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I can't get the CD "Rockin' the Suburbs" by Ben Folds off my CD is superb. I find that a couple of songs have a sort of E.L.O. feel to them (ie. Annie Waits)....anyone else?

I also have Jeff Buckley's "Grace" stuck in my changer....I love "Hallelujah".

I also found out Wilco has a new album ready to go, but they can't find a label.....this upsets me greatly when a wonderful band doesn't get support from the music industry, yet crap artists get signed every five minutes. Frowner
I can't get the CD "Rockin' the Suburbs" by Ben Folds off my CD is superb. I find that a couple of songs have a sort of E.L.O. feel to them (ie. Annie Waits)....anyone else?
I also have Jeff Buckley's "Grace" stuck in my changer....I love "Hallelujah".

Good stuff Doc. I can't recommend the new Ben Folds album highly enough. Anyone who's heard the single should note that nothing else on the album is anything like it - for the most part it's just amazingly tuneful piano-based pop tunes. Utterly fantastic.

And on the subject of Hallelujah, I'm currently listening to Rufus Wainwright's superb version of it (recorded for the Shrek soundtrack).
I've got the new Ben Folds album & had it for a while, but I haven't even listened to it yet. I got it free, that's why. I wouldn't bought it. I'll have to listen to it now thanks to Dr. Thirsty's review.

I'm listening to Travis's new album - Smiler Smiler Smiler Smiler Smiler .
& also (don't laugh!) Ace Of Base's Happy Nation LP. - A Classic.

Yesterday I was listening to U2's The Joshua Tree - another all time classic, aswell as their new one (ATYCLB).
Tori's CD hasn't been off my player since I bought it. Thank Goodness for Ms Amos. The only let down is Happiness Is A Warm Gun. I'd have loved to have heard her sing that song, rather than put a 10 minute cut and paste backing track to her shrieking the Mother Superior line...

I agree with you, Finned, about Enjoy The Silence. Its rather fantastic isn't it?
I only ever listen to frenz related stuff but i ahve takena short break from the frenz stuff because it's all getting a bit to much and besides my parents used to like Neil Finn (until I continously played CH, SE and Neil's solo stuff really loudly while doing my homework).

Please forgive me! Smiler and I'm also listening to hunters and Collectors under one roof (yahoo)! I just can't get enough of it!

cheers Kate!

"Passion is your weakness/but you feel it everyday/like a moth to the naked flame/you just can't keep away"

from True Tears Of Joy H&C!
I think i'm going to have to get me a copy of Ben Folds album now Smiler

But right now I'm listening to Alex Lloyd's new album Watching Angels Mend which susposedly features backing vocals from Sharon Finn, though i can't seem to hear her anywhere Confused

And speaking of Gomez, they are now being described as a six-piece Confused
Who's the new member?
I have also been listening to The Sophtware Slump by Grandaddy and it is spectacular. I saw a snippet of an interview with Coldplay and Chris mentioned great bands that don't get much sales like "The Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, and Ron Sexsmith."

Well, I already knew about The Flaming Lips and Grandaddy......but I now must check out Ron Sexsmith. (I have only heard one song by him...but I really liked it.)
Right now as I type I'm listening to track 18 on The John Lennon Collection disc, Move Over Ms. L, not one of his best lyrically, but quite catchy! Also Beatles' Anthology 2 has been in high rotation in my disc player - the best Anthology! Really interesting to see how Strawberry Fields came together...
Also listening to my home made best of U2 1990 - 2001. Admiring my magnificent work as well as the tracks. Really plays well (or me thinks so)!
On my record player, a U2 bootleg, We Are Waiting For A Right Day, is on high rotation. Terrific stuff!! I'm stoked... it's my first bootleg!!!
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Secret G�d � sc23:
[QB]I made up a U2 - Best Of 1991 - 2001 too. When they released their Best Of 1980 - 1990 a couple of years ago, they should've released this too in a double CD.

& last night I was listening to Richard Ashcroft's album, it's not as good as his band (The Verve), but it's still some good

come on now GOD, no oasis album is better than any neil finn written record. definitely maybe is up there, thats a good recoerd but the rest are pretty ordinary.
and the richard ashcroft's album is very good but dont you find that most of the songs go on to long. needs to learn how to finish a song off.(think this is just me though)
no oasis album is better than any neil finn written record. definitely maybe is up there, thats a good recoerd but the rest are pretty ordinary.

