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I love this thread. You guys have introduced me to some really great new music lately! In particular, I would like to endorse:

Sun Comes Up Again by I Am Arrows
- Nice Try
- Far Enough Away
- So Long Ago
- No Wonder

Queen of Denmark by John Grant
- Where Dreams Go to Die
- Sigourney Weaver
- Silver Platter Club
- Queen of Denmark

Wasted in Jackson by Lauren Pritchard
- Stuck
- Not the Drinking
- I Hope it's You
- Painkillers
- Hanging Up

I would like to recommend an album called The Valley by a band of sisters named Eisley.

In particular check out:
- The Valley
- Watch it Die
- Sad
- Oxygen Mask
- Ambulance
- Better Love

.... Looking back through the posts it seems that all the albums I liked best were recommended by JezB, so I guess we must have similar tastes.
Originally posted by brownie:
I saw Rain (the Beatles tribute) on Broadway last week....and it totally reawakened the dormant Beatles fan in me..

Wow...I have been really missing George since I saw that show... today I have been listening to....

I love Rain. I have seen them a couple of times when they have played Toronto. They do terrific renditions of The Beatles' tunes and I usually cringe at Beatles covers. It just a great night out listening to some to the best tunes ever written. And the guy who does George does a great job on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".
Beady Eye - The Beat Goes On

I used to be a huge Oasis fan back in the day...but fell off the Oasis wagon over 10 years ago....I knew the band split up a couple of years ago, but only learned yesterday that both Gallagher brothers have new projects going on. Well, I sure did have my doubts about a "Noel-less Oasis", but I just cannot stop listening to this track by Liam's band Beady Eye. (What an awful name for a band. *laughs*) I also cannot believe that after more than a decade of me paying no attention, that both Gallagher brothers look exactly the same as they did in 1995. *laughs*
I don't know if I would say it's instantly forgettable....

While it didn't knock me out, as much of Noel's early stuff did, I found it much more listenable than anything I'd heard from Oasis in the past ten years.

It's okay. He can do better. But I'm encouraged...if only because I have been secretly wishing for a Noel Gallagher solo album since 1996 or so. Wink
I got the new Lindsey Buckingham album today, and there is a song on there called End of Time that is seriously knocking my head off. I have been listening to it incessantly all day on and off.

I am seeing Lindsey in about 3 weeks and I honestly have not been so excited about a concert in several years.


I can't believe that the one and only time I've seen Lindsey Buckingham live was over 30 years ago with Fleetwood Mac. Oy. *laughs*

So excited to see him, and End of Time is blowing my head off!!
Well here we go...

The Pajama Club:- You may have heard of this new trio...

The Cold Chisel Remasters Catalogue:- Or to be more precise their studio albums 1978-1984. The first album was a revelation.

Icehouse - White Heat:- God this is so good. A genuine greatest hits collection.

Judas Priest - Single Cuts:- Look, I do love me metal. Old school, that is.

101 Country Classics:- No I'm not being funny or ironic. I just love these songs and I surprised myself how many I knew very well. A so-called guilty pleasure, if you'd feel guilty about this sort of thing which I don't.
Mostly listening to plenty of regional Texas bands of the pop/rock variety :

The Blurries - Paper Cuts
top notch, jangly 12 string guitar goodness

Wiretree - Make Up
Austin indie/power pop with a hint of alt-country

Leatherbag - Yellow Television LP, Patience EP
really great Austin based songwriter - Elvis Costello meets Jonathan Richman and Tom Petty

Quiet Company - We Are All Where We Belong
Austin based band recently signed to Grooveshark - think Ben Folds Five and Guster meets Death Cab for Cutie
Originally posted by Welsh Dan:
Vicarious, did you enjoy Wilco?

Wilco were fab Smiler

As a last-minute effort to get even a little bit familiar with their stuff I had the new album on repeat on Spotify the morning of the gig, while doing AAARRGH housework - yet on the night they were absolutely spellbinding. A testament to the band/musicianship/songwriting craft/performance that one can be completely captivated by the performance while not being familiar with the material.

Great audience too - 99% devotees and a demographic reassuringly similar to Finn gigs, i.e. my age plus or minus 10 years Big Grin

Expecting my wonderful postlady to deliver The Whole Love this morning Smiler
Originally posted by And You Know That I Love You..:
the nips are getting bigger Mental as Anything on the radio!! :0

Eeker Eeker

(sorry, AYKTILY....didn't realise that was a song title till I just googled it....thought you were getting aurally excited).

Currently listening to :

SJD - Songs Fron A Dictaphone
Bic Runga - Belle
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
Wilco - The Whole Love
Gabriel - New Blood

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