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I have been looking as well for DVDs of Split Enz. My brother has a couple of VHS tapes of them playing most of the stuff from Time and Tide record LIVE on stage, in Melbourne I think. It might have been from an MTV concert (circa 1981). It is one of my favorite concerts to watch on TV. He also has a tape of videos from the early days to the last days that someone (MTV?) compiled and aired on Cable TV in Tulsa, OK. They are both prizes, but I can't find any copies I am going to borrow them from him and make some DVD copies.

If anyone out there has seen or heard of these and knows where to obtain them so that I can purchase them to support those guys, let me know!

The Living Enz and Anniversary are the only full length live CDs available, plus the live section of the DVD. There are two tracks from the Hammersmith Odeon 1980 on the Other Enz (What's The Matter With You and one I can't remember at the moment), and two anniversary tracks (Dirty Creature, Bold as Brass) with unadulterated crowd noise on the I Got You CD single.

If only live Enz club CDs were easy to produce Frowner
If only live Enz club CDs were easy to produce Frowner
I asked about this before. Why is it difficult to produce these?

And you indeed have a complete list of all official live stuff (on CD) now.
Living Enz (2CD)
Oddz and enz (5 or 6 songs)
Other enz (Shark attack is the other song)
I got you CDS
I think that it's problems with the record company. Split Enz were/are with Mushroom, Crowded House with EMI/Capitol/Parlophone, EMI et al were happy for CH club CDs, presumably Mushroom have a problem. I'd also imagine that the recordings would need a fair ammount of work on them due to age, and this would all cost money. Having heard True Colours and Nightmare Stampede from Oddz and Enz on the tape of the concert it is obvious that Eddie Raynor spent a lot of time tweaking the sound, as they sound pretty muddy and awful before. Still, when Peter Green mentions that a desk recording of a concert from when Phil Judd rejoined that includes songs like So This Is Love, Play It Strange, I'm So Up, Home Comforts, Bergan Aun Zee it does make you wish that some would be released! Just how many club members would buy them though? Would they sell at the same rate as CH cds??

Oddz and Enz has Matinee Idyll, Lovey Dovey, Amy (Darling) and Under The Wheel all from Ormond Hall (Reefer Cabaret) Melbourne 31/12/75, and True Colours (Let's Rock) and Nightmare Stampede from the Enz of the Earth Auckland, 1976.
I think the proliferation of live CH material was due to the band recording many of their shows themselves. Because they then owned those recordings they were free to do with them as they wished. Luckily for us they made them available.

I would guess that few live Split Enz recordings exist simply because the band didn't make many recordings themselves and the few recordings that do exist tend to be when the band was recorded by a third party (radio/TV etc etc) who owned the recordings. As we've all read, some of these third parties didn't have good archiving practices in the 70's so many of these tapes were lost, damaged or destroyed.

Those that survive, like Camus says, probably need a lot of work. But I would say most of the high quality recordings are/were owned by somebody else and using them (if they still exist) would not only cost a lot of money (making a fan club release prohibitive) but you'd also have to get the band members involved in the recording to agree to a release, and thats a whole other thread . . .
...& this may be completely irrelevant, but Neil Finn has been playing the songs he penned for Split Enz forever (with Crowded House, Tim & solo), so (I know it's not technically Split Enz) but you'll probably be able to find various live versions of i got you or message to my girl, ect. on CD singles or live albums, ect. Tim's in the same vote.

As I said... "this may be completely irrelevant" Smiler

I would guess that few live Split Enz recordings exist simply because the band didn't make many recordings themselves and the few recordings that do exist tend to be when the band was recorded by a third party (radio/TV etc etc) who owned the recordings.
Actually, surprisingly many do exist. Mike Chunn apparantly has quite a collection, as does Eddie Raynor. I'm also sure that Split Enz recorded many of their gigs themselves. I guess it's really different people and maybe they don't want it released. It's a shame, as they are an amazing band live if you can find the unmentionable 'B' word.
Bean 1404,
I think you jogged my memory, I do believe it was Ontario on that "Time and Tide" tour concert. I'm not sure, but if you have seen it, Tim does one handed push-ups on " Nobody Takes Me Seriously Anyway:" And he does
"Shark Attack" , "I See Red" etc, ...wears a shirt with puffy sleaves and a captains hat....Is that the one? Because that's the one my Brother has, which I would like to burn on DVD for my own personal viewing. But bootleg is better than nothing.