- I thought Morning Glory was just a little bit better than Definitly Maybe , but each to their own. As for Be Here Now ,][/IMG], that would have to have been one of the worst follow ups to a hit record ever. Anyone agree? The average track length would be about 7 minutes (no exaderation) & it just goes on & on.
It's a close call between Together Alone & Morning Glory for the best album ever - so close I ccouldn't even say. If I was listening to TA, i'd say that & vice-versa.


richard ashcroft's album is very good but dont you find that most of the songs go on to long. needs to learn how to finish a song off.(think this is just me though)

- Good point. Just the Oasis LP, it goes on for a while, but unlike the Oasis LP, this one is at least a bit credible. I picked up this CD for $12.99 @ JB-HI-FI. The Verve's Urbun Hymns is better though + it's up there with TA & MG.
Right this minute? One Nil. Over and over. Much to the chagrin of my family..."Ohhh, jeeeez! Mom's on her 'Neil Finn' thing again!"

As if I ever stopped!

heh heh heh

Valerie don't listen to 'em!

I'm 14 and it's the other way around at our house!
My mum's telling me all the time to "stop playing that bloody Neil Finn, he's driving me mad".

to which I reply "hey he's got a song on this album called Driving Me Mad, do you want to listen to it"?

then she screams in rage "NO I DON"T NOW TURN IT OFF!!!"

but we all know that it's a bit hard to just turn off NEil Finn In the middle of Turn and run. even if it's the seventh consecutive time today that I've played it!

I just can't get enough!
I'm listening to Alex Lloyd's "Amazing" single that I purchased from retailer Big W @ the nifty price of AU$4.04

On it are some acoustic tracks of some of his old songs and they are great.
I really wish Neil or Tim Finn would release a CD compilation of just plain acoustic or piano tracks on an album. Why? I just love how the vocals come out of the speakers and right into your ear, and so clearly too, minus all the other instruments.

Isn't it just me but isn't it just great to hear more of these 1 on 1 acoustic or piano versions.
I can't get enough of them, especially after hearing the first few acoustic songs in the Cold Live At The Chapel. They are just so eerie and simple.
LOL, Valerie! Reminds me of the story Howard Stern tells about meeting one of the guys from AC/DC... can't remember which one. But HS was asking him why the guy never really does interviews, and the guy finally spits out:


And HS is like well then you're right. Smiler

I'm listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. Bit different but v v v good.

Also listening to (and surprised everyone else ain't) to Ed Harcourt. Best discovery in years and I can't emphasis that enough. He deserves to be MEGA famous. V v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v v bloody good.


p.s. secret god- what's that colourful mambo looking picture you posted way up there. i like it.
RE: Oasis and Neil discussion....

They're two of my fave artists so I wouldn't say any of Oasis' albums are better than Neil's or vice versa. To my mind they have both written some of the greatest albums of all time

About Be Here Now being the worst follow-up to any album - I don't think it's bad album, it's just OK. It would have so difficult to follow up Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory anyway....

I'm in total agreement 'bout Ed Harcourt. How Here Be Monsters didn't win the Mercury Music Prize is beyond me. Have you got Maplewood - the mini before HBM? That's great too!
Oh Julie, sweetie, I feel for you. I know exactly what you mean. I was a dresser on Phantom of the Opera for two and a half looong years. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with 'Music of the Night' on an endless loop in my head. Not fun.

You'll probably numb to it all soon. Take it from me. From me! FROM ME!! FROM MEEEEEEEE!!!! Wink
I've got that album (The Beta Band). I got it free a while ago, it's actually pretty good & sounds a lot like The Avalanches. I like the Bonnie Tyler song (total eclipse of the heart) they sampled on their album, but if it wasn't for me getting it free, I would never have known about them.

If you don't understand that, don't worry. I think it's The Beta Band I'm talking about.
In the 5-CD Changer right now (oooh, fancy!)

Muse - Origin of Symmetry
(my current Favourite Album Of All Time™'s so big, blustery, bold and above all's just amazing. Beautiful tunes, just...argh, can't put it into words Big Grin Don't you love it when that happens?)

Mercury Rev - All Is Dream
(Another album full of simply *beautiful* tunes. Took a gamble on this one - bought it on the strength of the single 'Nite & Fog' - but it paid off)

Green Day - Warning
(Most Green Day fans hate it. Apparently it's "too mellow" and "not punk enough". I just think it's full of brilliantly catchy tunes...even punk bands have to grow up sometime...)

