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Heap big apologies if this subject has been brought up a thousand times before, but the subject "Our Brilliant Careers" gave me an idea for a topic/ here goes...

(1) What do you do for a living?
(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
(4) What has your worst job been?

I am currently a student again after returning to do a postgrad at university...I worked in accounts before, which was OK but I'm not really the type of person who likes helping other people to make money. Being a student is great, but it doesn't last for ever!

Responses please....Droopy
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Okay, being the inveterate responder that I am, I'll start... but I warn you, the responses are not all that interesting.

(1) What do you do for a living?
At present, nothing. Outside the house, that is. I guess my "job" could be construed as "homemaker", but I've never been much of a housekeeper, and as we're currently selling this house, I guess that's a fluid definition.

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
It certainly is NOT my ideal job. I was trained in television journalism, but am saddled with that annoying bugbear known as ethics (which was a big impediment to landing my first "big break".) But, that said, even print journalism for the National Enquirer would be a far more enjoyable job (at least that way, I'd get to exercise my creativity!)
Although I must say, if there was any way I could make a decent living out of being a "freelance wit", that is, making pithy remarks for pay, then I'd do that. My husband and I make a good tag-team in that respect (hey, anyone for a revival of Mystery Science Theatre 3000?)

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
You bet I would. I'd hire a housecleaner, if nothing else. Roll Eyes But then, if I won the lottery I wouldn't live in eastern Connecticut, either... oh, hang on, I soon won't be living here anyway so that bit's irrelevant! Razzer

(4) What has your worst job been?
Ooooh, big toss-up there. I've had so many truly appalling ones, ranging from telemarketer (yes, yes, I know) to being receptionist in an accountant's office.
I mean, how does one define bad? The hours, the pay, the co-workers... I've had jobs that qualify for hideous on all three counts.
(1) What do you do for a living?

I am a buyer for Children's Homecare Services, which is an infusion pharmacy for children.

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?

I do enjoy my work, because it's interesting and I feel as though I am making a difference in the care of sick kids. It's so inspiring to see how these critically ill kiddos and their families deal with chronic and acute illness.

I was studying to be a teacher a couple years ago, then my money ran out for school. I may go back someday and do that, but for now, my job pays well, I work with a fun bunch of people and I feel as though the work matters.

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?

I would still do SOME type of job, because I think the people who completely go off idle after winning a pile of money are the ones who end up in trouble. I feel you need some direction in life---a reason to get up in the morning, obligations to meet. I think I would like to have a Hallmark card shop if I somehow came into enough money.

(4) What has your worst job been?

Cashier in a grocery store! It's hard work, tedious, AND it's low-paying, so it has all that going for it! LOL Respect the poor lady who is ringing up your food, and once in awhile, help bag your stuff! Also, have your money or credit card or whatever ready to pay at some point BEFORE the whole transaction is over!!!


(1) What do you do for a living?
I�m an administrative assistant to an elected official who has a cabinet portfolio.

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
Well, I went to school to be a librarian. I worked as a corporate librarian for a while in some temporary jobs, but it�s difficult to get something permanent as libraries are usually one of the first things cut when it comes to downsizing. I wasn't terribly interested in working in a public or school library.

I really like my job, I have always been interested in politics and now I get to live it. Smiler I also find that many of the skills I learned as a librarian translate into the job I have now. The pay is much better too!

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
Yes! I�d spend the first year travelling and getting myself and my family sorted. Then I would get a couple of volunteer jobs and take courses.

(4) What has your worst job been?
My worst job was a summer job I had working for a mining company in their land reclamation area. It involved tramping through nasty forested areas to measure trees and thick, sludgy, mucky fields to take soil samples. I don�t even want to think about the bugs! The only good part was the girl I worked with was really nice (and she liked CH too). Oh yeah, my first day on the job was the same day as a CH concert in my home town so I had to miss it. Frowner
(1) What do you do for a living?
I teach at a residential facility for the handicapped and disabled, kids from 3-21, i've taught serve to moderate mental retardation, cerabal palsy, prader-willi syndrome, homicidal, suicidal, and phsycotic, you name it i've seen it.
(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
no, i got an elementary degree, but in 4 years of teaching have taught everything but elementary. there is something else i'd like to try down the road but not ready to share with the world yet.
(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
hell yeah, new occupation professional loafer
(4) What has your worst job been?
t shirt folder
Joanna - spookiness:

My first day at my current job was the same day I saw Crowded House in Manchester 1994... Of course I'd booked the tickets before the job came up, and I wasn't going to miss it for the world! Bit a mad dash along the M62 from Liverpool to Manchester, hell to find parking, and we missed a bit of the support act Blink.

