neil viewed CH (consciously) as much more a"vehicle" or functional unit. Which is not to say that he didn't value it emotionally or whatever it is - I think in a Q interview he said once that at their best moments he felt that CH was as good as any band in the world.

But I just don't think he ever could consider it with the same magical awe that he did Split Enz. With Split Enz, he was a young guy plucked from being a hospital orderly one day to being in a band with guys he had considered to be heroes and then seeing it through really hard times and lots of musical growth and having his first taste of success. All very romantic stuff. I think it'd be tough for any band to compete emotionally with that, even if for no other reason than it wasn't his first time. And having a lot more responsibility on his shoulders(and therefore pressure) in CH than he did in Split Enz probably only highlighted the issue. Plus, he also mentioned that they didn't socialize together much outside recording/concerts. I can't say it as a fact but I had the sense that Split Enz did socialize a great deal, probably up till T&T.

But I think CH came as close as any band could. Probably the best follow-on band I can think of of any one who was in a bona fide successful band that had a span of years.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if there were no more reunions at all. In 2016 it'll probably be the Enz of the Reunionz concerts I guess. Mal being onboard does make it more interesting though. Doesn't bother me that they're having them and it'll be nice and fun and all. But... give me new material rather than one more reunion. Sacrilege, I know. Just one guy's opinion (and not really any different from the comments the Enz made adamantly and repeatedly in interviews in '84).
Originally posted by stuartjb:
I will however think twice now about putting any further messages/points of view on the forum.

Please don't do that Stuart. Every point of view has a place...really. Smiler I think it is still early days for a lot of frenz in relation to Paul's death.
I do apologise if I was one who offended.
As I said in my original post, I really believe that in the case of a CH reunion, Neil Finn has shown no real interest in ever doing it. And yet he loves a good ole Split Enz revival!
Roll Eyes
I think we can all argue over which members constitute a real CH reunion but I'm sure we're all in agreeance that Neil Finn would have to be one of them!!
I think Kazzie has hit the nail on the head. Neil obviously doesn't want to revisit CH. Also, I'm not aware of any Enz reunion being down to Neil, I would imagine it'd be Tim foremost, also I always got the impression the Enz dynamic was different, they'd been friends for years and were always a tightly knit group.
I have a more cynical view. Split Enz are not doing a world tour as only New Zealand and Australians (me not included) can show enough interest. If they toured the Uk they'd have to change their name to "one-hit wonders" pretty much every where else except Canada they'd be "no-hit non-wonders". If CH reformed it would be unlikely they would only play Australasia as they are popular in many countries that is why "Recurring dream" did so well. This means that to reform and tour CH would be a much greater undertaking and take much greater effort and time for those involved. Also not all the members of CH live in Auckland which is an obvious geographic advantage Split Enz have over CH in regards to reforming. Every one knows that Crowded House music is far better than the odd disfunctional little quirky numbers Split Enz released, but unfortunately we don't live in an ideal world and we have been lumped with what is more practical
Damaged People if you have a point just say it. This and your previous posts seem to indicate to me that you don't really have any other point other than you like Crowded House better than Split Enz and Crowded House were better than Split Enz and that you just wish to antagonise people and stir up trouble.
Okay, your point is made, again, SO now rather than "Crowded House are are better band" why exactly do you think there has not been a CH reunion after 10 years? If you don't want to answer that, then just don't.
this whole discussion reminds me of something George Harrison once said in response to "Will the Beatles get back together?"....he said something along the lines of "Not as long as John Lennon is dead..."

Bands don't seem as anal about re-uniting years after breaking up these days as they did back in the an earlier era--and as sad as I am that the Beatles didn't reform for a concert tour--I'm also glad in a way that they never did. Their legacy seems somewhat more pure because they never did do it. Whether it be for the money grab or to recapture the glory days--it's never the same.

Would I go to a reunited Crowded House concert? Of course. Would something definitely be missing because of Paul's absence? Absolutely. Would it be the closest thing to seeing Crowded House perform live? At this point, yea. Would I enjoy myself anyway? Yea. Are there lots of purists out there who'd be upset that this bunch of people have the gall to call themselves Crowded House without Paul--I am sure. Can I see this actually happening...ever? No. I think someday we'll see Neil and Nick doing something together possibly with Mark Hart--but will they call themselves Crowded House--I really really doubt it.

It seems to me that Split Enz always seems to reunite because the musicians involved are wholeheartedly into it for the fun and camaraderie etc and when the spirit moves them---they do it. Whether the impetus isa milestone anniversary or whether the impetus is a one off performance at an awards ceremony. Whatever.

And count me amongst the dubious who don't think Split Enz will tour outside Australasia this time. I cannot see them bringing the whole kit and kaboodle overseas to do a handfull of dates on other continents. Im sure the shows would be close to selling out because Frenz will travel after all but ---and this may sound somewhat controversial (eeK) Split Enz are legendary in Australasia and I assume their profile is still pretty darn high. Not so much up here.

Me and some Frenz had the golden opportunity to attend a small, short and sweet radio interview/performance by the Finn Bros at the beginning of their 2004 tour. We cringed at the DJ's unpreparedness. After asking them if they "Ever get back to New Zealand?"...she actually pulled out that question--"Will Crowded House ever reunite?" I'm sure we all shrunk down into our seats with embarassment. I think Neil's response was " just never know" tie this in with the first sentiment I expressed--Crowded House will not reunite as long as Paul Hester is dead. Will the surviving musicians work together and perform together in the future---I hope so and I even think so--they just won't promote it as "Crowded House"

And if they do end up promoting it as "Crowded House"...well. That's fine too, I guess. It's their perogative. Smiler

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