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K...Knowing already that people in places like Minnesota and Canada have been snowed in for weeks...who else is snowed in, courtesy of our latest storm?

Weather services here warning us of 20 inches...worst since 1978. It's burying our beagle, and our 4x4 is plowed in. We're hoping our governor declares an emergency soon, since all the states that border us already have...and it'll give us an excuse to stay in and snuggle.

Guess we'll have to incur some late fees on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." It's OK. We can watch it some more...and being snowed in with your hubby can always be fun when you're trying to get pregnant anyway. Wink
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LOL Heidi... I laughed when I read that thing about late fees... we're going to incur some on "Minority Report", too, as we're 20 minutes (in good weather, on bad country roads) from the local Blockbuster, and this part of rural CT is tipped to get 16 to 20 inches. Holy cr@p, I've never seen that much snow in my LIFE! And we still have about 2-3 inches on the ground from the last snowfalls...

I guess that will make us "snowed in" as our driveway is unpaved and about 1km long... Eeker
Gosh you guys! Sorry to hear about all the snow. Chicago was supposed to get 8 inches on Friday, but in my neighborhood we got but a powdered sugar dusting, that's all. Yes, I'm thanking my lucky stars, but the idea of being snowed in and snuggling all day does sound awfully nice (the shovelling doesn't, however). Well, I hope you guys have lots of hot chocolate and dvds. Thank goodness for the internet. Kia, Kill Eye and Heidi, I expect a lot of new posts from you with exciting new topics to discuss. Maybe a poll or two. I'll be at work tomorrow, but hopefully my internet connection will be working. I hate having no internet and actually doing *work* all day. Smiler
OK, I am LITTERALLY SNOWED IN!!!! There is 8 inches here now (well as of an hour ago and it's snowing 2 inches and hour so...). There's a big drift against my door and I have to go upstairs through the landlords apartment to get out.

No workie for me today!

I'm gonna try to dig out later and go to the park and take some pictures. I haven't seen snow like this since the April Fool's Storm in '97 I think.

EDIT: Just looked up the April Fool's Storm, it was 1997, I was in Boston and we got 25.4" of snow in 24 hours (a day after is was in the high 60s). So that was the biggest storm I've been in, we;ll see if this tops it.
So, Kill Eye, I guess that would rule out the proposed Manhattan trip tonight then Frowner I agree on the pictures front, though, get out there and take some!

Grace, I thought eight inches was par for the course in Chicago? Big Grin Just kidding. That big ole Lake Michigan probably just makes it blasted cold, and mitigates snow (she says, burbling away, having no real idea of weather patterns around the Great Lakes...) You did get off lightly, though. Oh, as for postings and new threads, you know I hardly ever start threads... although I have an idea for one at the moment, thanks to Kill Eye's photo comment...

Mighta been done before in the early days of the Forum (I'm too lazy to check right now, lol, come on people I just woke up!) but how about a topic called "World Where You Live" where, yes, you guessed it, we post pics of what we see outside our window or off the front porch (for those of us lucky enough to have one of the latter.)

I'd start the thread now, but hubby is asleep and all our digital pictures are on his computer... if I could find the camera, I stick my head outside right now, as the snow's just started in earnest here. (Another thread idea - guesses on when snow STOPS here in CT, and whoever's closest wins? Nah, that's just LAME... maybe I should go back to sleep!)

And Mona, I know that place you're thinking of. There's another little spot on the other side of the world which has rather nice seasons too, although if you wanted snow and fall foliage there you'd have to go a little further south than I've ever gone. (North Island rules, however) Smiler

There's a two foot drift on the back of my car, hubby just called and said it took him 15 minutes (on hands and knees) digging snow from behind his car...ya know, I'm a dedicated employee, but there are limits! LOL Not to mention there are four cars stuck in the road part of the complex in front of my unit, and even if I could get dug out, there's nowhere for me to go! Plus, I don't own a snowshovel, since we've never had any real amounts of snow in the 13 years I've lived here.

