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We all have our group of favorites that we shuffle around, changing from time to time, when it comes to our current favorite. And then again, sometimes one of Neil's songs, we may have heard a thousand times, one day takes hold of us and we find we're programming it on repeat all day.

I thought we could start a diary of sorts and start posting what our current song is. We can compare them with others, as well as with our own selves over time.

As a suggestion (but only a suggestion) we could post the following:


So I'll begin.

My current Neil Finn favorite song is:
"Last Day in June" Live version from unknown (possibly Largo?)
Have loved this song before. Today, it was as if I'd heard it for the first time. I found myself floating off into another realm as I became absorbed within the song; the words, the melody, every neuance of Neil's voice; pure ecstasy.

Kim Wink
Original Post
28th July
Distant Sun
I have just posted the lyrics of to a guy that I was in a Theatre Group with. It was one of his favourites and one of mine too. I am leaving the group after a lot of group politics and struggle and dissillusionment. It hurts like hell....the lyrics just jumped out at me today and made me cry. The guy is left in charge....without me by his side to help and support....but hey sometimes we all have to move on in life.
July 28th, 2002
"Into the Sunset"

I just got back from a small trip and was listening to One All on the way home, and that song just gives me goose bumps. His voice is so warm and I love the acoustic into and the chords are great and everything. I listen to it at least twice everytime.

Thiis will change but today its #1. Good topic Kim!

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2002
"Into the Sunset"
Reflecting on Neil's tour; recalling memories. That was the song, #8, Neil played from our "Goldman List" in Los Angeles, Friday night, 7/5, at the HOB. Swept away, reliving the feeling of that moment and that night; great joy, gentle fondness, exhilleration, with bittersweet moments.

I love the song anyway, as it was on our request list, but it now holds a special place in my heart, and will always trigger memories not soon forgotten, if ever.

Kim Wink
don't know if it's my MOST or LEAST favorite right now, but it shouldn't be listened to when you're on a plane and you encounter unexpected turbulence:

i sometimes get anxious when i fly, so i listen to CDs so i can focus on the music. somehow singing along to "i could go at anytime, there's nothing safe about this life...they make it so easy to fly in the night", didn't have as calming an effect as "don't dream it's over".
I'll probably change my mind in five minutes from now, but as of Monday morning, July 29, it is the Live version of "Anytime" from 7 Worlds, closely followed by the live version of "She Wil Have Her Way". Whenever those two songs come up, I feel a small burst of energy in the old bones.... maybe it's from hearing the fans in the background and wishing that I could have been in Auckland at the time. It's nice to see that Neil did that long string of live shows at "home" so to speak for his N.Z. fans. Lucky Dogs Razzer
Bullet Brain and Cactus Head July 29th at 2:13 CST.
The opening lyrics are great.
Send a message to the brain/ Two men climbing down opposite poles/ The one with hair upon his face/ Sprouting like the weeds on his soul/ The other is a law unto himself/ His brain is like a lump of steel/ and they'd love to break each other up,/Into tiny pieces

I'll probably take my old Walkman and my CE tape as I wait in line to see WILCO tonite.
MONDAY July 29, 2002 Into the Sunset

Distant Sun has been my favourite song since the minute I first heard it and I've had an urgency to hear Neil play it since the Bowery Ballroom show in November 1998 when Neil Finn didn't play it. So I was thrilled that he played it on 7/19 at the Irving Plaza show.

In anticipation of the Mon 7/22 show I asked myself, "Since he's already played Distant Sun, and he probably won't play it again, what other song would I really like to hear Neil play?" Into the Sunset. And he played it on Monday the 22nd. It's my new favourite.

Honorable mentions: I am in Love from Afterglow and King Tide from TWT.
Monday, July 29, 2002

I was listening to "One All" today, while working out and the song that I couldn't get out of mind, that really hooked me, was "Driving Me Mad". What a FEELING that song provides! What a MOOD ! I was sailing all day long from it!

It's affected me this way before, when I first heard it, and my husband didn't "get it" at the time, (but he did later and does NOW!)

What a strong song! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the words! "Where the dust of conversation, hanging in the light above the bed..." Big Grin WOW! WHO THINKS OF WORDS LIKE THAT????? - N E I L !!!!! My G-d! What a GIFTED man he is!

So, that was the song that carried me through my day! Could last a few, but you never know, another could grab me and take me away tomorrow!

