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I think we might have visited some of this on thread when the band were in Europe but I am curious to see what you all think after time has passed and before they hop back on the road in Feb.

I have to say that the Crowded House website was a real highlight. The appearance of the request buttonafter it was voiced that there were not enough rarities played at the Enmore. It was great to see what came up all across the world. Loved that the setlists were posted on the website and we got to see clips and photos of the shows soon after they happended.

I also loved how the band recognised the fact that many fans were bringing their children along to the gigs...Who could ever forget Mark Hart and Matt racing children across the stage and around the venue Smiler. Or the young lad at the front of the Rod Laver gig.

I also loved how the the sinister looking Teddy Bear album cover that Jenny G showed us so long ago (which made us all want to find the most intriguing picture we could of Sinister Teddy Bears to post as out avatars. ) softened to become the lovely softly lit nightlight theme on the stage for the tour. Prompting the Recurring Bear theme for the tour dates in oz.

How the Teddy Bear appeared at the start of the tour in paper mask form as a photo promo for the tour book and then @ the end in Wollongong via a dedicated fan who wanted to celebrate the end of the tour. (it definately was not a joke or a protest just a bit of fun in the spirit of what had been seen along the way on the rest of the tour Smiler ie: Either Side of the World video for example.)

Of course most of all the best highlights for me were all about The Music Hearing all the songs live off the album @ The Enmore something I did not appreciate until now when the tour is over. How Nick played Pale Blue Eyes in Brisbane. How they played Recurring Dream in Sydney. Mark singing Born on the Bayou in Melbourne. Opening with I Feel Possessed in Melbourne. Elephants in Wollongong.

And of course so much more...Thank you to the band for engaging, interacting, and appreciating your was a lot of fun and I can't wait...till it happens again!!

In time you'll recognise
that love is larger than life
And praise will come to those whose kindness
leaves you without debt
And bends the shape of things
that haven't happened yet

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Oh where to start Big Grin

Nails In My Feet in The Hunter Valley Big Grin
Elephants in Woolongong, oh yes
Being one of the 'keepers of the bears' that I was also lucky enough to have signed by the guys
The chat with Neil from the stage about having been swimming at City Beach, the flight I got on my paper plane("that's what you can do when you swim")Neil saying I was very eclectic in regrads to my requests via that plane
being up the front in Sydney & Wollongong and closer than expected in The Hunter

Either Side Of The World!!

Recurring Dream !!

all the banter Big Grin

joing in on the 'hey hey' in Archer's Arrows

CK's awesome teddy bear masks

Catching up with so many gorgeous Frenz

oh, so many found memories I am too tired to put down in words right here right now
I've mentioned this on a previous post but...
Neil looking right at me after the fist note of Love This Life and saying 'shall we do this one?' Errr YEAH!!!!

Hearing my request of the fabulous Whispers and Moans at Hammersmith (middle night).

Hearing Nails In My Feet live always stays with me - they dont do it enough!

'I believe in miracles, where you from, you sexy thing...'

Whenever I think of Connan Mockasin (spelling?) I always think of Neil and Nick calling him on stage in high pitched panto dame voices that night.

(none of those compare to confessing my undying love to Nick from the front row at a TOE gig, then getting a kiss blown to me at the end, and Neil throwing me his guitar pick all at the same gig)
To many highlights to mention really....but here are a fre... Wink

* Achieving my savings goal and being able to attend shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane,Wollongong and the Adelaide Winery show.

* Meeting such wonderful FRENZ at each show

* Singing and dancing along to so many great songs

* Appreciating the body of work CH has done and having every night with a different set-list and band banter

* Being in the front row and seeing facial expressions, smiles and glances that audience members further back would not be able to see.

* Being free from Family and Work responsibilities for a whole 10 days!! (thats the first time in 20 years!)
Originally posted by CK:
To many highlights to mention really....but here are a fre... Wink

* Meeting such wonderful FRENZ at each show

* Appreciating the body of work CH has done and having every night with a different set-list and band banter

* Being free from Family and Work responsibilities for a whole 10 days!! (thats the first time in 20 years!)

Yes, agreed all those things too! I also was blessed to be able to have a day or two free from work and family commitments for the gigs and that is why I cant wait for it to happen again Smiler.
I went to 5 shows - Byron at Easter and in December I went to Melbourne, Sydney and both Brisbane shows.
I got to be right at the very front 3 times, 3rd row once and the worst I did was 13th row. So, that was pretty awesome. I think I may now be spoiled.
* good seats
* meeting so many new frenz
* getting a Recurring Bear to the fellas, twice
* "Uncle Nick" interacting with my 9 year old at Byron
* the banter, the impromptu adlibbed songs, and a truly different show each night
* the singalongs - I've sung with Crowded House! Wink
* getting the very sexy song, In My Command, in Sydney
* I've never heard Chocolate Cake live before and we got it in Melbourne and the second night in Brisbane, complete with the funny Lindsay Lohan line
* Message to My Girl (twice, I think).
Can't wait for Martinborough next month!! Big Grin
Let's see, off the top of my head - the spontaneous dance pit in front of the stage during "Twice If You're Lucky" at the Warfield in SF

- the two girls like three rows up from us in Saratoga Mt. Winery who insisted on doing "literal video" enactments (hand signs, body language, impromptu props) of as many song lyrics as possible for each song - "In My Command" was a hilarious peak! In fact, just in general as a highlight: IN MY COMMAND. IN MY COMMAND. IN MY COMMAND. Other noted highlight: "Fingers of Love." Quite knocked off our feet.

- how hyped up Neil was for the Montclair show, jumping and pogoing, flashing a bit of ire even in spots early on before the crowd got all caught up. Biggest single highlight was how hard they CRUSHED "I Feel Possessed" to open the show. That song is one of my favorite songs bar none, and this was the best I'd ever heard it played.

- they played "Not The Girl You Think You Are" in AC which was unexpected and sounded great! Also a treat to hear "Time Immemorial" especially as it didn't have so odious a farting-synth outro as on record. This whole show was so solid. "It's Only Natural" - "Isolation" was sublime - "SHE GOES ON"! I about cried then. "Now We're Getting Somewhere." Killer takes on "Whispers & Moans", and "Fall At Your Feet" was phoned in from heaven. Standing right at the front, holding the space around the girl you love, not a bad night.

Also the drive home leading a carful of drunken girls in a neverending loop screamalong of "Mean to Me" was a highlight, but that's kind of outside the venue. Also all but one of those girls were my sisters. And me the sober one, naturally.
I'm particularly grateful that I have a supportive family, so that I could attend Melbourne, Sydney & Hunter Valley; and great Frenz who helped with my Melbourne travel Smiler Getting our collective request for Recurring Dream in Sydney was just magic!

Hunter Valley was my favourite I think, now that I've had a few months to think about it, especially finding that our seats were much better than previously expected. The energy in the crowd was much higher than in Sydney & Melbourne, and I thought the band were in a better vibe, maybe because they were celebrating the end of the Oz tour.

The 2 Neil solo shows (slightly OT, but they were at the same time) were so intimate, especially the first night. Got to hear many rarities like Spirit of the Stairs & Love Is All that Remains. I got chills when I realised what he was starting to play.

And of course I'm eternally grateful to our public hospital system for scheduling my surgery 2 days *after* the tour ended.....there could have been tears otherwise Razzer

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