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I absolutely can't believe that! I thought you knew ALL the songs, Camus!

LOL, I wish.

Days of Future Past, well it's pretentious, especially the spoken word parts, but it certainly has it's own charm. The symphonic sections are beautifully lush, very reminiscent of Gershwin (particularly An American In Paris) and Nights In White Satin is a very fine song.

Brian Wilson - Adult Child (Unreleased 1977 solo album)
Not his best work IMHO, but still very enjoyable, a bit of a Vegas album. Hey Little Tomboy is satisfyingly perverse and disturbing, could do without Mike Love whinging on it though.

SMiLE Sessions Unsurpassed Masters Vol 17

A lot of takes and sections for Heroes and Villains, Wind Chimes, Wonderful, Child Is Father of the Man, Vega-Tables and He Writes Speeches.

A fascinating glimpse into the SMiLE sessions and Brian Wilson's modular recording technique, and more interestingly how the incredible vocal harmonies for Heroes and Villains were assembled, must be about 8 different vocal parts all double tracked. Certainly for me it was nice to be able to pick apart the harmonies into their respective parts, as the finished product with everything else is a bit overwhelming to try and sort out which part is which.

Doctor Who 2006 soundtrack. Possibly one of the worst piles of drivel I've ever heard. I wasn't a fan of the incidental music, but wanted a copy of the new arrangement of the theme. The theme IMHO is the only decent track on the album. Once upon a time the incidental music to Doctor Who used to be cutting edge electronic music from the Radiophonic Workshop or EMS studios, or almost atonal chamber music courtesy of composers like Geoffrey Burgon or Dudley Simpson. Now it's hideous bland music without any depth, a bit like the new series I guess.

Liam Finn - I'll Be Lightening

Good solid album, heavy echoes of the old man and his Uncle, hope people can get past the obvious similarites and it doesn't torpedo his career like other children of famous artists (Julian Lennon immediately springs to mind as someone who could never escape the shadow of his much more famous father).
English Settlement - XTC
The one that's got the immortal "Senses Working Overtime" on it. Also has a track called "Runaways" that I completely forgotten about and hadn't heard for 25 odd years. Good album, great band.

Photograph: The Very Best Of - Ringo Starr
New compilation. Not all of it works but when it does, it work really well. Good remastering too. Bit skimpy on the bonus DVD (I'm sure he's made more clips than the six on disc). "It Don't Come Easy" still ranks high on the best Beatle solo singles ever.

Also discovered a new band called The Weepies (yet to track down their album). Not that far removed from people like Shawn Colvin or, dare I say, Crowded House. So Google them and check their website out (it has some great tunes on their player), you WILL be impressed.

And also getting into early 70s Beach Boys - again. "Feel Flows", "Cool Water", "Sail On Sailor"... Carl Wilson is most definitely under rated. Sure do miss him.
Carl Wilson is most definitely under rated. Sure do miss him.

What did you think of the posthumous duet with Brian Wilson on the latter's last solo album Dazz? I was quite surprised with how ravaged Carl Wilson's voice was, but then I guess he did die of lung cancer and his vocal was recorded not too long before he died.

I really like Carl Wilson's voice in his prime, but he didn't do a great job on Surf's Up (the song) IMHO.
I haven't heard that duet yet, Camus. Carl's voice wasn't as pure as it was in the heyday but damn, if it wasn't the most soulful voice in the Beach Boys. I do think that Carl did an admirable job taking over the reins from Brian (thank god it wasn't Mike Love).

I don't actually mind the vocal on "Surf's Up". It's a damn hard song to sing. Having said that, Vince Gill did a superb version of it at the 2000 Brian Wilson tribute concert with David Crosby.
I don't actually mind the vocal on "Surf's Up". It's a damn hard song to sing.

It certainly is, I cover it, and it depends on how I feel whether I sing the high or the mid harmony on columnated ruins domino.

I've got a version of Surf's Up that uses the SMiLE era orchestration of the first half married to Brian Wilson's piano demo, so it's exactly the same as the Beach Boys version except Brian Wilson sings the entire song rather than the first half being Carl. I have to say in his prime, Brian had the more soulful voice IMHO, though I do love Carl's voice too. Sometimes it's very hard to tell the difference between the two. I always thought the BB version of Cabinessence was sung by Brian but it's actually Carl.

