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Coincidently, as I am reading the CH reviews of the Tempe show Accidently Kelly Street by Frente is played on the radio. Frente were the support act of the Together Alone show in Belgium (and problably the other European shows) and therefor always remind me of CH. I hadn't heard that song for ten years or so, but still I immediately make the connection.
I've been listening to some very divergent new material the past day or so -- Travis and Rush.

I subscribed to Rhapsody a few years ago, and it's a blessing and a curse. You get to listen to anything you want in the catalog for a pretty reasonable monthly fee. Unfortunately, my time is fairly tight, so I don't get to listen and explore very much music as I did when younger. Much of the reason is due to the fact that I no longer even listen to music on the radio, as the stations here in the area are not very good or interesting.

If I do happen to find something on the service that I like very much, I then go out and purchase it. I could download albums and tracks from Rhapsody for a fee, but prefer having the physical CDs with liner notes, etc.
Ahh the wonderful Bobby Darin, just got 'Aces Back to Back'. Big Grin One of the best singing voices??? hmmmmm Yup.

What a bonus the album has If I Were a Carpenter, and Simple Song of Freedom. After watching them on You Tube over and over, finally have a physical copy of it, and it went straight to the mp3 player. Haven't had a squizz at the dvd yet.

Man could Bobby sing, the high the low, swing it, jazz it, folk it, what a talent.
Wilco: Leave me like you found me. Really enjoy the new album Sky blue Sky.

Its a good album isn't it.

I'm currently listening to Rumors by Fleetwood Mac. I haven't heard it in years.

Despite all the band tensions and Stevie Nicks being generally totally batty (and a witch), its a great collection of music.

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