Steve Shealy posted:

Highlights for me:

Stranger Underneath Your Skin

I love this song! The verses sound so much better in this demo than on the final version.

'Fields Are Full Of Your Kind' is my favourite (and most played), though I've only heard the first four albums so far.  All the bonus discs are brilliant listening.

I've been loving oblivion and does anyone understand my girlfriend on the crowded house album, hoping we can get some lyrics posted of these sometime

theK9dog posted:

I've been loving oblivion and does anyone understand my girlfriend on the crowded house album, hoping we can get some lyrics posted of these sometime

I love Oblivion's ominous, urgent, looming apocalyptic vibe, which I've acquired a taste for as a huge Midnight Oil fan. The way Neil takes a few lines to fully 'arrive' on each verse is super cool, I'm not sure if it's deliberate or just his unfamiliarity with the song but it works perfectly.

Hi all,

Having listened to them all (!), these are my favourites:

Stranger Underneath Your Skin

Tinny vocal, but nice guitar sound and shows how Now We're Getting Somewhere was developed.

Think I'm Gonna Change

"The sound of your voice was familiar" - reminds me of another CH/Finn song, but not sure which.  Nice demo and again you can see how Mitchell started pasting parts of songs together.

I May Be Late

Great song, though the vocal sounds like Neil had a little bit of a sore throat/cold.  The chorus is excellent and a real shame the band couldn't develop this in the studio as would have been a great addition to Woodface.

My Legs Are Gone

Heard it before, but forgot what a good song this was - probably a victim of the standard of the rest of Woodface.

Be My Guest

I thought the fan club (Bent in Gent?) version was better, but still a good song. The other one I remembered from the live album was 'Forever Friends' which would have been an interesting one to hear as a proper demo.

Fields Are Full Of Your Kind

This is a lost gem - what a great song: "I heard the tune, saw the army band".  Really, the band could have had two albums with what was recorded for Woodface.  A shame we never got to hear 'Cemetery in the Rain.'

Blue Smoke

I'd thought this was the Neil/Jim Carter song, but it was a totally new one and probably missed the cut on TA as it doesn't;t feel like it's from that era.  Possibly more suited to the York Street demos recorded.

Tail of a Comet

How it didn't make an album I'll never know.  This could have been a single - great guitars, lyrics needed a bit of work potentially, but guess Neil wasn't too keen?

Same Language As Me

Would have been intriguing to hear a studio demo as this is another one with great potential - perhaps another for TA Mk2 (York Street)?

Newcastle Jam

You can see how the band evolved the live version into something a bit more structured, but no real chorus so suspect that stopped it getting onto TA in the face of tough competition.

Convent Girls

I was surprised to hear it was part of the Kare Kare sessions as it feels more like it belongs with the Woodface tracks.  It comes out really well though and who knows what would have happened if Neil had come up with an alternative lyric to "frilly white tights"?!


The one song on the bonus tracks that was a missed opportunity.  I can imagine this doing really well as a single.  Fantastic track!


I was surprised when I enjoyed listening to Time On Earth's Second Disc the most, I really like So Dramatic and the Piano version of Pour Le Monde but they were both on a single I bought when I was little so I'm being bias, I liked everything tbh so I don't think I could choose properly without choosing everything else too.

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