I do think that Carl did an admirable job taking over the reins from Brian (thank god it wasn't Mike Love).
Shudder. What a horrible thought, everything would sound like Do It Again (ie sh!t).
From what i understand, the Carl vocal was a demo done to one of Brian's songs in the 90's, so is a bit patchy anyway. & as for the Brian Wilson tribute concert, Vince Gill's vocals on Warmth Of The Sun are just phenomenal.

Orange Crate Art is a great album. The booklet artwork is almost as good as the album. I've been meaning to listen to some of Van Dyke Park's solo albums, but i've never been able to find any at my local record bar.

Adventures in Modern Jazz continue with Sun Ra & "Space Is The Place". Eeker

& Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles, Live!. Legend has it that this album was recorded live in a Hawaiian Volcano, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence that it was, & some say it was overdubed later in the studio. It sounds like it was live from a volcano to me.

Carlos Sultana is the name of a Santana tribute band, & apparently Farrah Fawcett Minor is on Bass & Vocals. So check your local guides for Carlos Sultana. The great man himself has been hard at word designing women's shoes. I bet you'd look good on the dance floor in a pair of Cuban heals by Carlos. & maybe some au de parfum by Prince. It's gonna' be such fun. & speaking of volcanos, here's Carlos & Miles Davis erupting.
This week's discs:

Greatest - Bee Gees: The new remastered one concentrating on 1975-1979. Proves how hot these guys were back then. Love the new remix of "Stayin' Alive" too.

Every Picture Tells A Story - Rod Stewart: Back when Rod was really good - and this album is really bloody good. Shame he soiled his career by a few crap albums - including his songbooks (yuck)

The Last Waltz - The Band: Yep, still playing this one

Foxtrot - Genesis: Ultra-prog. "Supper's Ready" (all 22 minutes of it) ain't for everyone but the devoted early Genesis/prog head.
The new remix of 'Stayin Alive' (by the Teddybears) is stripped right back. Very much in align with today's dance music, it strips the beat right down to the very basic 4/4 beat with an 'electro' synth playing the famous riff. The vocals are much more upfront, the "I'm going nowwhere / Somebody help me..." refrain is gone and the actual chorus is a little longer (they couldn't resist doubling up the " ah ah ah ah Stayin' Alive / Stayin Alive" bit!). Probably not doing it any justice but it does pay respect to the original song and it works/sounds good in the club where I work.

The remix of "How Deep Is Your Love?" is fantastic too but this is a more straight forward remix than a reconstruction. In fact all the remixes keep the integrity of the original song intact (I guess they would for Barry and Robin to approve of them appearing on the album) but still keeps an eye towards the dance floors of 2007. Not all Bee Gee fans will approve but it seemed like such an obvious idea on the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Fever and I, for one, am interested in hearing remixes if they are done properly and by people with imagination, not some bedroom techno hack who don't give a damn about the original song in the first place.
Originally posted by Kelly Timtam:
Been hitting up My Space.
Seem to be picking acoustic/folk.

Liking the sounds of those below. Stripped back music without all the whizz bang crap from the studios.

Trevor Stark Netherlands
Timothy Slater Aus
William Fitzsimmons US
Janine Marshall Aus
Brendan Losch US *has a demo site too
Lara Stephen Aus

Timothy Slater is pretty good. Just got his latest CD, Inside Out (2005), and I'm listening to it right now.

But who is Trevor Stark, Kelly??
Exile On Mainstream - Matchbox 20: It all comes down to good songs and this 'best of' proves they have a few

Greatest Hits - Neil Young: All the essential stuff on one disc

Glittering Prize 81/92 - Simple Minds: Most of this stuff still holds up well

And yes Seany, I'm up for Mondo Rock. Even got the double edition of The Essential Mondo Rock which should pprove some loyalty! Big Grin No really, they were a good l'il band, much more palatable than Daddy Cool (why on earth would Ross want to reform them? Do we need to hear "Eagle Rock" again ever?)
Originally posted by Dazz:

And yes Seany, I'm up for Mondo Rock. Even got the double edition of The Essential Mondo Rock which should pprove some loyalty! Big Grin No really, they were a good l'il band, much more palatable than Daddy Cool (why on earth would Ross want to reform them? Do we need to hear "Eagle Rock" again ever?)

