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Still enjoying DAW, but just curious as to what everyone thinks might be next for Neil. Ride the wave with a CH follow-up? Another solo effort? The brothers musical project seems to be dead, but how about a brothers album?

Also, nice to see Tim back in the album business, with the Phil Manzanara disc and Forenzics coming up. What would you like to see next from him?

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I would love to see a 3rd (and possibly final) Finn Brothers album, however I believe Neil and Co. will be tied up with postponed commitments thru 2023. It’s very possible that somewhere along the way we get a follow-up to DAW; the same way U2 did with Zooropa while touring Achtung Baby back in the 90’s. Of course this being the land of Neil, there will always be multiple reasons to re-record, re-mix and re-produce the heck out of anything, and push a release out by a few years or even shelve the whole thing for eternity. Us fans have 2 secret weapons this time around, Liam & Elroy. They probably know how important it is to keep momentum and probably aren’t afraid to chime-in or even push a little.

Fingers crossed we continue to get new music released frequently and consistently from the amazingly talented and eclectic members if the Finn family.

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