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Gosh Kelly! Eeker
Sounds like you are really into that Tribute to Woodie & Leadbelly album.
Brian Wilson does Goodnight Irene?? Hey, sounds pretty good.

I've been listening to a new band out of Melbourne called Dardanelles . Not The Dardanelles, just Dardanelles. Heard them on the radio & they sounded kind of post-punk, new-wave, power pop/disco kind of.

Did anyone get a free t-shirt with the Oils new album?

But really must catch that bus to Bondi, & swim the beach & wonder... Cool
Originally posted by Kelly Timtam:
Anthology of Neil.
Especially "Love is all that Remains" is that a Beatles cover? or Neil's own spin? Sounds like the Beatles song Tim's covered on Jules? and Liam O'Maonlai covered back in April on Rockwiz.
Had some weird title though.
Also since the Bath incident, been listening to Largo. Sounded like a great night.

No, it's not a Beatles cover. I thought it was Neil's song, maybe not. I don't know what song Tim did on Jules, haven't seen that show.
Franz Ferdinand - You Could Have It So Much Better
I'm a big big fan of Franz but haven't listened to their stuff in the past couple of months...been listening to all the Split Enz remasters that I've been buying and of course Imaginary Kingdom!!! So I'm revisiting this's a really well put-together album, the tracks by themselves are all really really excellent, but it definitely deserves listening from beginning to end so that's what I'm doing Smiler
Stings album of 16th Century Lute Music ??!! Eeker Oh dear lord, please anything but that!
With a hey ringa dinga dinga ding, and a hey noni non ni no.
What next, music for viola & three flutes?

I've been listening to Jimmy Page drag a cello bow across the bridge of a Gibson Les Paul. Twas like watching Paganini. Seems the lead singer of Sigur Ros might have gone to the Page School of Gee-tar.
Well, not really, but anything would be better than listening to Sting playing the lute. Only joking, it sounds *her, hermm* INTERESTING I shall await his Sitar album with baited breath.

Did hear snippets of the new Beatles (album/remix/circus soundtrack??)LOVE thing. Didn't sound too bad actually. There was some backwards bit that sounded like gnik nus, or is that just Sun King backwards. Someone must have slipped a little something into Sir George's tea cup during the remixing.

Love, Love, Love. Cool
I have been flogging Svefn-g-englar for the past week now Sean !! I love that video. Bugger the cd's I've been YouTubing something chronic.(yes finally got the thing to install properly.)
Big hint if flashplayer isn't working go back to the adobe site and find the huge Uninstall thing on their site, it works. Then re-install!

Beatles, nope won't be spending a penny.

Anslem have you tried the Mediaeval Baebes, if you're into lutes and all ! Angelic, Etheral voices and some fine instruments.
Westlife - Greatest Hits. For a time there a few years ago, I couldn't decide what was better. Five, Westlife or Crowdie. Red Face

Ricky Martin - Sound Loaded

Crowded House - Farewell To The World & really blaring it out at top volume Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Right at this very moment...
Woodface. (SERIOUSLY!!! Red Face Eeker It's just reached Paul's own 'Italian Plastic'. Smiler)

*when you wake up...*
Just discovered Family

Family - Music In A Dolls House
Family - A Song For Me
Family - Anyway

Great band, 3 great and very different albums. Roger Chapman has a fantastic unique voice.

King Crimson Live 1969-1974 my own compilation from various live recordings:

In The Court of the Crimson King, Drop In, A Man A City, Epitaph, Mantra, Travel Weary Capricorn, I Talk To The Wind, 21st Century Schizoid Man, Cirkus, The Sailor's Tale, Pictures of a City, Cadence and Cascade, Ladies of the Road, 21st Century Schizoid Man, Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part One, Cat Food, Book of Saturday, Easy Money, Lament, Fracture, Dr Diamond, Starless, The Nightwatch, The Great Deceiver, Larks' Tongues In Aspic Part Two
This has got to be the longest thread in history. Wink


Frenz related: Frenzy, True Colours, Living Enz, Dizrythmia, Corroboree, Time & Tide, Farewell To The World, Crowded House, Afterglow, One Nil, Escapade & Seven Worlds Collide. Big Grin

Beatles: Revolver, Please Please Me & Sgt Pepper. Smiler

Backstreet Boys: Black & Blue

Right Now... My own compliation of Neil Finn's Enz contributions all taken from the Enz Digipak albums. Wink
Thanks to the FTTW cd, I've got the hots for Whispers and Moans at the moment.

Have just been listening to the FTTW version and the Woodface version back to back...

Me's liking this song very much and in a weak moment I might almost be tempted to jump on the Neil bandwagon purely because of his voice in this song.

BUT. I shall resist the urge. Razzer


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