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This covers Neil's Enz, CH, and solo material -

What Neil song do you hate to love? I mean the one song you wouldn't necessarily admit to liking, or maybe not recommend to a new fan, but that you love to throw in the player just for yourself.

Myself - It's gotta be Give It A Whirl. It's probably the first heavy elec. guitar song I ever heard from Neil - hell, maybe it was his first (1978?). And while the title and VIDEO Eeker (ugh) almost ruined it for me, it's cool to hear a young Neil belt it out over those guitars. More important to me though is hearing the beginnings of an awesome singer/songwriter .
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In My Command.

In my opinion, it's got one of the lousiest verse melodies in the whole Finn catalog, but the chorus melodies are so absolutely resplendent I just can't help it!!!!!!

Faster Than Light.

Musically and instrumentally speaking, the only verse more annoying than In My Command. But also the overall song with some of the wisest and most powerful lyrics I've ever heard outta the guy. (It's in my sig file AND on my personal checks!!!)

Turn And Run.

Since 911 I can't hear it without welling up or even crying. It gives me chills to think he came up with this imagery over a year before...and yet I like the song. So why I torture myself by even listening to it when I know it upsets me is something I'm sure a therapist could probably figure out for $150 an hour, but who has that kind of cash? Wink

I Love You Dawn.

Musically, don't care much for it (though I'm sure slower and acoustic I'd love it...just don't like the one on Afterglow). But how can you NOT like it, knowing the story behind it!!! It's one of the sweetest gestures I ever heard of.

uggghhhh...the bittersweet conflict of it all!!!! (In James Dean voice) "It's TEARING ME APART!" Wink

(good topic idea.)
It's hard to pick one song, I mean it kinda works like this...

Being a Finn fan usually is something I don't advertise to all my friends, but when I do I find myself trying to justify it.

Then three months later, I find out the same person who mocked me went out and bought a slew of Finn cds.

Agree/ disagree. Or am I thnking oddly maybe i need to get back to the farm, shift some paradigms, revolutionize outside the box.

Borrowed that from Futurama Big Grin
I would say "Straight Old Line"
It kind of has a real early 80's cheeky funk beat to it. I think it's great and infectiously fun.

This would not be a song I would use to introduce my friends to Neil. They probably wouldn't get it...

Chris from Omaha, what are you putting in your friends drinks to get them to suddenly become Finn fans?! Wink

This weekend, one of my friends was playing one of her mixed CD's. It had the Bangles "Eternal Flame" on it.
I said to her, "So, you will listen to the Bangles but not Crowded House?!"
She just shrugged.

Any suggestions? Hypnosis? Water torture? Subliminal sleep tapes? "You will wake up and have an urge to buy Temple of Low Men...." Razzer
Love to hate? No Mischief. Awful, awful words. Social commentary taint Neil's thing. "...private profiteer, our loss is your gain. The things that we revere, you're pouring down the drain..." No, no, no! But great harmonies, good rhythm, good solo, not a bad feel all round - especially for a band in the doldrums.
Well, to be perfectly honest, since I'm what you would refer to as "a Jewish believer" with a great respect for G-d, I find myself perplexed and even irked at myself for enjoying "There Goes God".

I wish I could hate that song. I hate the words, but I find myself singing them with it. It's humerous and a bit zaney. The melody is infectious.

I've even read in an article that it has nothing to do with G-d, but nevertheless, it stirs up feelings of discomfort for me.

So, it's one of my secret little enjoyments that I wouldn't readily admit to anyone I know within my spiritual community. If someone point blank asked me, I'd admit it, but it's not information that I would bring up to disclose in a conversation.

Obviously it's not a secret to G-d. Big Grin I have no "guilt" over it as it's just a song, nothing more. Perfectly harmless, just a little embarrassing.

