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All this nostalgia reminded me of something I've often wondered. Anyone have any answers (concrete or otherwise) as to why Mushroom released BOTE back in '79? To put it in perspective, it was a band with declining album sales. Timbo himself had confided to Mike Chunn that he was ready to call it quits by the end of the year. I See Red was a sign of life but it wasn't like they were exactly white hot. True Colours hadn't been released (or even recorded?) yet. And if memory serves me right, Gudinski's "pep talk"/veiled threat to the Enz before they went in to record True Colours was that he was expecting it to be huge.

I understand that the tracks were already recorded (i.e. old tracks), so that part of the release was "free" but still, it's hard to believe it was demand-driven.

Thank goodness they did, btw.

Anyone ever hear anything????
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I'm just happy that it did come out, but I'd never thought about the timing before... Odd indeed.

And speaking of BOTE, I've just had another listen to it myself and I've come up with another timing-related question - who played saxaphone on the version of Spellbound on there?

I know some of the tracks are demos, so was that actually recorded after Mental Notes, as a prep to Second Thoughts? I've always assumed that it was all demo stuff from before Mental Notes.

I've really got to stop thinking of these questions when I'm at work and nowhere near my CD booklets....
I'm another one who's glad that the songs on BOTE didn't have to join the rarities list. The who’s and when’s had me wondering too when I first got it. There is no info in my cd booklet –my notes were taken from STF:

Split Ends/For You : Feb 1973 for single release (Tim, Mike C, Phil, Miles, Mike H, Div Vercoe)

129 : May 1973 for New Faces talent quest and also recorded Home Sweet Home (Tim, Mike C, Phil, Wally, Geoff C, Rob)

Sweet Talking Spoon Song : October 1973 for New Faces (my note taking makes it unclear if it’s the same contributors???)

No Bother To Me/Malmsbury Villa/Lovey Dovey/Spellbound : Feb 74 for “Six of the Best” TV show (Tim, Phil, Mike C, Geoff C, Wally, Eddie, Rob)

All recorded at Stebbing Studios

That's the facts as I believe them to beSmiler
I love BOTE, can't wait to hear the remaster as the original sounds a bit dull, hope it's ben sweetened a bit Smiler

The best thing about the album is getting to hear the non Judd double Chunn lineup, if these had never been recorded, most of us wouldn't have a clue what they sounded like, nor what the Buck A Head band would have sounded like. For me it's a really important album in being able to trace the developement of the band.
Pretty much right on the money, Leanne...just a few *trivial notes*...

For You; Split Ends
Div Vercoe played the drums, but wasn't actually a member of the band.

129; (+ Home Sweet Home)
Rob wasn't actually a member of the band at this stage, but did make a guest appearance on 129 playing trumpet.

The Sweet Talkin' Spoon Song
Same recording line-up as 129 and Home Sweet Home
Phil is on all the tracks on acoustic, the stuff for Six of the Best, Phil is only a guest, he had left the band at that point. According to STF, the tracks were all arranged without Phil, so he is on all of them, he's only a member of the band for half the album though. When he rejoined, he brought an electric with him, and Geoff Chunn headed out the door as Emlyn Crowther came in.
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