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@renzo posted:

Also, what other times has he voiced his opinion politically.  It seems like the new song is the most politically charged one yet and is reflective of his time in the States. Another song that comes to mind is Chocolate Cake.

Neil was often pretty outspoken on Twitter.  Maybe that’s one of his reasons for leaving the site.  

I admire his willingness to speak up about issues that matter to him.  

We desperately need artists who refuse to toe the safe (corporate) line.  


Wow I mean I never knew who the actual person was, but I assumed it was a woman. Didn't realize "The Donald" was a big CH fan from way back! "Yeah, I moved on him like a beach but I couldn't get there. And he was married. Later he saw me lying in the arms of a poet" AAAAAAAA

I apologize for this heinous and blatant misreading of what was a perfectly fair, clear post by rezno.

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