Now the answers:
1) University student recruitment admin
2) Not an ideal job, but not bad either; I'd rather own a small record shop
3) Yes I'd stop working
4) Patrolman for a security company (shifts messed my brain up!)
1. I work at Albertson's in the bakery doing just about anything needed, but my official title is Cake Decorator or "Cake Goddess" as I like to refer to myself. Before this I was self-employed in restaurants with my ex-husband and cakes are preferable, believe me!

2. I like what I do. It's a good creative outlet and my ego likes making people happy with my work. What I'd love to do in the future is become a licensed massage therapist. I've even flirted with the idea of looking into schooling to be a Naturopathic physician but I'm pretty sure I lack the study skills and medical school sounds frightening.

3. I think I'd take a long vacation if I won the lottery. Then back to work somewhere doing what I really love.

4. My worse job was either frying donuts when i first started at Albertsons, or the brief time I spent driving a combine harvesting grass seed in the Willamette Valley. The farmer hired girls to drive because we wouldn't be so squirrelly with the big expensive equipment, but his field crew treated us like guys. Yell at a guy, he says "screw you"...yell at a girl and she cries all afternoon. Well, at least we did!
(1) I work with mentally/physically challenged adults in a residential setting (right on, Finned!)

(2) Being a residential councellor is ideal for me at this point in my life. In 5 years, perhaps not, but it suits my current needs. The pay is adequate and I do have a blast with my clients/co-workers. Hokey as it sounds, I drive home at the end of the day feeling like I really "did something".

(3) Lottery jackpot? I'd be gone in a New York minute! I'd still volunteer at the facility though, and maybe take some courses. Sure I would.

(4) Tie between the only two jobs that I've been canned from: An egg-grading job at a chicken hatchery (age 16) where my best friend Thom and I invented many new/interesting sporting events featuring eggs AND my most spectacular firing, my pancake house stint where I was told I wasn't "Golden Griddle Family Material". I took it as a compliment. Smiler
1) I'm a charity fundraising events planner for a civil rights charity, which I like well enough, but it's a pretty difficult time to be in civil rights and an even MORE difficult time fundraising because nobody has extra money.

2) Ideally, I'd be a writer during the day and a musician at night. I'm actually working toward both, as I took my new year's resolution to write and get published more pretty seriously, and I just played out at a bar on Saturday night for the first time in 10 years, and was very well-received. So: "Who knows where that might lead?"

3) Yes, absolutely. I'd get a house in Paihia, New Zealand immediately (in addition to my US one), and pursue writing and music full-time (in addition to co-owning a pizzeria, as told in many other posts).

4) Working in a fast-food restaurant where they served hot dogs that were advertised as "100% pure beef" when on the box, the "ingredients" said "assorted sheep parts." I pointed this and the false advertising out to the boss, and was advised to keep my mouth shut. I quit the next day.
1)I work in Estate Settlements right now at a financial company. I've been at this company for 4 years and have done various jobs.

2)No way is this my ideal job, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life. I just kinda stumbled into this company. But, the vacation's good, the benefits are good, I'm making a living, and I've made some fantastic friend's here so it's not all bad.
I have a weird notion to go into nursing. My mom's a nurse - not sure why I never thought of doing it years ago, but I have been thinking about it. I guess it depends on my body, I have very bad tendonitis in my right arm. I basically have pain from my shoulders down to my wrist from mousing, ten-keying, stapling, removing staples etc. Now I ten-key and mouse with my left hand. I already went to physical therapy, it didn't do much. So, on those days when my arm starts to throb, I entertain the notion of nursing even more - though I guess nursing can be very physical too...We'll see. There is a nursing shortage and there are some great programs where you can work your way through school. It can be a thankless job sometimes though, and the hours would suck - holidays, weekends, nights. Now I'm spoiled since I work 5 days a week, weekends off.

