A bit different, a bit heavy.

Ever noticed how the crims in The Bill always drive a white transit van? A cautionary tale of when it all goes pear shaped and it's not sorted and the guv'nor tells you to SHUT IT.
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I downloaded it but I don't know where it went in the computer's brian.What is it we are Suppose to hear or see?
Kira you better make a folder in My Documents somewhere for Camus's music so you know where its going.

Too cool Camus !! and there i was at the washing line the other day trying to work out the radio calls for the kids, or whatever its called.

alpha bravo something delta......

Big Grin
Thanks Camus - ominous bit of music that!

Funny, every time one of my particular friends and I see one of those dodgy vans driving around, we always say "yep, there's someone tied up in duct tape in the back of that one!" Now we have the soundtrack for our little in-joke.

Big Grin

p.s. - Pear-shaped? That's the 2nd time this week I've heard that phrase . . .
Thanks for the comments, glad you all seemed to enjoy it. That one is a lot older than the other two, it dates from mid 1999. My voice is on there, but not the recognisable voice, that's the other half of White Elephant. My vocals are the lowered pitch vocals that simply say White Transit Van.

Hexed, you are very close to what the piece is about, you just need to get a lot more sinister than just bound in duct tape in the back.... Thee's an earlier demo where the full story is revealed, but I wouldn't want to shock you all.

Pear shaped, it's an English expression meaning when it's all gone wrong. Seems to be frequently used in British cop shows (like the Bill, The Sweeny etc..)

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