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good question. i'm not a drummer so my opinion is strictly amateur but if i had to choose one it'd be Malcolm. I really liked some of the stuff he did in the Dizrythmia-Frenzy period - (e.g. Nice To Know). He sounded pretty limp on Corroboree though.

But they all had their moments. Dirty Creature works really well. I prefer Paul's drumming on See Ya Round to what he did in CH.

RE Malcolm Green - I saw a flyer in a music store in Sydney about a year ago advertising his services for sessions or touring. Was definitely him cos he listed Split Enz on his resume.
Re: Mal Green, It's really sad that it's come to that. He was a pretty damn good drummer (I'm in the Crowther camp tho, cos I love his drumming - and his guitar pedals!)

Reminds me a bit of the story that Phil Judd told us all during his brief period here about meeting Wally Wilkinson in the dole Q a few years back. Half of me thinks that some of the guys got treated a little badly throughout the years. not slagging off anyone, but some of the firings were a little harsh.
true - noel rocks, but noel's a sphere of his own a "noeloshpere" if you will, he's not just a drummer, but a sort of personified group madness

His drumming on Dirty Creature rocks, I do like his work on Time & Tide alright. I do think it's a pity the way he was sorted of persuaded off the drum stool after time&tide. If it was for anyone but Hessie, it'd have been a big mistake.

I think it was also quite cool the way that if you watch the DVD clip of "Shark Attack" from the anniversary tour, it was *Noel* behind the kit, and Hessie doing additional percussion. An interesting twist. Could be something to do with the fact that Hessie had just been doing a lot of alternative percussion (and directing it!) down in Kare Kare a month or so previously...

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