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I hope this isn't a really stupid question,but I was just curious as to what the other ex-Enzers are up to.We all know about Tim and Neil and their solo efforts,but what about Eddie..or even Nigel or Noel?Emlyn..Jonathan?Being in the US we really don't hear much of anything.Just wondering....

Brandi Smiler
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No not a stupid question, I can tell you where a few people are:

Nigel lives in the Melbourne hills. He has this big lush backyard (more like a paddock) full of trees and his own vegies. He has some groovy cats!

Noel and his tribe (2 daughters and wife Sal) live in Melbourne, I think Noel is flying to NZ to join Eddie as part of the NZ band "While the Cats Away".
Interesting name for a band as the Enz played shows under that name (While the cats away) when Tim went off to do some solo promotion
of Escapade. (tidbit for you).

Eddie about to release his second solo cd in NZ. He is off on the cats Away tour as mentioned. He lives in NZ.

Mal Green, still lives in Sydney, he plays in several bands....

Phil Judd lives in Melbourne, with wife and son. Does the music for tv show STINGERS,
some paintings (which are incredible) and works in his home studio. His preferred instrument in the ukelele!!!

Most of the other guys live in NZ.

Hope that helps.
Nah, that's not a stupid question...I'm sure most Enz fans from time to time wonder what the guys are up to these days...I know I do...with regard to the New Zealand-based ex-Enzers (note: all these guys are Auckland-based as far as I know)...Emlyn Crowther has his own electronics business called Crowther Audio, and they specialise in guitar effects pedals, amongst other things...Mike Chunn is manager of the Australasian Publishing Right Association (aka APRA), which is the corporation that deals with music publishing, hands out music awards in New Zealand and Australia, make sure that local artists are getting their royalties, etc...his brother Geoff is runs his own cafe, I think...Eddie Rayner spends much time in his own recording studio and is also a leading New Zealand producer, musician (and keyboardist of course)...Rob Gillies is a production manager for TV, having worked behind the scenes for shows like 'Xena' and 'Hercules' (watch for his name on the closing credits)...Tim moved back to New Zealand a couple of years ago (God bless him) and has been touring the country lately...Neil has been up to similar things as his brother...and lastly, I believe that Mike Howard (of the very first Enz line-up from late-1972 to early-1973) may be a teacher living in Auckland...and there you have it...hope this proves interesting :-)
Originally posted by SemiDetached1978:
[qb] I believe that Mike Howard (of the very first Enz line-up from late-1972 to early-1973) may be a teacher living in Auckland[/qb]

Name-dropping time! Wink Mike Howard was my high school English teacher in Auckland in 1988. Although I seem to recall hearing from someone that he later went overseas.
Brandi asked:
Are any other Enz offspring getting into the music biz,a la Liam Finn?

That I know of, Paul Crowthers two daughters. Emily works for Festival Mushroom Records in Auckland (the parent company of Flying Nun Records, the label Betchadupa are signed to), Trilby has done some live gigs in Auckland & Wellington possible some other places too.

I don't know about the others.

Originally posted by SemiDetached1978:
[qb]Wow, Flicker, that's a cool little bit of info...did you ever talk to Mike about his time with Split Ends? (as they were known then)[/qb]

Not really, I got the impression he didn't really enjoy talking to students about his Split Ends/Enz days. Plus, I must confess that I probably wasn't one of his favorite students! Roll Eyes
Yeah, Bsnifter, but I wouldn't mind betting that more Enz fans have heard of Miles Golding than Mike Howard...basically, Mike left the band and has hasn't been heard of since in any significant way in nearly 30 years...whereas Miles, he joined the London Philharmonic Orchestra (therefore staying in music, which must bring some recognition), as well as playing on the Enz' second album 'Second Thoughts' (aka 'Mental Notes'), so at least Miles has had some post-Enz acknowledgement...Mike hasn't.
My name is Damon, and Wally is Godfather to my son Alex. Wally and I were good friends but I haven't heard from him in many many years (far too many). About 10 years ago we both moved home (I was living in the south of France, and Wally in Melbourne). Somehow, we managed to forget to give each other our new contact details, and due to the great distance, we lost contact. I have tried on numerous occaisons to locate him, but with no joy.
I recently discovered this forum, and considering the dedication of its members, I thought I would have a go and see if anyone knows where Wally is today, and if so, to ask him to get in touch with me. My email is, so if you know how to contact Wally, or someone else who does, please, please, please, pass on this message.
Just in case you were wondering, SuperBear was the name of my recording studio in France, where Wally visited with the group Marching Girls 1985-86 (I produced their demo album). SuperBear Studios was one of the most successful recording studios of the late 70's and early 80's. Many artists recorded there, including Pink Floyd (The Wall), Elton John, Queen (Jazz), The Police, Van Morrison, etc., etc. Unfortunately, the studio was destroyed in a forest fire (I sympathise with all of you in Sydney), and we were never able to re-build.
Anyway, life goes on. Sure, I had a great time in the music business, but it rarely lasts forever... Now I sell software to banks and stock brokers... how middle-class! But my 15 year old son (Scott) is a great guitarist, so who knows, maybe I'll get a second chance after all. Keep your ears open for a band called "Middle Earth".
Merry Christmas to all you frenz. - Cheers, Damon

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