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What would be great is if Try Whistling this is re-released in the same way and One Nil sometime soon.

I can't decide which is my favorite, they both have good vibes about them for me.

I am shocked at the lack of airplay One Nil got the year it was released, and finally got round to ordering One All so it will be interesting to hear the difference.

Tokyo is a song I have now heard, as for the others not so much.

So if you want to hear them you have to find the singles. Sinner and She will have her way.

Where ever you are also features some b sides.

So to hear them as a re-release is very important for both albums to hear those unheard songs, demos live tracks.

The most interesting thing is reading the booklets in the cds of the re-released Crowded House albums, providing its all accurate of course.

You take the smooth with the slippery in this world sonny.



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