3)Yes, I would quit working, at least for a while. I'm sure I would need to go back to doing something part-time though, I think I would go crazy.

4) Fast food restuarant - need I say more?
(1) What do you do for a living?

I work for the American Red Cross in Disaster Services
(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
No. I'd rather not work at all. But, in a perfect world (one in which i
had to work), I would work for the International Red Cross as a field delegate in the Middle East. Or maybe own a used bookstore that actually made money.
(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
Ha Ha Ha Ha (the real job or the ideal job?)
(4) What has your worst job been?

McDonald's when i was sixteen. It was gross.
(1) What do you do for a living?
I'm a graphic designer. I work for a publishing company designing stationery, photo albums, gift items...basically a lot of things that say "keepsake." Some of the stuff is cool (like the stuff I design for Target) but the vast majority is crap (everything I do for Avon). I also do freelance graphic design on the side (some cool stuff, some boring stuff for extra money). AND I co-own a handmade stationery/gift company called Green Recliner. Green Recliner isn't doing so well. It may go the way of the dodo very soon.

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
Sooooooo not my ideal job. I work in the ugliest, most depressing office environment ever, the benefits suck, the people who make the final "design" decisions are idiotic salespeople that wouldn't know good design if it took a dump on their cheesy tassled loafers, people get fired on a whim, and the raises are laughable. *BUT* it's a job, which is saying a lot these days, so I'm not complaining too much. Ideally I'd like to just be making visual art. Although I do enjoy graphic design, so I think I would take the odd freelance job for fun and make art the rest of the time. If Neil Finn wanted me to design ANYTHING I'd do it in a heartbeat.

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
My boss would be the first person I would call after my husband. I guess I might go to work for one day to pack up my desk and say good-bye. After that I would travel for awhile, then find a place (or places) to settle and create in my humongous art studio. Sigh.

(4) What has your worst job been? So many bad jobs, most of them retail. People are so nasty to those in service positions.
(1) What do you do for a living?
I'm a bum, aka a graduate student in Epidemiology. Right now, I'm finishing up my thesis (last requirement - woohoo!), which is on the association (if any) between coronary heart disease and apolipoprotein A1, apolipoprotein B, and the ratio of apoB/apoA1.
I get to analyze a bunch of data, and my professors want me to publish my findings, which ups the scary factor for me.

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
Heck no! This is far from my ideal job. I am so sick of school. It's such a struggle to work on this &^%$ thesis every day. I can't wait until I can have a real job again, with regular hours.

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
Well, if I actually had a real job and won the lottery, I wouldn't stop working. Depending on how much I won, I'd pay off the mortgage, buy a new(er) car, and then put the rest in the bank.

(4) What has your worst job been?
Although I was paid well, I'd have to say that the worst job I had was when I was a lab tech at a pharmaceutical company. My duties included decapsulating (taking skin off) beef spleen, chopping it up, and then extracting a specific enzyme that my superiors thought to be related to Alzheimer's Disease. It was a very messy and gross job.
1. I'm job-hunting for a living. In fact, that's what I'm supposed to be doing right now

2. Working in a museum, aquarium, or planetarium

3. I hope when I win the lottery to also have a good job, but I might still quit because doing fun stuff with the money, like traveling and entertaining would be time-consuming

