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I think the Pajama Club album is right up there with the great works by Neil.  The songs are less polished and quite good.  To me it was a grower and I still can listen to it quite often for days in a row.  Songs like Daylight and Golden Child, Dead Leg, Diamonds are fantastic!  I said it before too, many of my friend's interest in Neil only peaked when they heard this album.  So, why no love for this project?  I mean, it didn't even get it;s own forum....while everything else did. Hopefully Neil does another Pajama Club album soon.

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Freofan posted:

I only recently discovered CH. I was wondering how Pajama Club occurred in relation to the last tour and album of CH. Were both happening around the same time? When did he tour for PC in relation to CH?

Not really sure about the timing, and I'm at work so can't look it up, but they did tour PC fairly extensively. 

Pajama Club was a different way of writing for Neil, instead of starting with a melody on piano or guitar as he usually does, he started with the bass and drum grooves he and Sharon created just fooling around as he taught her bass. I think that gave him a bit of a creative spark, and I rather like the album. Probably was a bit too different for some hardcore fans. 

Maybe Neil got too busy with other projects to follow up with another PC album, but a couple of Dizzy Heights tracks got their start as PC tracks, I don't know if they were "leftovers" from the original one or the start of a second disc.

A handful of songs are real keepers, like TNT, Golden Child, a few others. Diamonds in Her Eyes reminds me of Abbey Road-era Beatles.

On the other hand, Go-Kart is like a bad Veruca Salt imitation. Tell Me What You Want is thank you.

But the biggest problem in my opinion, honestly, is the name. Pajama Club is a bad name for a band. Yes, it reflects the origins of the music, Neil and Sharon jamming late at night, etc. But it sounds juvenile — if you made people guess what kind of music was made by a band named Pajama Club, they’d probably picture some kind of tween Hannah Montana nonsense. 

The name is also a weird mismatch with the album cover and packaging. The graphic design style is evocative of indie bands like Pavement or The Shins, but more cutesy, which shows a strangely misguided marketing strategy. Hipsters were probably like “What is this? Eh, pass...” and everyone else thought it was a Disney Channel act.

I also think the Pajama Club record is an under rated record - for me its sits nicely with Dizzy Heights and Light Sleeper as an equal part of a trilogy. Am not sure there will be another one but wouldn't be surprised if the next record is a Finn Family one (even though both Light Sleeper and Dizzy Heights are that) or perhaps Elroy is more involved perhaps. 

What I really like about all the records in the last decade is that you can't really tell whats coming next. 

I'm hoping some more of the live shows are made available; the Neil solo shows he was doing a few years back where he was playing the deeper cuts and obscure tracks were great. 


Freofan posted:

I only recently discovered CH. I was wondering how Pajama Club occurred in relation to the last tour and album of CH. Were both happening around the same time? When did he tour for PC in relation to CH?

The first Pajama Club public performance was in June 2011 about 4 months after the "Intriguer" touring cycle for Crowded House ended with a series of shows in New Zealand. Pajama Club remained the focus until March 2012 and was followed just under a year later by Neil's collaborative tour with Paul Kelly in Australia.

I really like this album, and hold it in a similar regards to the Finn album. The lo-fi vibe is great, and it has some really good songs. I really love Daylight, TNT For 2, Diamonds in Her Eyes, and Can't Put It Down. I never really took to either Golden Child or From A Friend in the same way though, which is a shame because they tend to be the songs that Neil chooses to play from that album during solo or family gigs. 

I still enjoy listening to the album end to end (with Go Kart the only song that I have a tendency to skip).

The PJC album may be my favorite Neil album of this decade.  It’s a groove album unlike anything he’s done in the past.  TNT for 2 is a true gem.  Daylight and Dead Leg are favorites as well.  As much as the group name is questionable in some circles, the packaging, artwork and concept is top notch.  Seeing them live was a lot of fun and I could tell that Neil loved the freedom of a being in new group. Does anyone have this album on vinyl?  

Love hearing everyone's opinions on this album.

The album didn't grab me the first time I'd heard it, but neither did Finn or TWT, and I definitely grew to like and love those.

I liked @Monsieur Nick's description of the album as part 1 of a trilogy, with Dizzy Heights and Light Sleeper being parts 2 and 3 respectively. If this is the case, then Finn is the origin story!

The album as a whole still hasn't grabbed me in the way other albums have, but I do like Daylight. Will have to have another listen to remember which other tracks standout.

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