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Ok folks, who's got plans for taking in the Vancouver show?
Does anyone want to meet up the day of? Shortly prior? Afterwards? Did Neil not do a Record Store Meet and Greet last July when he was in Vancouver? Any plans afoot for this, this time around that anyone knows of? I for one, would welcome the chance to hook up with some frenz before the show (we could form a human chain maybe and work ourselves up to the front???) Who's with me?? Feel free to pm me or post so all interested parties can join in. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Excellent, excellent. I'm flying in and my cousin who is a Vancouverite is coming with, so I will ask him to recommend somewhere close at hand to the venue and we can gather up for coffee/drinks/snacks whatever you guys want to do.
Once we decide to meet, we have to think of a way that we can identify ourselves (maybe we should get a secret handshake? Just being silly)(maybe we could all wear red dinner jackets?) (no way!)
We'll think of something.

In the meantime, whoever else besides you two intrepid souls respond to this post, feel free to suggest somewhere/something and we'll 'discuss'

Do you know how awesome this concert is going to be? Reading all the nightly reports, you know we're in for one massive treat!
Actually Martine, I was thinking more along the lines of PLAID dinner jackets!! lol
It's funny you should mention that....I was just talking to someone who's going to the Portland show and saying the exact same thing: My favorite means of identification was wandering aimlessly yelling, "FRENZ?!?!" I was actually toying with the idea of getting lettering on the back of a sweatshirt that says, "R U MY FRENZ?" I dunno how much that would cost though....

I agree....this is going to be great show!! I've always wanted to go to the LAST SHOW OF THE TOUR!!
The ONLY thing that could've made this vacation any better is if the Canucks had been playing at home that night! Frowner Alas, was not meant to be. <---------------DRAMATIC!! Roll Eyes

I'm pretty sure we'll be up for pre-show hangin. The venue is in a cool downtown setting, so lots of stuff to check out. I need a new hockey jersey!
My problem is that I don't think I actually *own* anything with lapels Smiler . However, if the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse (Please, oh great weather gods, Stay cool and sunny!! No absurdly crazy monsoons!!), I'll be easy to spot in my garish orange-and-navy Gortex jacket. And if I'm feeling really spiffy, maybe I'll put on my yellow Helly Hansen rain pants to coordinate. Then you'll have no problems picking me out in the crowd...LOL!

Seriously I like the carnation idea, Martine. And the lapel-challenged could wear them in their hair (tucked behind an ear, perhaps?) or some other non-offensive location.

BTW, I work in downtown Vancouver in the Gastown area. I don't get over to Granville street mall much, but I could go and have a look at potential meeting spots near the Commodore? I'm not much of a "hanging in the downtown, being cool" type, so any brilliant ideas for places to meet do not immediately pop into my mind. But I'll do my best!! Cool

I know there are LOTS of other Vancouver folks on the forum who must have some good ideas. Where are you all?!

Hi Kathleen! know I don't think I own a SINGLE set of lapels! I'm a t-shirt/sweatshirt kinda girl!! (unless I'm at work, then I'm all business-like. ugh) BUT...I can ALSO be identified by my GoreTex! I have a burgundy and black North Face one, so if it's raining, that's what I'll be wearing! But the carnation thing should work just fine. Or, we could just stand around like limo drivers at the airport with cardboard signs that say FRENZ. hehehehe.

Sounds like a good idea to scout out the area by the venue......the only times I've been there have either been for hockey tournaments that I'm playing in, or to see the Canucks. Usually when we see the Canucks, we have dinner somewhere close to GM Place.....or once we went to North Van. And all the tournaments I've played are in suburbs, so I don't know that area of downtown. Thanks for the offer to check it'll help us all out SO much!!
I'll be watching for updates!

I had a brilliant idea (well, IMHO) wherever it is we decide to meet up or even if we just meet in line---here is what we do:

We all plan on throwing up song request/paper airplanes do we not?????

Once it's decided where we are meeting, simply have your planes in your hand in ready view. If you are the first one there--put them out on the table, and we will know to approach you as a FREND. And if we miss you, come to the lineup and if you see people holding paper planes, again, feel free to approach that person as a FREND

That said, I do agree that we should try to aim for somewhere pretty close, that way, if doors open at 8--I'd like to get there by 7 and if we meet at say 6 or 5:30 ish, we can all have a bit of a how do you do and bob's your uncle before we take off to line up.

