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Hmmmm do you think Brian Eno was onto something, a double packed cd full of air-conditioners from back bush motels. If so there was a ripper air-con up in Emerald Qld !!

The Live Room - ` 7" Vinyl Movie Club `, got the cd from their gig supporting Hothouse Flowers. A Sydney band. Very good. Lead singer's voice is alot similar to the bloke from Del Amitri. Three guitarists, Indi Star on violin and the drummer dude. Excellent set, great album. go to their website for a sniff and look at the video.

cheers all
Originally posted by Half-Full:
I've recently fallen in love with Roddy Frame and have been listening to him at myspace. Gotta get his album!

Half-Full, I think you and I would get on well! Smiler Roddy was live on the radio over here a few days ago, he played a few songs from his new album, as well as a few old ones. He was absolutely brilliant!
I haven't discover him recently, like you have, I've liked him since the early Aztec Camera days.
When I saw Roddy and Neil appear on Jools Holland's Songwriters' Circle a few years ago, I thought all my Christmasses had come at once!! Big Grin
Swervedriver. What ever happened to them?
Downloaded (or is it up-loaded?!!) their albums to my iPod (finally) & thoroughly enjoyed "Ejector Seat Reservation" & "Mescal Head". Raise is ok, & their last album "99th Dream" is ok.

Love those guitar sounds. I read in an interview once that they were heavily inspired by the Beatles, & said "Revolver" was their fave album.

Saw them live once. Amazing wall of sound, from only 2 guitars. Smiler
Originally posted by Steve W:
Originally posted by Seany.:
Swervedriver. What ever happened to them?
Raise is ok.

I always thought Raise was their best album. I miss this era of music. Creation signed so much great music! Manchester was going off!

Do you have the My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive & Ride albums?

Hi Steve,

i must admit that i jumped on the Swervedriver Bandwagon during their second album, mainly because of the single Duel, & their first album was purchased as a bit of an afterthought. It's quite raw, but i do really like Rave Down, & Feel So Real. Sci-Flyer is pretty good too.

Vaguely know of Ride & My Bloody Valentine.
If you can recommend some albums that i should keep my eye out for, i would greatly appreciate it Steve! I'm always on the lookout for sonically tasty guitar albums. Big Grin

I see that Adam Franklin seems to tour regularly as a solo accoustic artist. Can't imagine Swervedriver songs done solo, & accoustic, but then i suppose people thought that when Bob Dylan first plugged in, turned on, & cranked up. Creation really had their finger on the pulse, that was until Sony bought them out. Frowner Guess they wanted to get Oasis on their books.
Found this in my travels. Smiler
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Sacred Weapon the new album by Nils Lofgren, who has been making solo albums for over 30 years, having come to notice in Grin, and more notably, as side man to Neil Young in one of the incarnations of the Crazy Horse band, and as Steve Van Zandt's replacement in Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band.

12 new Lofgren compositions, mainly acoustic guitar, but quite a bit of Nils distinctive Strat sound thrown in. Lots of guest vocalists, Nils' voice seems a little weaker than usual, Willie Nelson on the opening track 'In Your Hands' and Crosby & Nash on 'Frankie Hang On'. 'Trouble' rattles along a great pace and has some fluid guitar lines.

Nice to have a great singer songwriter back.
I heard a new song yesterday.
'I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair' by Sandy Thom.
Absolutely amazing. I've heard it on the radio four times now, and I love it. It's one of those songs that makes you stop what you're doing, because you just have to listen to it. Even my kids all like it, and it's quite rare for them to agree on something. Big Grin
How is that Tracy Bonham album? I loved her first 2, but I've not got round to getting the new one (all these Phudd & Enz things going on - got to get the priorities straight Smiler )

The Dizrythmia to True Colours Enzology episodes have me hooked at them moment on the iPod, leading on to listening to TC again for the first time in ages.

Outside the Enz tho'... Jim O'Rourke - Bad Timing.
Originally posted by suzanne:
Was he still called Little Stevie Wonder at that time?? Wasn't it about 1973??

Tracy Bonham- Blink the Brightest

Um, no. He was "not so little" Stevie Wonder by then. Roll EyesBig Grin

Have been listening to a Ratcat best of.
Put the old iPod on random mode, & you never know what's going to pop up next. Smiler
"Back To The Egg" by Wings - a guilty pleasure, and one album that shows that yes, Macca and Co. could rock out if they wanted to (Try Old Siam Sir and Spin It On for examples)

Music From Big Pink - The Band. Rediscovered this CD recently and of the firm opinion that "Chest Fever" is one of the greatest songs ever written to be played extremely loud. Opinion could change once hearing returns.

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