4. The job I just quit, definitely. I've had some grotty jobs and had to work with some losers but the absolute nadir, as I unfortunately discovered, is having to work for vain, stupid, unprincipled people who have a constant need for scapegoats due to their own steady commission of incompetent acts.
Hey all... been a while since i last posted, huh?. But anyway, here we go
1) I am currently unemployed, because I am studying Journalism at uni. I love it so much, its all so interesting. Kia, I thought your story was interesting... I am interested to know what the ethical problem was? Tell me to stop being nosy if you like...
I havent yet decided between print or broadcast journalism although I am leaning more toward print at this stage.
2) I guess I just answered that question. I dont know who I'd like to write for though.
3)would I quit uni if I won lotto? No way.
4)My worst job was delivering junk mail... not so bad work except I had to deliver in a hilly area (hard work!) and didnt get paid very well at all, and was attacked by dogs on more than one occasion. but other than that it wasnt so bad!
1. I'm a psychiatric nurse, specialising in caring for those over the age of 65.
2. I'd like to sing (but I can't), I'd like to write,(but I don't have the time), I'd like to manage the Health Service and do a proper job of it.I'd like to teach. I'D LIKE TO BE A FULL-TIME MOTHER,THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD.
3.If I won the lottery, Yeah, I'd give up work like a shot, to make my children and I the happiest peeps in the world!!
4. Haven't had a worst job.
(sorry to be sooooooo stayed!!)
Thought I'd wedge in another nurse mention... Wink

(1) I'm a surgical nurse...ya know, as in "Hot Lips"? Well, that's me...passing the instruments and wiping the doc's brows...

(2) I only do this job very sporadically anymore...I fill in for friends who are going on vaca or when "mama needs a new pair of shoes"...for the last dozen years or so I've been doing just what Mocker said she'd love to do...I've been a full-time mom... NO JOB could be better than's absolutely awesome... Big Grin

(3) Did someone say win the lottery??!! Only 3 words can describe what I'd do if that ever happened... SKIDMARKS AND SMOKE... Razzer

(4) Never had a lousy job...sorry...I'm actually someone who loves to work! Smiler
(1) i'm a multimedia localiser, which involves working with graphics. i do enjoy it as its really interesting. however, right now i am retrofitting flash movies - this involves working with html code and its really boring Frowner

(2) my ideal job is to be a writer. i am involved as a writer on our company's magazine and i really get a kick out of it Big Grin

(3) i would write freelance, travel, learn more and do some charity work Big Grin Cool

(4) fast-food waitress. the public have absolutely no respect for u Mad
All you nurses... I salute, and envy you. I've been thinking about going back to school and studying nursing myself - (that or teaching).

SueDiego, you mention of "HotLips" made me grin... if I was any good with Photoshop I'd paint up a "HotLips Diego", surgical mask and all, wiping not the doctor's brow, but her own skidmarks off the floor with one hand, while holding her winning lottery ticket triumphantly in the other...

(oh, okay. This was the sort of silliness I used to attempt to draw at high school. 3 times out of five, it looked WAY better in my head than on paper, and probably should have stayed there...!)

I just want to say "goodonya" to all the nurses though. Well, to everyone. The lot of the working (or studying, or neccessarily unemployed) stiff is ever a strain, one way or t'other... Big Grin

This thread is interesting as hell, though. Keep 'em coming! Smiler
Hey everybody - I've not been posting (or even reading) for about a month now (lots of upheval at work, lots of traveling for work and for family-related events), but things are starting to wind down. Forgive me for reviving a older thread...

1. What is my job now? I am a Marketing Director for a company that produces Broadway shows throughout the country. I handle the West Coast markets (mainly Portland and Costa Mesa - which is outside of CA). I can't bear to name my company, as I am sure it will cause a great amount of off-topic comments because it is the largest presenter of live entertainment in the world + they own more radio stations in the country that God (and they represent everything that is wrong in the radio industry today!). I started this job 8 years ago when it was privately owned by the nicest, most elegant and generous man in world and over the past 8 years, it's been bought so many times over that I can barely keep track.

2. I could say this is my dream job - I get to travel a lot, meet (semi)famous people and see a lot of shows. If I had my way I would be on Broadway, singing in "Hairspray" which is about the only musical that I could star in!

3. I would work if I won the lottery, but I would probably open up my own record shop or arts and crafts store instead of workin for "The Man."

4. Worst Job? Has to be day hostess/waitress at Pizza Hut -never again will I eat from a salad bar. No ever tipped and my uniform was had staples at my hem! The only good thing - I never had to work nights.
(1) What do you do for a living? I'm in the music business, studying the Diploma/Advanced Diploma in one year as well as practical expertise. I'm also a music journalist, author and web designer.