Kim Wink

There are other I just plain despise (Chocolate Cake... )
Now this song isn't one I hate to love, it's one I just plain hate, despise, detest. Of all their songs, this is the one that both my husband and I just cannot stand. In fact, the appearance on Letterman, when they sang that song, all dressed up in those ridiculous pants... UGH! HATED IT! HATED IT! HATED IT! NOTHING COMES CLOSE! In fact, IMHO, it is the single LOW POINT in the career of Crowded House. (Sorry to all you fans of the song. It's just our opinion. Nothing personal. Nothing to fight over. ) Big Grin
There are good and bad things about this forum--the good being that I love to be able to relate to you all about the sheer musical joy that the Finns all bring to our lives, and the bad is that I will often nievely love all of Neil's songs, and then when you all post things that you hate about the songs, I have a hard time listening to them in the same way. So, with that said, I love In My Command, and always thought that the verses were a nice contrast to the soft chorus,(like Hole in the Ice) and I also thought that they sounded a bit Split Enzish, and found that amusing. But now, I never will!!!! Just kidding, I still love the song. Always will.

Hmmmm, song that I hate to love, I have a few, but the first that comes to mind is Hole in the River. So serious and 80's.
The next song is Giant Heartbeat. I absolutely love it, but I also think it is so cheesy. "Is anybody listening, the giant heartbeat is fading..."

But isn't that the wonderful thing about Finn music? They know they are cheesy, they don't take themselves seriously, they are just themselves and that is why they are not so popular. These days you have to become a product of something else to be anyone. You're just not good enough on your own. Well, go Finns! Long live their music and humbly expressed opinions. Ugh, I love them. Big Grin
First of all, I can't find anything bad to say about "In My Command" -- it's easily one of my favorite CH songs.

Topic? I agree with Kim somewhat about "There Goes God." I love the lyrics and the song, but it would be one of the last Neil songs I'd admit to liking to a non-fan.

There are a lot of Enz songs I think Neil wrote before he became a supreme songwriter. However, the song that I hate to love (or, more appropriately, the song I love but makes me feel slightly uncomfortable) is "Dr. Livingstone." I can truly appreciate where Neil was coming from, but I sometimes feel like "I am a white man in Africa / If I were to stay here there'd be no one to save me" should bother me a hell of a lot more than it does. It's definitely the reason I took so long to warm up to the song, but I love it now.
Originally posted by Mlee Mains:

Hmmmm, song that I hate to love, I have a few, but the first that comes to mind is Hole in the River. So serious and 80's.
The next song is Giant Heartbeat. I absolutely love it, but I also think it is so cheesy. "Is anybody listening, the giant heartbeat is fading..."

Big Grin [/qb]
Hole In The River-- think of the concept of a hole in running water, where she punched through...perhaps to another side??? I LOVE this song, it is so far beyond the pale, the mortal coil! Wink

Giant Heartbeat, again, to me is a concept of big boat, we don't get there until we ALL get there... Cool

again, it strikes me that it is so different how we all hear these songs, what they mean to us.

Now, mine is Addicted... Taps into painful memories, but it ends so beautifully.
Yeah, I love In My Command, and I don't care who knows it!! Wink Wink Big Grin

I think that on a lot of the songs on TA, Neil sings with this almost manic intensity, especially on that song. I think his voice has kind of a John Lennon "I Am The Walrus" quality to it, and I just love it for some reason...
And yes, would have to agree with Betty too about Dr Love.
Some of the older tunes are more cheesy because it was the 80's after all, and Neil was younger.
I forgot to mention that I too love IMC. Rock & Roll!
There is a bit of a new-wave sound to the late SE and early CH stuff, and one of the things to consider is the recording methods used at that time tended to focus on the high end, so things can sound tinny and "thin".