Kim Wink Cool Big Grin
DAY/DATE: Tuesday, July 30
TITLE: Anytime
It's been stuck in my head since the Chicago show. I always dug it on the album, but hearing it live with hundreds of people singing along just blew me away... it was just one big "life is good" vibe that I've been mostly riding ever since [except for a brief plunge into despair when I got this month's electric bill... ouch!... My LIGHTS could go at anytime, apparently. Smiler ]

Jay in Pittsburgh
I recently lost one of my oldest and dearest friends after a ten year struggle with drugs, alcohol and intermittent recovery. So many Neil songs have played the last ten days, but with "How Will You Go," it's as if Neil took the words right out of my mouth ("escape is on your mind again;" "long, hard nights of drinking;" "can't find a better way to face it"). While HWYG describes perfectly our frustration with Michael (a "tangled up necklace of pearls" if there ever was one), the wistful beauty of "She Goes On" will forever bring to mind all that we loved about him, most especially the sound of his laughter. Alas, some things travel faster than light; but at the same love is indeed larger than life. We love & miss you, bro!
I'm so sorry to hear of your friend's struggle (your struggle with him) and his passing.

I am an ACA and a CodA so got involved with helping people with recovery in the early 90's. Used to sing at various recovery groups and coffee houses "How Will You Go" as well as "Four Seasons in One Day"; which reminded me of the ever changing mood of someone who is under the influence of any substance.

I now struggle with a 21 year old son, who was headed down a very positive path, only to be swept up in my family's genetic predisposition at the age of 18. Something inside him craves being in an altered state. He also got his 16 year old brother involved at the age of 13, but he's doing great now and walked away from the lifestyle. The 21 year old has no desire to walk away.

So, even though I can't say either song are a top favorite, they possess a place in my heart that pierces right through to the core bringing up mixed emotions; love, pain, hope, anguish and stir up some very poignant memories of my childhood and the legacy in my family.

I wonder if Neil has someone close who gave him this incredible insight into such things, to be able to write so powerfully and truthfully.

All the best to you.

TUESDAY, JULY 30, 2002
It really affected me today, realizing that we don't know when or how we will go.
We should never take our lives for granted.
Don't put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.
Don't shove your dreams aside, hoping there'll be time tomorrow to follow or fulfill them.
Don't forget to tell those you love, that you do.
Carpe diem - Seize the day!

The post by FreshBreeze was so perfect (sadly) to reflect how "Anytime" affected me today. I can't get it out of my head.

Kim Wink
Thanks for sharing Kim. Anytime touches me in exactly the same way.

Another song that resonates hugely for this recovering soul is You Can Touch (my condition is hard to define/I'm thin and pale and I need to unwind/I see no future from where I stand/For the present I am in your hand/And you can touch me I won't hide/You can touch me I won't die). I was working in recovery when Afterglow came out and it just seemed to describe perfectly the tenuous state that the newly sober go thru when they come to realize they don't want what they have anymore (sick and tired of being sick and tired) but are unsure of where they are going. They are unbelieveably scared but the ones that make it realize, rather than dying in isolation/insolation, they must let others touch them in order to live.

I'm sure Neil intended it in a more universal way, but there are many songs in his catalogue rife with alcoholic insight. Another vaunted Australasian writer (and Neil compatriate), Paul Kelly, has written beautifully and far more directly on the subject (White Train, Stories of Me, No You, To Your Door). And anyone familiar with that area of the world knows the extent of the heroin problem. Perhaps these are some of the sources for Neil's insight.

Kim, best of luck with your family. It's a gut-wrenchingly tough thing to watch someone close follow that kind of self-destructive path. It brings to mind Neil's lyric in Addicted: "riding the train a hundred miles an hour. It feels like this train might never stop." For the sake of your family, I will pray that it does.

On another note, did you go to Lisa's show at Largo on Monday night? I wonder who did and if anyone interested showed up to play with her? I forgot all about it, damn!
My favorite is pretty much always Walking on the Spot, but like many of you, the day-to-day-put-it-on-repeat-200000-times song changes all the time.

I'm loving Lullaby Requiem at the moment. And Driving Me Mad. I completely understand the struggle he is describing, I have it all the time with my work.

I was glad to see you pick You Can Touch, FreshBreeze. Although, and I know this might sound a little odd, I find the song really sexy. Even odder, I think the music and the vocals on Help is Coming are sooooooooo sexy. I know the lyrics are not at all, but the music is so sultry and Neil's breathy vocals.... wow!! Razzer Does anyone else agree, or am I off my nut?
Originally posted by grace0418:
I think the music and the vocals on Help is Coming are sooooooooo sexy. I know the lyrics are not at all, but the music is so sultry and Neil's breathy vocals.... wow!! Razzer Does anyone else agree, or am I off my nut?
No - you're not crazy! It's on my "Sexy Finn" playlist on Windows Media Player...along with Fingers of Love, Nails in My Feet and more...