That said, my project this weekend is to find some pretty splashy 8 by 10 paper that will be sure to catch the eye of a certain Kiwi as it 'falls at his feet' once it's launched into the ether.

You know, the scary thing is ,I'm arriving in Vancouver Saturday morning, so technically, I could just 'pop' down to Portland, I suppose...I don't think it's going to happen though.

I'll spend the time trying to think up words of enlightenment (see chicago thread) for my paper planes.....

I believe we have some people sussing out the restaurants/pubs that have been mentioned in this thread as a likely meeting place prior to the show. So once we get that in order ya'll just have to make sure you show up with a red carnation somewhere on your body !!

I love the idea about throwing the flowers up after, if they last that long---or don't get squished----I think Neil may be getting tired of chocolate (my goodness, is that actually possible??) (not for me)
Well, one of our Vancouver frenz (Kathleen) has gone to the Commodore Ballroom area to suss out what's available for meetin' and another option which I have to admit I'm leaning towards is simply to meet at Starbucks for a bit before heading to the Commodore. As Kathleen has pointed out it's cheaper than meeting in a pub, not all of us may feel comfortable meeting in a pub and less liklihood perhaps of running into unsavouries (ok, ok, you can run into unsavouries anywhere, but you know what i mean..)

There are apparently two Starbucks in the vicinity, one half a block away and the other about one block away.

How do you all feel about this alternative?

Geez, are there any florists in the vicinity? They're going to have a run on carnation boutiniers they never expected..............

Let's hear comments on this and once that's out of the way, we just need to consider what time.
But BoarderGURL , if you're going to see Neil LIVE on stage, you won't need any TEQUILA to enhance your experience GIRLFRIEND--You're probably going to be so high anyway from having seen him TWO nights in a row already!!!!

I was at the supermarket today and they were selling red carnations and I thought of you.
Awww....Martine! How nice!! Smiler

That does it.......henceforth, the Red Carnation is now the Official Flower of Neil Finn. I don't know if there already IS an Official Neil Finn flower, but it doesn't matter, because it has now been changed to the Red Carnation!

(for maximum effect, you must read the above sentence in your best Mojo Jojo voice!)

You're right though....I WILL already be intoxicated! No additional tequila required!! All I need is Neil! You guys, I'm starting to get nervous!! AUGH!!!!!! Eeker
Hiya folks!

I thought I'd better post something, since Martine has been doing all the work (and such a good job!) posting the meeting details and all, up until now Smiler .

Just to confirm (and to get this thread up to the top of the list Wink ), I believe that we've decided to meet at the Starbucks at Granville and Robson (on Granville, directly next to giant, brightly lit London Drugs). Time: 6 pm-ish. Dress: red carnations. Does anyone have any corrections/rebuttals to make?

For the out-of-towners: the 5-day weather forecast looks pretty good and much like it has been the last while - cool with sunny periods. Let's hope it sticks around, 'cos it's not fun to get soaked in a monsoon, then be damp and steaming in a crowded room for several hours. Razzer

Has anyone been in the Commodore before? I haven't a clue what the layout is like. Is the new dance floor as bouncy as the old one purports to be?

Geez Kathleen, you're the one that's been running around checking everything out, BIG KUDOS to you!!

If you go to and then find the Commodore Ballroom link, there are photos and all sorts of info on the Commodore. I think it holds around 900 people--and there are no in and out priveleges so all you smokers better be ready.

The only thing I'm worried about is the doors open at 8, (my ticket says doors open at 8 anyway--does that mean the show starts @ 8:30? 9:00Smiler and maybe you all feel that lining up around 7 is sufficient, so I plan on being at that coffee joint between 5:30 and 6:00 (or earlier!!!! what the heck!!!)
Hey Kathleen and guys are SO on the ball!! Sounds like a plan to me! I'm with you Martine.....the earlier the better! Alot of people have been accidently catching sound check, and it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see one myself! Wink Maybe 5-ish? Catherine (Sweet Secret Peace) and I are driving up right after the Seattle show, so we'll be in Vancouver for the whole day: anyone up for tourist/exploring type activities? It'll be like a pre-pre-meeting! Any ideas? I know that North Vancouver has a really cool open-air type of market thingy, but I haven't been to any other non-hockey related sites!