As far as cheese, I like mine with a nice Gewertzraminer or even Shirah.
I looooove Log Cabin Fever too! I know this topic is about loving to hate, but I'm just so glad that someone mentioned this song, and I love the tension and build up to the "break away" part. It's so refreshing. I'm glad someone loves that part as much as me.
Okay, since I'm still on the love to hate topic, I will agree with Lavar on loving to hate Dr. Livingstone. I want to like it, but there's just something erking about it. It doesn't offend me, but just something about the song is weird.
And then there's Time Immemorial. Something about the chord change on the second time he says "Time Immemorial". It hits me weird. Razzer
I just can't believe this about In My Command !

The best 1-2-3 in history ! Kare Kare, In My Command, Nails In My Feet !

Corrrrrrr. One of Neils finest moments for me - maybe you gotta know the feeling ???

And Faster Than Light is getting knocked ?? Noo ! Bee yooo tiful !!

Least fave for me by a long way is Pineapple Head. Twee ! Actually The Climber comes close..
i find it especially funny, cool odd, not haha, that chris in omaha suffers thru most of "log cabin fever" until the "perky part" (as i have called it, since i first heard it!). we both love the opposite sides of that song. i have looooooved the dark, brooding, scary side of it since the very first time i heard it.

I couldn't agree fact I've listed these as my fave Neil lyrics somewhere on this forum...

"...In the river alone, always alone out of my depth...headlong to the ocean, will I sink or swim?..."

And...hate to love a song? Hmmmmm...I can't think of anything along those lines..I either love it...or hate it...not much shame involved in fact, I'm quite vocal about how I feel about songs, don't ya think?! Wink Razzer
awamutu and sue diego,

i respect your opinion about either loving or hating Neil's songs, and do feel the same way for the most part. there are songs i definitely dislike. if i make a cd for someone though, with songs i like, that doesn't mean i'm hiding any of his material. If they like it, then it's up to them to pursue further and to judge.

but the reason i started this thread was that there IS a grey area for me. where a few songs that are really good if it weren't for 1 factor or more (for whatever reason-- test of time, or disliking certain parts, etc.).

The Devil You Know for example-- IMO could be really great live, or if it were covered. It's all the synthesizers and electronic drums that ruins it a little for me. I still listen to it frequently though. So I hate to love it. Wink
Hmmm...okay...maybe I get ya now, Geddy...(then again, maybe not! Razzer )...sometimes the GREY area is in the ORCHESTRATIONS...the MIXES...the that what you mean?

I told my sis not long ago that Neil "LIVE" was so much better than Neil "STUDIO"...and I decided NOT to share ONE ALL or ONE NIL w/her (cuz she's so new to the FINN sound)...and SOMETIMES he sounds a bit STRANGE to the untrained, unFINNed ear...turns out, someone she works w/ lent ONE ALL to her and she LOVES it...and now she's wondering why in the friggin' heck didn't I recommend it to her?! Roll Eyes "...Doh...cuz I thot you'd hate it!..."

Maybe you just can never guess what others are going to like...maybe sometimes you can't even guess what YOU'RE going to like...hmmmm...looks like I painted MYSELF into that same grey corner you're in, G! Roll Eyes

I think I need a vacation! Razzer
Lozza, I am with you regarding Faster Than Light...Heidi is just jealous (YEAH, right!) because Neil played it at my request and then never played it again in any set after that! Hee hee hee

Did I mention that he said my name...TWICE? Right before and then right after....


My song I love to hate: (must try to stay on topic)...That's What I Call Love...what is up with that James Brown-like funky geetar anyway?

((grins mischievously))

others i hate to love include

Doctor Love, all those who named that some sexy singing by neil were spot on, in my opinion...

Our Day...cheesy, does Liam get all embarrassed when he hears the song of his birth? Fantastic melody though...

Years Go By...'this purple room is breathing?' 'When twilight comes, the magic one will gaze on you' 'Tis enough for now to set you down, and gaze on you' Gosh, too much gazing is this song! But i love the melody, again

Can't Carry On... Another sexy neil vocal. When he sings 'Show me the door, i'm abandoned here, i'm warm to the core....' oooh goosebumps

that's all i can think of for now..

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