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Yeah, it's not a bad pic of Simon. Big Grin

As far as I know, it was taken around the time of the reunion / Astronaut tour. 2003/2004.

I've got a few of their cds, and I've got Astronaut on constant rotation in the car.

Interestingly enough, just as I began typing this "Shadows On Your Side" came on, so I'm listening to that right now.

Greatfox,love "Man of colours",my tape is a little worn right now as i have played it so much!!!
Fizzy,you have excellent taste,I love Durans new cd,although my alltime Duran cd is "Seven and the ragged tiger", i play it so much.
Were you able to see them in concert?
I missed them!!.same as first time around in the 80's!!!
Hoping to see them next year if they tour.
Listening to "Kick" right now,i never tire of that album.
Originally posted by Kira:
Originally posted by N.F.ADDICT:
A cassette with One Nil on the A-side, Escapade on the B-side. Big Grin

it this one you made up of is this a pressing mistake should know about?

If that means what I think it means, all that the cassette consists of is:
Songs from One Nil on one side & songs from Escapade on the other. Smiler Both of which follow the album orders of the tracks... give or take a few songs. Wink Right now, one side runs longer than the other.
Originally posted by hexed:
I just got the Flying Nun Records 25th Anniversary Box Set, all the way from NZ. Great stuff on that! Nice packaging too.

I read about this, and wanted to get it...but holy cow - the price! Wasn't it $50 or so? That's steep. Is it worth the price?

edit: $50 seemed too low for me to have been outraged - so I went back to check - it's more like $100 isn't it (or more, if the US/NZ exchange rate is low that day)? That's really steep.
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Originally posted by Tracy:
Wintersong - Sarah Mclachlan

Beautiful album!

Check out some of it here:

Agreed Tracy. Best "holiday" album in years in my opinion. It emphasizes the two best things about Ms. M: the natural beauty of her voice and the ambient quality of her music (thanks largely to her producer, and fellow Canadian, Pierre Marchand).

"River" is a real stand-out for me. I was a little wary when I first saw it on the list of tracks as that song has been covered to death... by, for example, Allison Crowe, Aimee Mann, Travis, Linda Ronstadt, Robert Downey Jr, Michelle Branch, James Taylor (I read Joni Mitchell played it for him in her living room the day she wrote it), Holly Cole, The Rheostatics, etc. etc. I'm sure there's a complete list out there somewhere. Anyway, other than the original, Sarah's cover could just be the ultimate version of this song. It is simply beautiful.
I was looking on in amusement at my "travelling music" that I've got in my car. I'm in it 2 hours every work day. I've got these 9 titles on rotation:

1. The Beastie Boys: Solid Gold Hits
2. The Beatles: Rubber Soul
3. The Beatles: LOVE
4. Black Eyed Peas: Elephunk
5. Black Eyed Peas: Monkey Business
6. Eminem: Curtain Call
7. Guns N Roses: Greatest Hits
8. John Mellencamp: Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits
9. Octopus: Restless Night

A friend told me I was eclectic. This probably counts.
Today's train commute was brought to you by Steve Albini (as a recording artist, not a producer)- specifically Shellac's 1000 Hurts and Big Black's Songs about F******.

The thing I love most about that Shellac CD is how it comes in a replica TDK tape reel box. I mean, who under the age of 35 even GETS that joke?

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