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We were born, born, born ... born to be aliiiiive

To be alive, to be alive, to be alive, born to be alive.

Ahh, what a great song, I do have the extended mix Kelly. Now how about Shadow Dancing eh? Eh? Nothing sadder than some ANDY Gibb. One of my favourite disco era songs, Warm Ride I found out was written by the Brothers Gibb, though unfortunately they never recorded a version of it, but brother Andy did.

Acutally, just going back to Born to be Alive, there's a great episode of COuntdown where Molly goes on about what a bad song it was and how it would never be a hit. Wonder if he ate his hat a few short months after that, considering it was a no. 1 smash hit here in Australia.

King Crimson - Live at the Fillmore West 15/12/69
Patrick Hernandez!! Eeker Eeker Eeker

This thread is turning into Studio 54!
Good thing i've got my platforms on.

Pass the Marmalade, Lady & let's get on down to Boogie Wonderland.

Kelly, the Easter Show is the only place to go for a 'fro. Usually after too many pluto pups & ice creams, followed by a trip on the Wild Mouse! It all goes so well with the white disco safari suit. Be affrad, be very affraid. Big Grin

I've momentarily skated off the set of Xanadu to listen to Memories & Dust, by Josh Pyke.
You'll find it filed under Alt Disco. Wink

& now its back to the man under the mirror ball.
All this disco talk has more or less forced me to drag out the best disco compilation I have seen (asides from the Rhino Records "Disco Years" box set) called "!8 Explosive Hits and One Real Loser". Long out of print, it was compiled by Maynard f# Crabbes who was doing the breakfast shift at JJJ at the time where he would deliberately go out of his way to play a kitsch disco classic every morning on an alternative music station (whatever 'alternative music' means). And yes, it even has Patrick Hernandez on it - the original 12" mix no less!! Great stuff on it, I forgot how much I enjoy a bit of mindless disco fluff now and then,

Also been listening to Silverchair's latest CD "Young Modern". Gonna be controversial but half the tracks don't half sound like early Split Enz. Daniel Johns even uses some of Tim Finn's vocal phrasing on some tracks. And yes, I like it.

Also been hearing "The Next Voice You Hear: The Best Of Jackson Browne". Great songwriter. Been playing 'The Pretender' and 'Shape Of A Heart' almost continuously.

(By the way the " real loser" on the disco compilation is actually Tom Jones 'It's Not Unusual'. Loser? Hmmm...)
Most interesting link on Patrick there Seany , see he discovered Madonna first !!

Warm Ride now there's a good song, lots of memories & forgotten Mr B Gibb had written it.

Camus certainly is a clever dick, Seany not sure about the Gibb Smiler, last night again listening to his mix of songs on the mp3. Now if we can just get him to get some more stuff out there.

Time to hassel if you don't have them.

The Wicker Man is still a fav I like to have on repeat. Particular bit of the song I love is the build up in the first chorus?

"what if this time it won't work
ohhhhhhhh face the west the setting sun"

loveeee that bit. Now I just need the story of the Wicker Man. Okay I'll imdb it.

Eternal Love is growing more and more and I find I'm usually singing that to myself, although I prefer the 1st mix and not take 3.

Hand of Fate, I can't help it, I'm usually swaying from side to side, and do like the harpsichord sound? Is that french baroque influence? Can picture dancers in Elton John's 40th birthday garb, all white wigs, white faces and beauty spots holding hands stepping in and out curtsy. This one's taken over as more favourited than the following song.

Memories of Childhood written about the same time as Hand of Fate? Same set up of instruments used? Absolutely love the intro of the song. Also great to hear actual singing with high and low notes, some artists today just banely mumble on.

Disco of Love to bring us back to the DISCO theme has taken the longest to grow on me, yes I'm slow, but do think its a fun song, and you had a bad experiece out there or what Camus? LOL Do like all the effects with the talking keyboard. Think the deep voice threw me too, but glad you have your normal vocal on the song as well. Also enjoy the lament, or sad pining with the high keyboard bits before the last verse.

"its this life this plastic life,
sucks you in and sticks in the knife
and why..... what is it all for?"

Well... its what I've been listening to on the mp3. Big Grin
Some songs are available on the Other Creations Thread.

Forgot I gave you Disco of Love. Nope, no bad experiences, I just like to be perverse. That was basically me saying I could write a Pulp song to the missus, and she said well go on then, so I had to have something to play to her when she got home that night. The music for Memories of Childhood was written in 1996, the hand of fate was written in 2006, but the recordings you have were done at the same time in 2007. Yep, I can be slow on the uptake with a song. I was going through a whole heap of old manuscript and found the music for MoC written out and thought, that's a nice tune, I could turn that into a song.

Well I've actually got embarrassed reading Kelly's post because I'm a humble so and so, but am really pleased that it's given someone some pleasure and that you're still listening to it. Hoping to get the My Space page done over Easter. ANybody wanting to hear any of it can PM me or Kelly, yes you can give pass it on Kelly.
Disco Of Love Camus?? Well, share the joy, Camus Hernandez. I have been priveledged to hear a couple of Camus's wonderful works of art, & he is a very humble & talented Camus.
Look forward to your myspace page Camus.
Kelly might be able to do some cover artwork for you. Any chance of a Camus Live Webcast Kelly? Big Grin

I'm a bit perplexed about that new Silverchair album Dazz. Every track i've heard on the radio from that new album, sounds like everyone but Silverchair. They have obviously completely reinvented themselves, sound wise. Or maybe it was their producer. Producers seem to be the key to moving your sound forward these days.

