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The best of Barry Gibbs, Ryhthm Gutiar moments, Volume 3. It's a mind-blower. Eeker Not really, but we live in hope.

I've been listening to the works of Ravi Shankar, & his progen, Anoushka. While i prefer Ravi's quiter moments (the morning & evening Raga's). His daughter has given the instrument a more softer edge, & is growing into a mini master of the sitar. & has also dabbled in a remix album (insert urban beats & backward sitar track here). Eeker

Goodness gracious me.
I saw the postings about the Bee Gees and couldn't shut up! Everyone is aware of how good those early albums are but if you haven't, check out the later stuff too. Lots of great stuff. "Size Isn't Everything" and "This Is Where I Came In" are very under-rated and almost a return to their earlier styles.

But getting back on thread, this week I've been listening to:

Venus And Mars - Wings (An under rated McCartney classic IMHO)

Can The Can - Suzi Quatro - Move over Pink, here's the original rock chick (oh, OK 2nd then if you want to count Janis Joplin)

Time On Earth (if I need to type in who recorded this, you really shouldn't be here!)

Greatest - Duran Duran (no finer examples of 80s pop)

These Here Are Crazy Times - Boom Crash Opera (this is how much of a fan I am, I even got the remix album!)
Listening to a bit of Suede lately, mainly Dog Man Star, the eponymous first album and Coming Up. A lot of people don;t seem to be a fan of Coming Up, but I think it's a great album.

Still trying to get in to an album called Time On Earth by some unknown Aussie/NZ band, but waves of apathy strike me as soon as it comes on and I have to turn it off.
I quite like it a lot, but I wouldn't want to see people trying to force themselves to like it, lol.

Fair play to people who like it, I was just speaking personally Big Grin

For me it isn't the same band. I rarely listen to anything by Crowded House anymore (aside from maybe Together Alone). It just doesn't do it for me anymore. It hasn't for quite a while. I even found myself not being very interested in buying Luton. About the only Enz I listen to anymore is Beginning of the Enz, Mental Notes and Dizrythmia and then very very rarely.

Back on topic, in a mad case of ego mania I've been listening to myself. Seriously I've been listening to demos to decide what to record properly.
Smile is great Dazz. Just a shame that Brian wasn't able to release this in '67-68. It would have really been an answer to Sgt. Peppers. I know he always said he felt very competative with The Beatles.

I was reading in Mojo, (at least i think it was Mojo??!!) that in September he is to release a new work called That Lucky Old Sun. Should be good.

I am working my way through a 6 album box set called Noise Candy, by Bill Nelson. Quite tasty.
Yes it would be interesting to contemplate what the reaction would be if Brian ever finished the original Smile. Would it have been a little too far out for 1967? (considering what else was going on musically, that's a statement!). Or was it perhaps too ambitious?

Interested to hear that new album though. Be even more interested if Brian Wilson and his incredible band could tour Australia. Now THAT would make me smile
His son is a performer now, but I can't remember if he was any good or not when I saw a bio on the Croce family.

His stuff didn't do anything for me.

As for his father, well Time In A Bottle can still get me after all these years. My all time favourite would probably be These Dreams closely followed by Salon and Saloon, though I have a big soft spot for Speedball Tucker and Rapid Roy (the Stock Car Boy), and you can't go past You Don't Mess Around With Jim. Bad Bad Leroy Brown is a good song, but a bit too overproduced for me when you look at the rest of his work.
Definately agree with you Camus. Everyone should have at least a best of Jim Croce in their collection. I love his beautiful singing style and he wrote the most amazing songs.

I love Time In A Bottle. I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song has the most beautiful opening. More favourites are These Dreams, Photographs and Memories, Operator. I love to chill out with Jim Croce after a stressful day - I find his music extremely calming and relaxing.
i've been on a roll with my Indian Classical Music kick, & i have unearthed a couple of absolute gems that "sparkle like a thousand suns", & then some. So, hold on to your magic carpets kids....

Hariprasad Chaurasia's album of classical flute music, "Daylight Ragas". Although i've been playing them at night, so perhapse the impact has been lessened. Probably just as well, otherwise the effect might be blinding. Eeker

And, Kala Ramnath's "Singing Violin". An album of Ragas played on the violin in the classical Indian manner.

Look i knew you'd all be thrilled. Goes ok with a curry too.
I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song has the most beautiful opening. More favourites are These Dreams, Photographs and Memories, Operator.

All great songs too. Tori Amos was doing a great cover of Operator in her 2005 tour.

I love I Got A Name too, never realised Croce didn't write it though. Salon and Saloon, what a song, the chord progression is so clever. Written by his guitarist too.

Listening to Family - A Song For Me
I've been listening to the enigma that is
Atom TM . Of his many guises, i am enjoying his hilarious outing as Senor Coconut. Although his marimba cover version of the Michael Sembello song from the film Flashdance, Maniac has me reaching for the "Pure Genius" trophy. Although that should really be awarded to his album of Kraftwerk songs, reworked for mariachi band. Don't you think?

I have, when able to tear myself away from the good Senor, been taking a bold foot forward into the outer realms of Space Music. Moog enthusists Klaus Schulze & Pete Namlook have produced a 10 volume exploration of the Moog synthesiser. With inspiration supplied by Pink Floyd, & circuitry wired by Robert Moog, The Dark Side Of The Moog, is about as close to space as you can get, without actually going there. With tracks entitled, Wish You Were There, A Saucerful of Ambience, Obscured By Klaus, Psychadelic Brunch, & Astro Know Me Domina, the whole Floyd vibe takes on a life of it's own. What is most wonderful, is at the start of volume 5, Rober Moog introduces the album with his email address. Sad to think that these days, you would get no reply. Although his legacy is alive & well. Until he invented the synthesiser, the concept of space music didn't even exist. But alas, the Coconut calls. Adios muchachos.

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