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Originally posted by dazz:
"Back To The Egg" by Wings - a guilty pleasure, and one album that shows that yes, Macca and Co. could rock out if they wanted to (Try Old Siam Sir and Spin It On for examples)

WOOO HOOO, someone else feels the same as I do about, "Back To The Egg"! I thought no one liked that album, not even Macca! Old Siam Sir rocks! I saw him do that on some live jukebox tv show once, excellent.

You have quite good tast, dazz. Wink
Oh Eddie Kramer! Gotcha! (and he would be better)

Maybe we can arrange Eddie Kramer and Rayner to do a project together. Wouldn't the world spin off it's Axis then? Actually no, it wouldn't...

And thanks Tracy for giving me comfort in knowing I'm not alone in liking Back To The Egg. It just feels sometimes that I am the only person who owns it and plays it - now I know there's two of us.

And for the record (excuse the pun), this week I'm listening to (not including Enz related stuff):

BEST OF CHRIS ISAAK: Actually I've been listening more to his commentary on the DVD. The guy's actually funny.

JOYRIDE - Roxette: And this is where credibilty goes down the drain. I don't care what you think, give me a catchy chorus and a perfect pop feel and I'm sucked in big time.
The Dugites? Man oh man, that's a name from the past. And I can still remember the two (I think) hits they had: "Waiting For You" and the sorta immortal "In Your Car".

I wonder what happened to them...?

Oh and by the way, to go with the flow of the thread I am currently listening to "Tommy" by the Who - the 5.1 surround mix. How good is this album? I mean really...
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Well, the old "Pin-ball Wizard" has been given a 5.1 Surround Mix dustoff, hey? That sounds almost Quadrophenic! Bet that sounds just fine dazz! Wow! Eeker

Here's what happened to The Dugites! They're all stacking shelves at Woolies! No, not really. They've morphed into another band apparently.

I've been listening to Orange Crate Art, by Van Dyke Parks, & Ella Fitzgerald. Was there a better Jazz singer than Ella? *sigh*

She certainly can, can-can! Smiler
Hey, love that avatar, Living Enz. Eeker

Ah yes, good old Jello.

I've been listening to 'Tryin' To Keep The Summer Alive", by The Beachboys. Ok, it's no Petsounds, but even when they were not really cracking the charts, they still wrote some pretty great songs. Although Brian was back at that stage, although only physically, it must be said. He is well & truly back now though. Smiler
This week in my CD player I spun the remastered Time and Tide, Fatboy Slim's Greatest Hits (a party just waiting to happen) and The Avalanches' "Since I left You". An incredible album that they have yet to follow up. But how do you follow up such a unique and brilliant album?

By the way, I gotta dig up Love This City again. Be good to re-aquante myself with that great album.
Originally posted by dazz:
Playlist this week:
Best Of Squeeze (for 'Tempted" among others. Glen Tilbrook sounds a little like Neil Finn to me. A good thing)

I always thought that too. In fact there's a song on the live CD part of Recurring Dream where Neil really sounds like Glen. I think he had a cold or something. Can't remember which song...hmmmm...I think it was Recurring Dream. Well, whatever, I agree! Big Grin
Originally posted by MagBolt:
Originally posted by dazz:
Best Of Squeeze (for 'Tempted" among others. Glen Tilbrook sounds a little like Neil Finn to me. A good thing)

I LOVE Tempted! That's always been my favourite Squeeze song.
It's not Glen Tilbrook though, Paul Carrack sings lead vocals on that one.

Tempted is my fave Squeeze song too, but I knew that wasn't Glen. Paul doesn't sound like Neil, at least to my ears.

My second fave song by them is Black Coffee in Bed, and that is Glen. Big Grin
I knew I should've clarified when I posted. I knew Tempted was sung by Paul Carrack but the remaining tracks were sung by Glen - who still sounds a lot like Neil to me. Whereas Paul Carrack doesn't sound like Neil Finn at all.

Interestingly I did see a live acoustic version of Tempted sung by Glen which was just as good (Trivia: It was producer Elvis Costello who suggested Paul should sing the vocal on this track as he felt Mr.Carrack had a more soulful voice than Mr.Tilbrook and Elvis heard it as a 'Marvin Gaye pastiche"). Funnily enough, Glen sounded like Neil Finn doing a cover version. Fancy that, huh?
Interesting batch of CDs in the player this week: Bit of a return to the 80s!:

90125 - Yes - Smirk if you will. This is actually quite good and loud in it's remastered form

The Essential Mondo Rock - A blast from the past. Had some great pop songs and this disc has all of them.

Style Council Greatest Hits - Must be one of the few people who thought Paul Weller was better and more interesting in this period. Having said that, I haven't heard the his latest solo album yet.

The Pleasure Of Your Company - Models - It's got one of my all time faves "I Hear Motion". Produced by Nick Launay who did 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (Midnight Oil) and sounds fantastic although it could use a remastering job! One of the most under rated albums of the 80s I believe.

And may I welcome aikakone to the wonderful world of The Who. Your next purchase has to be "Who's Next" and the The Kids Are Alright DVD. These will tell you all you need to know about this brillaint band. Can't wait to hear the new material!
Originally posted by Jabberz:
Psst, don't tell anyone, but I also liked Paul Weller better with Style Council.

I don't know. I was listening to Wildwood on the weekend, & it goes ok. It's not as dancy as the Style Council (or should i say, it doesn't have as much style as the council Big Grin) but i guess it's a different vein he's mining really.

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