See ya in Te Awatamutu!
Ah yes, the Hamilton concert! I had a pen pal in NZ many moons ago who sent me that tape and I had to hunt all over town for someone to convert the tape from Pal. Back then (and being 17!) it cost me a fortune. But so worth it. I just recently searched my parents basement for my copy and just can't find it anywhere. I remember Tim doing the push-ups and the puffy shirt. I also remember Neil having a tooth missing too. For some reason, I recall Neil or someone saying that Sandy Allen was from Ontario, maybe it was during the concert. Anyone recall that? I just love that song, can't wait for my DVD to arrive.
Hey All! and cdnkiwi
Yes! I viewed the Hamilton, Ontario concert of SE Time & Tide concert last night. I forgot about Neil's missing tooth. The show was awsome! I have not viewed it for many years and I am going to get a DVD burned of it and those other videos from the past. (a cool compilation of professional vids from early to the last. "Dirty Creature, Bold as Brass, Message to my Girl...etc It Rocks!) and will soon be on DVD at my house. Hey Bean (Jill) Any idea of where to go to find Pandora's Box (the company, state, province?

Kowabunga! surfin' USA
Yes, that concert is really great. It's not the best quality in terms of lighting, but the sound is pretty good.

I just love when they open with Firedrill and yes, I think Neil is missing a tooth! His hair is so floppy too and he sways back and forth quite a bit with his guitar Smiler . It's so much fun to see Giant Heartbeat and Sandy Allan live. Did you guys see Neil play SA (as well as Log Cabin Fever and The Devil You Know)on his webcast? It was fabulous! I think those are the only 2 performances of that song that I've seen.

Texas Surf, I wrote you a more detailed response. Hope it helps!
camus play the tape back.... lars sorenson.. he's a real dirty creature.. he's a real dirty man...

and a huff puffin he doth blow into that thing too !

edit time - shall we just round up those live split enz releases on cd ?

1 - the living enz (19)
2 - oddz and enz (6)
3 - anniversary (13)
4 - i got you cd single (2)
5 - spellbound. anal point but doesn't count, live time for a change is here from anniversary
6 - i like it rare (1) - available at somewhere - includes the unreleased murder or maybe it should be muhrdaaaahhh
7 - enz dvd (cant be arsed to count) - has a mixed bag of live bits

not much really eh ? scores on the doors = 41. not even the equivalent of 4 albums and they did 10 and those bsides too blah blah..

and that's your lot on cd i think ?

edit again - no it isn't, oh bugger i forgot about other enz, 2 more there
Lots of Enz live stuff, though it's taken me many years (and the kindness of wonderful traders around the globe) to put my hands on them. Some AUD, some SBD, all wonderful in their own way...

12-31-75 "Reefer Cabaret" Melbourne
xx-xx-76 Auckland NZ (Neil Finn opens!) (2cd)
xx-xx-78 Plymouth (both Phil Judd and Neil Finn in lineup)
12-21-79 Comb and Cutter Hotel, Blacktown Sydney
xx-xx-79 John Peel Sessions
09-07-80 Hammersmith Odeon, London
xx-xx-80 Santa Cruz CA
10-31-80 Rainbow Music Hall, Denver CO
xx-xx-81 Regent Theatre, Sydney
xx-xx-82 "Time and Tide" Concert
xx-xx-82 Hamilton Ontario
xx-xx-84 Wellington (Conflicting Emotions tour)
12-31-89 Sydney Reunion
xx-xx-93 Auckland Reunion (2cd)
12-31-99 Enz of the Millenium (2cd)

Trade requests welcome. Thanks for many of these to "you know who you are."

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