Usually, when the doors open at 8:00 the show starts at 9:00.....that's been the trend so far this tour, too. My problem is....I'm too impatient because I KNOW that the only thing standing between me and Neil is the DORK on stage that's opening for him!! Well, that's how I felt LAST year anyways! lol

THE DORK ON STAGE!!!! You're nuts!!! I love it!!!

I'm up for touring around and I've also been thinking of accidently catching the sound check.

Perhaps boardergurl, you could pm myself & Kathleen and let us know your ETA and your hotel, ---sticking with the original plan of meeting at Starbucks between 5 & 6 for all interested frenz to meet, but us out of towners may want to take in a little sight seeing first.

Kathleen!!! maybe you could be our tour guide!! If you'r not otherwise occupied Monday--maybe you're at work?

I think you may be referring to the Granville market--on the island there, the name of which escapes me right now--I'm sure we can pick up some red carnations!!
Actually, you both are correct! There's a market in North Van (Lonsdale Quay) and there's the one on Granville Island. Both have their benefits: you can toodle over to North Van on the Sea Bus, which is kind of fun; and Granville Island is just plain big, with lots of stuff to do. Frankly, I prefer Granville Island just for sheer amount of stimulus for shopping, eating, and general poking around. But, hey, there'll be a bounty of red carnations at either place!!

Kathleen!!! maybe you could be our tour guide!! If you're not otherwise occupied Monday--maybe you're at work?
Aw, shucks, I'd be honoured!!! Problem is, I have a board meeting at 11 am and it could go on for some time - my organization is in serious financial straits and it could get a bit messy once everyone throws in their two cents Frowner . I can probably ditch the place in early afternoon (2 pm-ish) if you guys want to meet up? I'm volunteering my "work" time anyway, so it's not like they can dock my pay or anything Wink .

Anyway, I'm up for meeting pre-Starbucks for a jaunt and checking out a potential soundcheck (Dork or no dork). FYI, I sent Nettwerk Vancouver a bunch of questions about soundcheck access, merchandise availability, and whether cameras are allowed (it doesn't say they're NOT allowed on my ticket!). They've been pretty good about finding out information for me before, so I hope to hear something before the week is out. I'll be sure to post anything if I hear from them.

So, boardergurl, if you want to pm myself & Martine and let us know whereabouts you and Catherine are staying, we can suss out the logistics!

Do a dance for the sun gods!!
Kathleen Cool
Marvy! Yes boardergurl, please do let us know before you leave at the end of the week where you guys'll be checking in.

I have my daze all mixed up, when I was saying to Kathleen, maybe you can be our tour guide--it suddenly struck me, yea but Monday is a work day...

Off topic here, sorry, everyone on the tour is sick????? I've heard nothing, I'm coming to Vancouver one way or the other, no fears Roll Eyes
Boardergurl and Kathleen!!!

Are you still with me!! Boardergurl---let us know re your hotel if you want Kathleen & I to meet you guys earlier on Monday---once you take off on your whirlwind holiday--tomorrow (?) you're out of touch until 5:00 Monday afternoon.

Sorry to be a bug.

To re-iterate (sp?)All interested parties meet at Starbucks (beside London Drugs)(within a block of the Commodore) on Granville between 5:00 & 6:00pm wearing a red carnation so you are identifiable as a/to FRENZ.

Otherwise, we'll see you in line!
Originally posted by Martine:
[qb]I will put my pineapple head on and think of how we can distinguish ourselves to each other. [/qb]
By jove, I think you've got it! We'll simply put on our pineapple heads!! (Mine is rainproof, and actually big enough to shield myself and two or three others from an average-sized Vancouver shower...) Big Grin

Can't wait to see everybody there!!!!! (whoo hoo)
Originally posted by treegrrl:
[qb]Do a dance for the sun gods!!
Kathleen Cool [/qb]
^Practicing this now...^

Okay, while we're shopping for produce, maybe we could pick up some old-ass tomatoes and lettuce in case "the opening Dork" really sux. (No, I'm kidding. Not only would that be highly unsavory, that'd be really mean!)

Big Grin Sorry to spam this thread-- just having a ball catching up after my frenz-related hiatus...