I've been listening to the best of The Cruel Sea. Their music kind of chugs along like a big old car. Oh & a bit of Beasts Of Bourbon as well. Bit of a Tex Perkins Fest really. But don't worry, i'm just off to play Bach's Easter Oratorio. I haven't forgotten the real meaning of Easter. Happy Easter Frenz! See you after the rabbit's been. Smiler
I agree with you about silverchair's newie. But then every album they have made has been different from the one before and I say that "Young Modern" is all about yer basic pop music. So this is their '70s pop album with a contemporary flavour. Even so the songs are quite good, it being silverchair or not and isn't that what it's really about?

By the way, I too have my own MySpace page:

if anyone wants an extra friend
Good choice there Seany, I see by the front cover of the local tv guide Tex, well young Greg Perkins is guest programmer yet again on Rage. Also a chance for others to get in on the act to be a Rage Guest Programmer.

Dazz JJJ played the new Silverchair album one night in the A.M. time last week, amazed at how different they are, and quite enjoyed it. Just kept thinking, 'Is this still Silverchair?'

Didn't mean to embarass you there Camus, just stating a simple fact, like I normally do, have been accused of just 'saying it, like it is'.
No worries on the sharing front, of course I just deleted everything off the computer, that'd be right. But can easily be remedied.

At adnauseum, yep Camus again, and
Folkways a Vision Shared, gotta get on down to Rock Island Line ~ Fishbone, Little Richard.
I am doing some power-studying, so the cd changer has been loaded up and playing for hours. so far this evening:

Grant Lee Phillips - Strangelet
Rain soundtrack
Grant Lee Buffalo - Storm Hymnal (discs 1 and 2)

I think I have the order of my 60-disc changer memorized by now (perhaps I need to change things around!) up is Band of Horses, followed by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
So the disco train has been derailed then? Or has it just pulled into a siding, to readjust it's sequins.

Well, i'm affraid i've been bitten rather badly by the '80's Synth-Pop Bug, & *OUCH* it can really hurt you. So it's the usual suspects i'm affraid.

The Human League.
Depeche Mode
Soft Cell
Gary Numan (he was glass apparently)
Tubeway Army
Culture Club

I've not boarded the luxury yacht for the exotic waters of Rio quite yet, although i'm sure it's only a matter of time before an invitation to dine with Captain Le Bon Bon will arrive with a curt knock at my cabin door. Until then i'm working with shapes & colours.
What's that Captain? We've hit a rock?? Eeker
We never did find out why she danced on the sand, that mysterious girl called Rio.
But i'll tell you something, i know what you're thinking. Yep, sandflies. Wink
Ich war auf meiner Weise zum elektrischen Kaffee, als die ganze plötzliches, gab es einen Holdup auf der Autobahn. Kein Spaßspaßspaß, auf der Landstraße!

& all the seats were taken on the Trans Europe Express, so i will get too der werks auf kraft
alle rechtzeitig mein Freund.

Auf Wiedersehen für jetzt.

Toot, toot!

Go home, your hovercraft is full of eels.

The Human League.
Depeche Mode
Soft Cell
Gary Numan (he was glass apparently)
Tubeway Army
Culture Club

Seany, wow that is basically my teenage years you've got there. I still love them all and listen to them to this day. TA's 'Are Friends Electric' was the first record I ever bought. Never thought there were that many other 80s synth-pop heads on this forum, delighted that you've proved me wrong! Watch out for Duran Duran, their early stuff is addictive.

I loved Kraftwerk too. As did Nick Seymour I later found out. Although time and technology has overtaken them now, they were certainly ground-breakers in the 70s. The Man Machine is a regualar on my iPod, I just never tire of hearing it.
Originally posted by talltrees:
Fountains of Wayne "Traffic and Weather". Equal parts Cars, Simon and Garfunkle, Squeeze and the Beach Boys. Top flight pop songwriters and criminally good.

Glad to see someone listening to Fountains of Wayne. Love that group. Thought I was the only one who heard of them
Originally posted by Camus:
Kraftwerk barely made it into the '80s

1981's Computer World, 1983's Tour de France and 1986's Electric Cafe are more than barely in the eighties Smiler

To be fair, Electric Cafe was recorded in '83 (as Technopop) but delayed for release until '86. So apart from the re-recorded compilation The Mix in 1991, they released nothing of note from '83 until 2000.

For an act that is held in such high regard by it's peers, they certainly seemed to grind to halt in the early 80s, when other bands began to use technology to their own advantage and made Kraftwerk look a bit of a museum piece, which is sadly what they seem to be today.
Originally posted by Rachel :
Glad to see someone listening to Fountains of Wayne. Love that group. Thought I was the only one who heard of them

I love these guys. Saw the movie "That Thing You Do" with Tom Hanks, and even though they played that song a hundred times in the movie, it still held up as classic pop songwriting. The movie gave credit to Adam Schlesinger, which at the time, I didn't know from well, Adam. Later, I happened upon a review of the first Fountains' album, linking the band to the movie. It's been bliss ever since.

Like Big Star, this isn't particularly fashionable music for its era, but years from now, a lot of folks will be sorry they missed 'em. Glad to see that another Finn fan is on the bandwagon !!
The Man-Machine

Brilliant album. The Robots, Spacelab, The Model, The Man Machine, great tracks. You got the English language version or the original German Gav? I've got Die Mensch-Maschine and The Man Machine.

What a cover. How much lipstick?? Is it just me, or is there something decidedly odd looking about Karl Bartos? Not that the others look odd at all, no not at all.

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