That's all very well to say your a fan Dazz, but a real Mondo Rock Fan should be able to do these moves just like Ross. Big Grin

I did hear that new Daddy Cool album The New Cool, but i think i'm the wrong demographic for this. Much prefer Mondo, or even the Bop Girl. Although Ross Hanaford still looks good live...

For those who want to relive the past, & can stomach an evening with Mike Love, Daddy Cool will be playing with The Beach Boys, & wait for it...Christopher Cross in November. Check local guides for details.

Wonder what ever happened to the Bop Girl?
& pastel salmon pink shirts & avocado coloured suits? Marvelous inventions.
Originally posted by Camus:
can stomach an evening with Mike Love

Only if he's wearing the wizard robes he used to wear in the late 60s and he's on stage with Ross and his hairy pants Smiler

I can't believe I can't finda photo of him in them... Google why hast thou forsaken me in mine hour of need?

Well, the best i could do was the following...
If you close your eyes, you can almost imagine Mike Love & Ross Hannaford together on stage looking something a little like this:

So you want Mike Love dressed in something like this.

Here's a recent pic of Mike Love in his wizard robes in a pre-concert ritual.

& here's a film clip that captures Mike's best vocal contribution to the band.

Well' i've been listening to the new Radiohead album downloaded for 2 quid, didn't want to miss the fun. More pop than their last outing.
Download not very mac friendly though.
LOL. Could never understand Mike Love's digs at Brian Wilson over drugs, if you look at any Beach Boys concert from 67-68 Mike Love looks well and truly out of it. And as for that hideous gold sparkly thing he wore at the first concert Brian Wilson performed at in the 70s, well the man has no shame.

Actually, having just found out The Beach Boys (minus Brian) appeared a number of times on Full House, the man has no shame.

There's an interview with Brian Wilson on You Tube where he's still under the 'care' of Landy. Quite a distressing interview, though it's worth checking out.
Alright, its Seany's fault, I went and bought Facing Future by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole otherwise known as Iz or Big Izzy.
The most beautiful version of Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World. An *interesting* version of Take me Home Country Roads, changed to west Hawaii instead of Virginia. The music seems to chill the kids so hey, that's a good thing.

Can't stand Maui Hawaiian Sup'pa Man, that's pretty crap, so a skipper track. But the rest of the album has his wonderful easy flowing voice with the ukelele and traditional Hawaiian type songs.
ColinB if you're looking in you'll love it.

Super stingey here picked up a double cd pack of Temple of Low Men and Crowded House, for the $9.99 price tag at JB Hi Fi I donated to the cause, and I was missing ToLM from the collection. What the ?? Got to admit though, I'm so used to hearing all the live versions all the time, bit of a let down going back to the studio album.

Suus, Sean's put the link up there for Trevor Stark, (Larry on vocals) looks to be a big Finn fan, and has some bloody good music of his own, has quite a bit of his playing on YT, marvellous U2 cover he does on guitar.
Well done Kelly. Can't go wrong with a bit of Izy!

There is a Torres Straight Islander who's music is a bit like Izy's. His name is Seaman Dan. Very Hawaiian & Polynesian style songs & rhythms. & not bad for a man of 80. Just keep a straight face when you enquire at your local Megastore.

Dr. Landy. Well, if there's one star who could do with a bit of Dr. Landy magic at the moment, it has to be Britney Spears . *Paging Dr. Landy*. I think Al Jardine said that Landy was a frustrated musician who used Brian to fulfill his own ambitions. Sounds spot on. The Doctor will see you now...

Snap! Gav, thinking the same thing. Although we're both going to be around for a very long time, so I might change my mind. Big Grin

Actually Izzy was received quite well at work last night, Liam went down a treat too. Tonight I shall hit them with a bit of Sigur Ros.

Thanks Sean I shall go for a sniff, never know quite, what I'm in for, when I click on your links. Smiler

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