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do? I'm doing what I love, all four of them. I know it'll take a while for me to go higher up in the 'industry chain', but for now i'm very pleased with my progress and what I actually do.

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery? Though the thought would be tempting, I wouldn't give up what I do. I do it all because I love it.

(4) What has your worst job been? Customer service at KFC. I wasn't actually working, just doing training for it, and I quit midway because it was all a waste of my time...I was beyond the fast-food-job-while-in-high-school thing.
1) I am an air traffic controller, but I envy anyone of you who work in the media, or the arts. I was presented a choice way back when, to enter Radio and Television Arts, of go to Controller school and I chose the latter. I often regret that decision, but at least it's a decent living.

[It's not easy, it's not easy to escape all the decisions that you've already made.]

2) At this point in life my ideal job would be travel guide to some of the most remote places on earth. I've had no experience in this field, but it would be exciting. I'd like to see the place before we make too much a mess of it.

3) I'd quit tomorrow if i won the lottery and spend more time taking my family around the globe, and doing volunteer literacy work.

4) The worst job I ever had was telemarketing for the Encyclopaedia Britannica. I had to phone people cold, getting their numbers out of the white pages. I quit on the second day.
wow! you all do some pretty amazing things! the more i get to know about the people on this forum, the more impressed i am with everyone and subsequently, am glad to be part of it.
now my um...answers....

1. I'm a massage therapist. although i have been known to do relief work as an advocate at the women's shelter here and have been known to do the occasional bellygram or restaraunt gig, although i generally don't get paid for bellydancing, lately there's been some of paying gigs so right now i'm saying i do it.

2. my ideal job would be do do less massage and something where i travel or travel and do massage. i'd also design clothes for real people with real bodies. i'd also like to do photography and somehow get that to bring in funds. could happen...hope springs eternal eh? i also think it would be fun to write for the weekly world news. i love the wwn.

3. nah....i'd just work less and take all the training i wanted and travel i wanted, and i'd publish my husband's comic book. he would travel with me. in fact, he could quit his job and just do art.

4. the worst massage job i had was for this chiropracter who is completely unconscious. (i won't say evil -just um..very very sleeeeepy)
his attitude was "why do you have to do that cranial-sacral crap or that stupid lymph drainage crap? why don't you just do massage like everybody else?" and i don't want to work in the medical field with someone who has no clue what it is i do. not that it's anything amazing, but there's more to it than rubbing backs. the other worst job i had would be a toss up between many. i've had a ton of lousy bosses in my life too (funny how they can ruin a perfectly good job). the scarey stories are too numerous to mention suffice to say i'll stick to the most recent.
Ha, annefrancis, I know how you feel. I don't usually let folks on to who I work for.

I am an inventory analyst.

I wanted to be a disc jockey, my father shot that down.

If I won the lottery, I would travel for a while, then volunteer at the zoo.

The worst job I ever had would have to be any of the fast food places I worked at.

I work in Drug Safety and Surveillance for ...I'll just say thats it is the most well known Pharmaceutical I feel weird saying it out-right. Working on everything pertaining to reporting drug reactions to the FDA. I love my job!

I would like to go get my PharmD as soon as I pay off my *argh* debt Frowner

Most definately I would give up my job if I won the lottery, though it is darn interesting to me...I'd probably split my time between volunteering at the ASPCA and some other volunteering....

My worst job.....working at a Vet hospital as a Vet Tech during absolutely horrified me to see how the animals were treated when they were under anesthesia and their companions (ok-owners if you must) were not around...I couldn't stand to see them wake up in pain alone -but that wasn't what horrified me. Frowner Call me weird- I know- I'm just a total animal lover!
I'm a very old student at the moment!

I have worked in offices, in a womens refuge and finally ended up in banking (yawn)

I have been studying Psychology and counselling over the past few years in the hope of returning to the workforce in the not too distant future.

Other than that my list of 'jobs' on a daily basis as a 'home economist' stretches for miles.............
(1) What do you do for a living?
I'm an Assistant Manager at Kinko's......worked there off-and-on since 1993. If it didn't pay me so well I'd SO quit!

