What is the latest news with Pajama Club?

I just wonder what tyhe latest news is with Pajama Club. All I know id that they will be playing on the Laneways Festival that will be touring NZ/OZ in Jan/Feb. I hope that they they will play some UK dates this year.
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I was wondering if there is any news or if Neil has spoke of Pajama Club in interviews over the last couple of years.  I would love a followup to the debut.  I still think the debut is filled with great songs....and most importantly, great upbeat songs.  Listening to the latest from Neil and his son....and his solo stuff....makes me long for something a lot more upbeat.  The latest from Neil and Liam is nice dreamy music but I do feel that it is the type of music that is somewhat easier to write than the more upbeat, rocking (lack of better word) tunes.  I have had my fill of the slower tunes...and I have said it many times, I feel Neil has it in him to write a good rockin album...especially the way he rocked out on some of his solo tours ( and tours with Crowded House)

Just guessing, but I think that Pajama Club was an itch that Neil scratched and moved on. I agree, I liked the debut, but I see it as a one-off, and don't really expect a follow-up. It appeared that a couple of songs that were either unused or written for a follow-up were used on Dizzy Heights. 

It does seem like the Liam/Neil songs sound a bit like the Out of Silence ones, and I would like to hear some more up-tempo rock songs, too, but with Fleetwood Mac taking up the next year or so, I'm not holding my breath for anything other than Light Sleeper.

I sure hope it isn't a one-off because it seems like the only outlet for Neil to do some quirky, upbeat stuff....basically fun (with an edge) songs...which I was hopeful he would do with Liam.  I am actually quite surprised at the sound of Neil/Liam songs as I thought they would bring out the upbeat, quirky side to things.  Liam doesn't strike me as doing the dreamy slow stuff.  I would have to hear their whole album though as I may be jumping to conclusions too fast....I'm sure they snuck in a couple (or hopefully few) great up beat songs!

I'm guessing the lack of any Pajama Club activity is really more of a question of where he would fit another album (and tour?) into his busy schedule.

Since Pajama Club came out almost seven years ago, Neil's gone on tour and released a live album / DVD with Paul Kelly, released and toured the Dizzy Heights solo album, released the Help Is Coming / Anthem single, worked on, promoted and reissued seven Crowded House albums with bonus discs (what was effectively the long awaited boxed set), performed the 20th anniversary Encore concerts, released Out of Silence after recording it live on the internet, toured Australia and New Zealand with Liam Finn (with a new album out in a couple of months), and has now been asked to join Fleetwood Mac.

It's also been 8 years since the last Crowded House studio album, 9 years since the last 7 Worlds Collide project, 14 years since the last Finn Brothers album, and a decade since Split Enz so much as performed together at all.

With that many possible outlets for Neil's creativity I'm just happy he keeps releasing new music - and great music at that.

To be honest there's probably 9 or 10 other possible projects Neil would love to become involved in. A collaboration with Mark Seymour? a tour with Jimmy Barnes? A studio album with Sheryl Crow? Band of Strangers II? A covers album? A best of album? A re-recordings album? A rarities album? He'll never be sitting back trying to think of what he can do next.

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