The Who - Best Of
(they're The Who. What else do you need to say? Rock on, Tommy...ImI Wink )

Muse - Showbiz
(I like Muse. Can you tell? Hehe)

And if you've not given up the will to live and you actually care what preeeeecise song i'm on...'Bliss' by Muse.

*is Aware that there has been far too much Musing in this post of a Finn-ish board. Runs and hides*
About Oasis... Smiler Not to start a war but I have to say my piece about them. IMO they are an average band that sometimes makes nicely atmospheric music, which I'd like to think is the producer's doing, but consistently has AWFUL lyrics reeking of freshman poetry ("the x of your mind" is about the deepest they can manage) and an AWFUL singing voice. The song "Wonderwall" makes me cringe every time; hasn't this guy heard of vibrato?

ANYways... I've been listening to "Do What You Want" by Garageland. I happened to find it in Best Buy the other day, surprisingly enough. Very good so far. Also "This Perfect World" by Freedy Johnston. (One of the best albums of the 90's IMO...Rolling Stone gave him Songwriter of the Year in 1994 for that album)
Green Day Green Day Green Day!

Are the two new tracks any good? I wasn't gonna shell out for a compilation when I have all the albums anyway but...I have money to burn right now Big Grin

Although having said that Billie Joe did say himself that everyone should just dload the new tracks and not buy the album...hehe punk sensibilities die hard I suppose Smiler
Well, I didn't know that much about them before, I was never really into them. But I think so, I love "Poprocks and coke" cause it's a good "happy song", well, at least to me. I think it's worth getting, good to put on in the car on long journeys!!

I just heard "Grey will fade" on the new Ash single, my brother's into them - but anyone who likes them and hasn't heard it, it's written and sung by Charlotte and it's really good.

Just listening to a fine californian band called Plasticsoul who call themselves fans of Crowded house on their website Big Grin

Just got their CD a few days back and I LOVE it!

You can d/l some MO3s at, I got the MP3s and even though they are only snippets of the songs they were on my WinAmp list since.... August?

He's such a good songwriter and has a very pleasant voice. If you have some spare time you should check it out!

at the moment im listening to Mansun's 'six' album, which is seriously underated stuff. Brilliant songs, if not alittle schoziphrenic(sp.).
Most recently also been listening to Radiohead - Amnesiac/KidA(which i at first hated, now love), Avalanches(without you im nothing) and Wheatus - Wheatus ( I don't care what anyone says, their albums damn good )

wow. this topic has been reborn. can`t even remember if i posted in it originally. ah well.

just finished listening to Neil Young`s Silver and Gold cos i bought it today and it`s acoustic loveliness.

also had a listen to Hamell on Trial - Choochtown. Fantastic. Anyone whoever loved the pixies should be listening to this man.

Apart from those, been devoting a lot of time to Aereogramme - A Story In White. Scottish band that have released an excellent album.

Error Gorilla - you are the only person (apart from the gorgeous man who introduced her music to me) who I've come across who knows of the fantastic Kathryn Williams Big Grin

I don't like Muse (sorry, although the aforementioned man does!)

Back on topic - I'm listening at the moment to The Smiths - The Queen is Dead........ revisiting Johnny Marr's past.
Over summer, I've been listening a lot to "The Best of Madder Lake", a band which I think sacredcow11 is also partial to.

Madder Lake was one of Australia's finest bands in the early 70s when progressive rock was starting to be a happening thing. Their "Goodbye Lollipop" was the first single, I think, released on Mushroom. They opened the first Sunbury Festival and were one of the headliners for the second, and released two LPs, "Stillpoint" and "Butterfly Farm". Some might remember their biggest hit "12lb Toothbrush" but that really was just the tip of the iceberg.

Anyway, there's something for everyone with Madder Lake - excellent musicianship, cool lead vocals with great harmonising, and tight song arrangements using a full band with guitars and keyboards. And best of all, most of it hasn't dated like a lot of 70s rock did.

The CDs are midprice and worth checking out if you like progressive or early 70s Australian rock.

Right now I'm obsessed with Matchbox Twenty..can't stop playing Mad Season to save my life.I don't care if they are 'pop'..I saw them 4 times last year and they were amazing!
Also very much into I Like It Rare which I just got in the mail Big Grin My Legs Are Gone ranks up there with my all time fave CH songs..why the heck wasn't it put on an album?
The Who and Dave Matthews are a few others that seem to get pulled out does Andy White as of late..he's way too groovy!