I'll have to rethink You Can Touch...

And for the record, I've been playing Kare Kare a lot lately....not sure why.

Thursday, August 1st

Last night, I noticed that the "4" button on my CD player was getting quite worn. At that moment, I determined that my Last to Know obsession had reached critical levels.

This song is so beautifully constructed, doesn't follow a predictable song pattern and just so subtly builds to the last line.

My ritual goes a little something like this: listen, swoon, repeat. I believe that my boyfriend is getting upset, as I am hindering his She Will Have Her Way fix -- oh, sweet irony!

Just chuckling from Heather's post. Very funny.

"Into the Sunset"
Back to this one. Can't get it out of my head. Worked out early this morning, listening to "One All" and that's the one that stuck. It's going to be with me all day, I can tell.

Neil's vocals in this song make we shiver and swoon. (I know, my husband says, "No more swooning"), but it's just too hard not to.

Maybe it's part of the afterglow of getting to spend time with most of his band last night, and this song having been our request at one of the concerts, who knows.

Memories stirred, the song plays on in my mind. Swooning commences again. It's going to be a nice day.

Kim Wink
August 1, 2002:

Well, after a wonderful evening seeing Lisa, meeting the Goldmans & the boyz in the band, I came home and discovered the joys of the Borderline, London show archived at frenz (just now beginning to mine the many nuggets offered in various places on the net). The whole thing had such a wonderful stripped down feel, very minimalist which I appreciate more and more these days. Neil's many jewels seem to stand out even more in such settings!

Of the many superlative versions, the one that really blew my mind was the slow, almost ballad-like version of Hole in the River with Neil on piano and Sebastian on stand-up bass. So very poignant considering the content of the song. One line just floored me: "there is no return."

While certainly not my favorite NF song, for today at least, indelibly etched on my brain.

Again, Kim & Paul: thanks for a truly pleasant evening! The deck & barbeque await!
Wow! You didn't KNOW about that???? Isn't it GREAT?! We watch that Borderline show ALL THE TIME! In fact, I wish they'd make a DVD of it to watch on our TV! What a GREAT SHOW!

You know what's actually weird about that, is that last night I almost told you about it, and then thought I was just being strange and that you already knew about it. I really need to LISTEN to my intuition and not brush it off. OY!

I wish they'd also make a DVD of the Basement webcast as well! There are SO MANY cool things that are offered on this web site that they could ALSO make available in other formats. (Peter, hint hint).

Back to the topic at hand. I've got a feeling I'm going to come out with a lot of new "Favorite songs of the day" because Paul just told me what an INCREDIBLE compilation CD you created! I cannot WAIT to hear it myself! He says you have songs on there that we used to melt over and have completely forgotten about! You know, titles that don't mean anything to us anymore, until we hear the song again, put it all together, and oooze through the cracks. All I can say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!

shalom shalom,
Kim Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Wink Cool Wink

P.S. Looking forward to taking you up on your invite! Big Grin
Kim, you two are sooooo cooooool!!! i'm completely infected with an "all things Neil/all Neil, all the time" fever that just won't go away! (not sure i want it to right now!).

After being a moderately passionate CH/NF fan since the beginning, i now find myself literally immersed in the process of unearthing heretofore unheard (for me of course) nuggets of great worth!

late last night, the borderline show; today, the sessions at w 54th st dvd arrived. WOW! such exquisite sound quality and close-up camera work. neil's voice sounds as beautiful as i've ver heard it here, and the sparser arrangements are just fantastic.

so many songs that seemed a little cold, sequenced and electronic on TWT have had new life breathed into them in the more minimal live setting. a bunch of songs, i had given short shrift have become instantly interesting again: the title song, astro, king tide, twisty bass.

the versions of the old stand-bys DDIO, FATF, and I Got You are simply amazing. IGY rocks so hard and gives a pure rock polish to a gem from the Enz days that, because of the precious production back then, just hassn't (for me, at least) held up very well over time. and what can you say about DDIO and FAYF: just simply two of the most beautiful melodies ever written, bar none! I still get chills!

now if someone can just tell me how to transfer the audio from a dvd to my hard drive so i can burn a cd with these new versions. i have roxio 5.0 so any help would be greatly appreciated.

oh btw, KG: remember there are two compilations of NF! steal one back from Paul and crank it up! and don't forget to give SC a try and tell me what ya think!

what's up with you guys, saturday night?

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