Naturally, since I *could* go back to sleep, I am unable to! ((sigh))

The kids are mad because they didn't have school today anyway, for President's Day. They even closed The Ohio State University, which hasn't happened since 1978.

Doh! Batteries died in my camera, only got 3 pictures... But I also got ice cream, so it was all worth it in the end Big Grin

My driveway with 3 foot drifts:

The Long Island Expressway (Eastbound):

The Long Island Expressway (Manhattan Bound) Usually you can see a great view of the Midtown skyline from here:

The snow is mostly knee deep and my knees are 22" high, so I think there is around 18-22" on the ground in Queens.

I still may be making that trip into Manhattan tonight for 8 o'clock dinner and drinks Eeker
Jenn, I just thank god I live with someone who grew up here and knows how to drive in this madness! Connecticut is just starting to get the snow piling on down, my husband went outside about an hour or 90 minutes ago and he said about 4 inches had fallen (it began at about 7, 7.30am here this morning... I woke up an hour earlier, to that threatening misty dullness which always suggests "incoming"...) it's probably about 6 inches now, and no end in sight. Hubby had the good sense and foresight to take our car out to the end of the driveway, but he estimates it will take us about half an hour to wade the 3/4 of a mile out to the car tomorrow morning (we both have dental appointments in our local business centre of Colchester, some 12-13 or so miles away, not to mention videos and DVDs to return! Looks like we'll be getting up early to get to town by 11am...
I'm thinking of just breaking out the wet weather gear, rugging up and going sledding, on Chris's plastic sled. Right now, this is surreal... likt living inside one of those toy plastic snowscapes, where you shook up the huge bits of snow... that's what it looks like out the window here! The flakes are so huge...

*This "flaky" (in more ways than one) weather report brought to you by someone who's more used to quaffing cool drinks, wearing the bare minimum, and chillin' by the beach or the river at this time of year...)* Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!!!!!!!!!! Smiler
Quarter to one, and I'm in my bathrobe. God, I love Snow Days. Wink (Oddly, I lose no time from work because I had today off anyway!?!?!)

Now, I'm here with my kids all we'll see if I'm still loving snow days by the end of the afternoon. The incident that woke me up was my son crying, with a welt on his stomach. Apparently, his sister had decided that they should play pinata, and had him stand on his bed holding a picture of a "pinata" she'd made out of paper, and she took the wiffle bat and started hitting him with it...I always feel so sorry for the poor boy when he FALLS for this stuff!!!! (Last time, it was "Hey Simon, go over and bite the dog's tail...") He's OK, and she had a talking to and a time out, and the wiffle bat has been put away now...

It took Jay half the day to dig the Jeep out. He only just went to work. We took Fletcher (the beagle) out but brought him back in as soon as it was evident we couldn't FIND him, lol...
I love the stories and pics!

Here in the UK everything stops at the drop of a snowflake.....people have no idea Roll Eyes

I actually got married on a day where everything stopped.....there was a foot of snow, a lot of people couldn't make it, the photographer was whinging 'cause he'd forgot his boots and my father in law spent all morning digging out the pathway up to the church.

Still it was a great day and wedding pics in the snow......can't be beaten!
Definitely the worst part of a snow storm is having to clear out your car or drive-way and then actually drive in it. And believe me, even in Minnesota, people do not know how to drive in bad weather!
Another bad kind of storm is an ice storm. Those are super scary! I remember a particularly bad storm a few years ago. I got home from work OK, but the next day my car locks were frozen! And we are talking frozen. My dad came over and used a flame torch to "thaw" the locks and he also had to use it around the door since that was also frozen shut...
In my younger days I lived about an hour and a half out of the cities and I drove through some horrible storms to visit friends and family. I am so lucky I did not end up a ditch. I would never do that now!
Also, we don't get snow days here. The children might for school, but my company is open no matter what!

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