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
HELL NO it's not my ideal job! My life got "crazy" about 5 years ago, and I had to quit college....I was a junior in the geology program at UC Santa Barbara, and pretty much dropped everything (including my fiance) and moved the HELL outta Cali! My eventual educational goal was to be a volcanologist and study, specifically, the volcanoes of the Pacific NW.

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
In a heartbeat! I'd probably become a life-long student.....I love the university environment. Or maybe a PhD?? Who knows......but I'd travel alot and have AS MUCH FUN AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!

(4) What has your worst job been?
Tough one: SO MANY OF THEM!! I know! I was a telemarketer for a REPUBLICAN political candidate in Bakersfield. For three hours. Then I politely gathered my belongings and left the building!
1) University student--BUT TODAY IS MY LAST DAY!!!!!--then I have to grow up and pretend to be an articling accountant

2)University student is most definitely NOT an ideal job. Learning is great; being poor kinds sucks.

3)Give up my job: probably. Give up learning? I'd rather give myself an appendectomy.

4)Selling vaccuums door-to-door, and no, I'm not joking. Roll Eyes
(1) What do you do for a living?

It seems that in the past couple of years I've become a professional career changer. I was a research chemist for many years, but the high tech bust put an end to that. Then I became a patent agent, but I hated it so much that I up and quit one day without giving notice. Now I'm trying to become a high school science teacher - just got the news a few days ago that I passed my certification exams! But at the moment, all I'm doing is looking for a job.

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?

Well, looking for a job is not my idea of an ideal job. Wink My research job was pretty close to ideal for many years. I could basically make my own hours, and got to work on extremely interesting projects, with people who were so smart that I could barely believe I was fortunate enough to be able to work with them. I also was able to travel to some pretty nice places as a result of my job, but not so often that it became a chore. Ah well, that's over now, unfortunately.

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?

In a millisecond. I would spend lots of time travelling, and would make sure to hit lots of exotic beaches. Maybe I'd get a sailboat.

(4) What has your worst job been?

Patent agent - no question. I could not believe what a nasty, greed-driven profession patent law is. The day I quit that job was one of the most liberating days of my life. However, the down side is that I've been unemployed for the past 5 months. Wink

I work in a mailroom at a small university in Burbank...

I love my job and the people here, and I like the work too... I get to drive around in the golfcart and I'm pretty much left alone to listen to SE, CH or FINNs and anyone else I'm in the mood for... 0-) Ideal job? For now it is, I've been here for 5+ years, that's the longest I've ever had a job.

If I won the lottery, I'd get my RAV4 just like that (snap me fingers), but I wouldn't quit... I would need a very strong incentive to quit... (a *guarenteed* relationship with a certain young man in currently in CT, but moving to GA... hehehe) that would be "my type of lottery"

The worst job was retail at a certain store in West Haven CT... the managers treated us like crud, and the worker morale was very low... Also, gas station cashier, because I felt like I was slowly killing people by selling ciggies, and contributing to people's bad addictions, the pay was bad, couldn't afford to live on that kind of salary, most of my fellow workers were nice though, but some of the customers were rather scary... 0-)
Oh man...I'm so late in replying (but I had fun reading other people's stuff)...anyhow...I'm a medical editor for an international medical journal. It sounds boring but it's the best place I've worked. Dealing with disease and death on a daily basis, everyone has a really dark sense of humor...and my office mates know (but can't understand) my interest in all things Enz, but still have made me a Split Enz bookmark and are now making me a Neil Finn collage to put up on the wall. Even my boss occasionally asks me: are you still doing your groupie thing for that guy from New Zealand? So...I would stay here even if I won the lottery. My ideal job? I don't know...people are very important for me, and the work environment has to be humane (loads of vaca...). Worst job: accounts payable for a shipping company (urgghhh)
(1) What do you do for a living?
I work in a photo lab and I print everything from holiday photos to autopsy photos. Eeker

(2) Is it your ideal job and, if not, what else would you like to do?
I do enjoy it, but I'd love to be a professional photographer or a filmmaker.

(3) Would you give up your job if you won the lottery?
I'd leave it temporarily to travel, then I would probably return to a part time position.

(4) What has your worst job been?
Fast food!

Robin Smiler

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