(did I mention, whoo hoo?)

Big Grin
Just have to make sure the carnation is an Edible Flower (groan) and if we get hungry in the lineup, we can make salad.

I'm afraid I'll have to put you and BoarderGurl under Frenz arrest if I catch you lobbing tomatoes at the opening act.

You don't want to spend the night in a Canadian hoosgow. Believe me.... she said ominously...
Originally posted by Sweet Secret Peace:
[qb]Okay, while we're shopping for produce, maybe we could pick up some old-ass tomatoes and lettuce in case "the opening Dork" really sux. (No, I'm kidding. Not only would that be highly unsavory, that'd be really mean!)[/qb]
You'd better be nice to Rhett, or KatieKilldare will come after you. (he is a doll, and WAYYY better than Ed was)

You all have a good time, I am just living vicariously thru you all now...
Hi forum Frenz, just wanted to point out a potential "waiting on the wrong corner" situation regarding Starbucks and London Drugs locations. Here's some info for locals and out of towners that I hope helps and doesn't confuse.

(Attn Treegrrl) I'm not sure if there is a Starbucks next to London Drugs, but what I do know is that London drugs is at Granville and Georgia st which is another blk north of Robson st.

The Commodore is at 868 Granville St between Smithe st and Robson St.
There is a Starbucks @ Smithe and Granville (1/2 blk south of Commodore) and another Starbucks 1 block west of Granville next to Chapters books at Howe and Robson (for those Vancouverites familiar to downtown)

There's a great, cheap Japanese restaurant on the same block as the Commodore called Kitto.

Also a great independent Book store "The Granville Book Co" on the same block (its actually right under the stage 2 floors above!) you can sometimes hear bass octaves of the show or sound check here. but please be respectful and go there for the books....

Actually, if you stand out on Granville St you can sometimes hear the soundcheck leaking through the 2nd flr windows- but no promises.

Parking: For those people not used to parking downtown. It is generally safe, but whatever you do: Do not leave anything visible in your vehicle. the area is prone to smash and grab thieves.
The parking meters are in effect until 8pm
I usually park in a "patrolled" multilevel lot located on Seymour st 1/2 blk north of Robson. it's $4 Cdn after 6pm
Seymour St is 1 blk east of Granville st.

The Commodore dance floor was replaced in 1995 and unfortunately doesn't bounce as much as the old one but is definitely safer than the old one had become. Still a great place to see a show.
For smokers, the Commodore normally has a roped off area outside the front door where you can stand and puff.

Not sure on camera policy, that's normally set by the band and is normally only found out on day of the show.
There is a coat check available

It's great to see people excited about the show.

Commodore web site

Sorry for the longish post but I hope I've been helpful.
All views and opinions strictly my own.


Thanks for the excellent info, this is very kind--you have answered any questions I may have had about the venue...Kathleen advises me thru pm that she has been unable to get on the forum for whatever reason and asks me to convey to all that it hasn't been for lack of trying---

Teabag ,I have conveyed your message to her and hopefully by Friday night we will either come up with another meeting place close by so all interested Frenz can have a chat and a coffee before we head over for the lineup.

Again, Frenz who want to be said hello to/approached, be sure to have your official Neil Finn flowers in full view---get those paper airplanes ready and stay tuned!
Big Grin
Finally, I've managed to post after logging in a dozen times, fiddling with Explorer and re-booting too many times to be decent.

(Attn Treegrrl) I'm not sure if there is a Starbucks next to London Drugs,...
Sorry, Teabag, hate to say you're wrong Wink , but there IS a Starbucks directly next to London Drugs, in addition to the two you mentioned. I double-checked the Starbucks website (to ensure that I wasn't crazy, quite possible), and it's there - Granville & Georgia (720 Granville st. for the address junkies). I *knew* that I couldn't have been made soooo delusional by the caffeine that I saw a mirage Big Grin

But, hey, thanks for all of the tips on listening in for the soundcheck, and useful info on cameras and coats (likely necessary since they're calling for rain). Are we cool, or will there be a great street-fight in front of the Commodore on Monday night?? I'm small, but I'm quick! Wink

So, out-of-towner Frenz, are we still on for meeting at the London Drugs' Starbucks with red carnations aglow?


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