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HELP! I have made a slide presentation in Flash MX 2004. It's going to be the CD ROM version of the PowerPoint one I'm going to be presenting around the country. Smiler I have recorded 40 WAV files. I need a certain one to play onEnterframe, but I don't know how to do that. Moving between slides is manual - I have working prev and next buttons.

What I don't know how to do, whether it's behaviours or scripting or something else, is to get ONE sound to play when someone enters a frame, and if they prev or next before it's over, to stop the sound (so that the other slide's sound isn't running over the first one).

Can anybody please tell me how to do that? I have my .fla ready and my .wavs are in the library.

Thanks ETERNALLY. Free CD to the person who helps out. Smiler

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Originally posted by Pete_Lockwood:
[qb] That might work - I often find that threatening my computer tends to make it work Big Grin

Sandra - please don't take offense, just playing with ya Wink [/qb]
You got it Pete, that's how I use to make my computer work.
for example:

"You software of a bastard if ya don't work I'm gonna add a Celine Dion song at your tracklist"
"You hardware of a bastard if ya don't work, I'm gonna play a TaTu album wiht ya"
"...,if ya don't work I'm gonna edit a Michael Jackson pic with ya"
"....,I'm gonna view a Steven Seagal movie with ya"
the whole Computer:
"You m@/&?$#+'g hardware, I'm gonna recycle ya to a nose hair clipper-TV-coffee machine-hometrainer-set
glad you got it fixed debs, here's a sneaky note regarding devshed etc (forums that you have to sign upto/pay to view answers).

Normally they let you search through answers, but only see the question. do that. Find the subject name for the answer you want, copy paste it into google and generally it will find a match. Then view the google archive of that page, and it generally works. (that saved me soo many hours on my degree).


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