Brandi Smiler
Originally posted by marmotgirl:

Has anybody heard of...

-The Cooper Temple Clause
-David Kitt
-Electric Soft Parade



Heard of them all. Only one i own anything by is VAST.

I would have gone to see the CTC in Glasgow this month to see Lapsus Linguae support alone, but i`m out the country then or else it`s during exams. oh well.

Originally posted by stevenmc:

Heard of them all. Only one i own anything by is VAST.

I would have gone to see the CTC in Glasgow this month to see Lapsus Linguae support alone, but i`m out the country then or else it`s during exams. oh well.


Aaaw *waves her CTC tickets around gleefully*. Support's changed to Biffy Clyro, btw.

Just bought both the VAST albums today after dipping my toes in with a couple of downloads. Wow, is all I can say.
Just found out about the brilliance of Pink Floyd a while back and could listen to their "Wish you were here" all day long!

And there are these 2 songs from the new Wilco CD Yankee Hotel Foxtrot that are so beautifully melancholy - great!

"Resevervations" and "Ashes of American flags" - run and check them - I'm not so much of a whiny person but these 2 made teasr come into my eyes when Jeff Tweedy played them live! WOW!

I really reccommed the Aussie band Jebediah. The singer is white/blonde and the vocals remind me so so much of Neil Finn. I describe their music as great & smart modern rock & roll with melody. They are supporting NF's son band "Betchadupa" in concerts to come soon in Sydney, NSW.
Here's a pic of them:
The lead singer is the blonde guy, 2nd from the left.
I've also been listening to Alex Lloyd'slatest "Watching Angles Mend" and so far it's not as good as his classic debut album "Black The Sun".
Coldplay's "Parachutes" album is quite magnifecent also, not to mention Travis. But CP is better.
currently in a semipermanent relationship with my cd player is Ric Ocasek's (of The Cars) first solo album, BEATITUDE

great stream-of-consciousness music. if you have a problem with 80s synthness, i pity you because you are missing out on a lot of good stuff.

(on the other hand, you're missing out on a lot of bad stuff too but that's kinda the way it is with everything Big Grin )
Aaaargh! It's back! *flees in terror from the ressurected thread*

Hehe oh well, while i'm here...I think the last time I posted in this 'un I was yittering (that's not a word Big Grin ) on about The Cooper Temple Clause...and since their album 'See This Through And Leave' came out three...yeah, three weeks ago I've pretty much listened to nothing else. (yes, Hawkwind), Led Zep, Nirvana and Yes in a post-pub friday night brawl and you pretty much have the Coopers right there.

Other than that, Idlewild are getting an airing, as are A who i've fallen in love with following a brilliant gig last week. Silly fun raaawk.

Anyways, i'll shut up now.
Lately I've been listening to Sloan's Pretty Together and Roddy Frame's The North Star .
Some of these other bands sound interesting. I wish I had the time that all you young folk do to get into them. Little time with a young family who play sports and get lots of homework, but summer is coming, the days getting longer and the concert season just around the corner, so who knows?
Originally posted by Error Gorilla:
I'm so chuffed to see that someone else is into Muse, Green Day and Ash! cool! How wicked is Origin of Symmetry..

Smiler [/QB]
I'm a bit of a Muse and Ash fan too. My fav's would have to be "Feeling Good" and "Candy".
Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure are also in my cd player heaps. Smiler
Sorry, but I'm a CD addict.

I have to recommend the new Cracker CD entitled "Forever". It is the best CD of the year thus far. (I know it's still early.) I also picked up a couple CDs by Hefner. Right know I'm listening to their CD "Boxing Hefner" and it is great. Where have I been and why haven't I heard of Hefner before a few weeks ago????
Sorry, but I just had to post again so this post would be the 100th post for this topic Smiler . & this is the first ever Frenz topic that has had 100 posts?

Also, @ the moment, I'm listening to he 5 new Alanis b-sides from both versions of the hands clean single. IMO, they're not too good (& nor is hands clean - Listen to the lyrics & tell me what you think the song's about), but I've heard from various sources (Finned, you better be right Mad !) that the new album's meant to be good.

Oh... & The Beatles - Rubber Soul Smiler .

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