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Well, instead of rereading that chapter again in Something So Strong, here's a brief couple of reasons why.

First of all, although some of the shows were fantastic, logistics came into the picture. Tim had been a part of maybe 6 out of the 14 songs from Woodface, and Woodface was one of three albums, so for most the show, say, 60-75%, he wouldn't be prominently singing. There was one quote from the book that mentioned "Tim felt a little bit like Stevie Nicks, singing the odd song, and then shaking the tambourine on most of the others, there really wasn't much for him to do". The fact that Tim had to play a lot of keyboards on the tour also hurt, because he wasn't as suitable as say, Eddie Rayner or Mark Hart etc.. Neil would get upset over a mistake or an unwanted improvisation during certain songs, and of course that would obviously create tension. Related to that was the problem of having "two Neils" in the bank as Paul or Nick would say, since Neil and Tim were both pretty big personalities on stage. In a nutshell, they tried it out, and it just didn't work out. At least the actual Woodface album was a lot better with Tim than without him (Four Seasons, Weather With You, etc.).

There's probably much, much, much more that this, but at least this is a starting point. Razzer Wink
I was lucky enough to see two shows that with Tim, one post-Tim.

The first one was at UMASS at Amherst. THe guys were all dressed up in very ugly suits ( NOT the ones from the Choc Cake video) and were pretty fresh. I have to say I was not impressed with Tim as a member of the band. It just looked weird. He looked uncomfortable, like he couldn't find his niche.

The second shoe was months after. They had just returned from Europe, right after Tim left. The show was in a very small venue, a bar/nightclub. The band all looked haggard and tired, but nevertheless they were positively BEAMING. There was a lot of energy to the show. I had brought a banner that said, "Giant Heartbeat," and being very close to the stage, Neil saw it and attempted to play the song. He said he had forgotten it!

Not to rag on Tim....of course, but needless to say the show in the club was way better.

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