Here's a rather eclectic list:

Neil Finn

Jim Moginie

Stéphane Paut aka Neige

John Williamson

Brodie Brümmer- speculative pick because his discography is quite new, but his band Flyying Colours have become one of my favourite acts over the last 5 years.

I think those 5 songwriters span rock, pop, shoegaze, blackgaze, post-metal, folk/country and possibly more. You never know where your next musical discovery will come from.

Feel so bad that I misspelled Jeff Lynne's last name ... but the guy's a genius. Just bought tickets to see ELO for next year. Their catalogue is astounding. Tom Petty said that Jeff Lynne was the greatest musician with whom he had worked. Love that Scott and Seth Avett were mentioned. Super talented guys and prolific. The song "No Hard Feelings" is about as good as songwriting gets (which is a Seth Avett composition). And Brandi Carlile is incredible. Love, love, love  her new album.  And Elton is always forgotten when great songwriters are mentioned but he's clearly a master songwriter. Still writing great songs. Need to check out some of the others mentioned.

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