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The brilliant show at the Hackney EartH last week has thoroughly recharged my appetite for some new Finn music or more shows; having looked at the Fleetwood Mac itinerary, their tour runs on and off through to the end of September, which means its unlikely there will be any solo shows or new music this year and perhaps next. 

What would people like next? I'm hoping for some Neil solo shows and a solo, Finn brothers or family record. The only whisper I have heard is that there may be some work already in progress on a Finn Brothers record but I think that maybe message board hearsay rather than a Neil or Tim quote. 

In the absence of new music, would be very pleased to see deluxe versions of the solo and Finn Brother records!

But Hackney was brilliant.... :-)



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I think Tim is retired so a new Finn Brothers album is not happening. I also think Crowded House has more music in them, but Neil seems to want to hold off going back to that well.

Remember that Neil averages one album every 35 months. Lightsleeper and Pajama Club were certainly exceptions to that rule, but otherwise he's been VERY consistent. We're only 5 months out from the release of Lightsleeper, so I think we've got another 30 months to go.

I think there's a 50/50 chance that Neil will release either a new solo album or a Crowded House album in 2021.

All that being said, Neil does tend to release something every 20 months, even if it's not a full new album. So we might see *something* in 2020.

Whilst Light Sleeper is still quite recently released, some of it was recorded back in 2015/2016 so its quite old in other respects and came together very gradually. I wonder if Neil has a set of new / unreleased songs and works in progress ready for time in the studio?

I agree that we probably won't see anything new this year but would quite like to hear a more guitar based record. I think thats more likely to be a Neil solo or even family record as opposed to a crowded house record as Neil doesn't appear to be all that interested in the latter.





I had fully expected Buckingham to re-join after this tour, or eventually, as he has done before, but with his recent health issues regarding his heart and vocal cords, that may not be possible.

If Neil does continue in FM, I do hope he has plenty of time for solo/side projects. I would like to hear what he would contribute to a Mac album, though. Could prove to be quite different from anything he has done before.

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