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nothing but joy and good luck at this house, really.

my dad just called from work.
he's been laid off.

couldn't come at a worse time, really.
as of this friday he is no longer employed, nor medically insured. my mom just had surgery, and he's scheduled to go under the knife next week.
and my sister-in-law was laid off last week.

so now all the pressure is on me to find a well-paying, full-time job a.s.a.p. so i can help my parents pay bills.
yeah, like i haven't been trying.


sorry, i just needed to vent.

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Sorry to hear the bad news. Not surprised at the choices corporate America is making... no heart.

Since you're in CA, you might want to check out, both medi-cal or even medi-care for your parents, as well as seeing if all of you can sign up for Healthy Families, once you're starting to have an income.

It's a sad commentary on our society that people can be discarded so easily. It's not a crime to use the services that are supposedly there for those who are financially going through tough times.

I'd even look into emergency food stamps to tide you over till other funds come in. Then at least the money you have can go to bills, rather than food. It's really no crime if you're in need. It's those who cheat the system that cause the problems.

After the last war, my husband lost his business in literally a day and we had to use those services temporary to survive. Then when things turned around... HALLELUJAH!

But it helped us to make it through bad times. I even had a cateract removed and an inter-occular lense put in my eye during those times. The cost to me? $15. I figure, you pay taxes for all those years, they should be able to help you when you're down.

Good luck and shalom,
I remember reading about your parents' impending surgeries/your job search in another thread and I'm sorry to hear that your situation has worsened, Mabelle...but Kim Goldman's right, look into whatever resources are available to you. You are shouldering one hell of a reponsibilty here (and I kinda understand, I loved my parents too). You should not have to feel like it's yours alone to handle.

i'm sorry. that just sucks, no way around it. i echo the emergency measures suggested here by others (as well as suggesting your father go on unemployment if not disability).

you may end up having to take a job outside your degree just to get $, and there's no shame in that as long as you keep your promise to yourself to go back and do what you love once things improve...or at least, get published or freelance on the side, in addition to whatever you've got going in the daytime so that you're still working your portfolio.

the fact that you're young and still have energy might enable you to take several part time jobs if you can't find anything full-time. (i had like 4 jobs when i was 22...) with a full-time job, you might consider moving back home, listing your parents as dependents, and putting them on your health coverage as "family" health coverage.

just a few thoughts i have, hope they help, though i know there's not much that can take the pressure off you at the moment. meditate often and keep your guy as close as you can. and remember your frenz care.
thanks for all the encouragement, well wishes and words of wisdom. really, really appreciate it all.

at this point i'm pretty aware that i'll have to be my parents' emotional and financial support, so i don't plan on sulking for too long. i've been applying to jobs related to my field and not. anything full time, wherever it is, is fine by me. like heidi said, the bills will keep coming regardless.

sue - i did receive your PM and fired off and app and cover letter a.s.a.p. thanks again for thinking of me.

i suppose i'll keep you guys posted, and hopefully things won't get any worse. *knock on wood*

thank you all

Hey again Michelle. Reading over all you've shared here, I want to put in a quick reminder to take extra good care of yourself right now. Being an emotional support to anyone can be very draining, especially when the surrounding atmosphere is a stressful one.

As a friend of mine once said, transitions are a good time to nail down the furniture and eat lots of green foods. What I mean to say is take care of yourself - don't underestimate how important your health (spiritual, emotional and physical) is right now.

Know that we love you and we'll help in any way we can.


P.S. This unsolicited advice goes for all of us. Take a second now and ask yourself what are three things you could do right now for yourself - things you'd LOVE someone else to offer you perhaps. And then... go do them! Mine would be... cooking myself a nice dinner tonight, NOT eating in front of the TV and calling my mom. What are yours???

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