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Originally posted by Tracy:
Originally posted by Seany.:
Milli Vanilli, & Scritti Politti.

Haircut 100, & A Flock Of Seagulls.

Hope they aren't after my chips. Eeker

Milli Vanilli??? Ummm...was that a joke or are your serious, Seany? They didn't even really sing their songs! Eeker

Milli Vanilli were Fabrice Morvan & Rob Pilatus (not to be confused with Pilates, or Pontius Pilot, or "Drop The Pilot" by Joan Armatrading).)

What do you mean they didn't even sing their own songs?? Eeker No, that's not possible, i don't believe you.

The Kooks sing their own songs though. Well, at least i think they do. They go ok though.

Does anyone know which one was supposed to be Vanilli?? Confused
Like Milli Vanilli are the only ones ever to deceive the public like that. Ask Phil Spector how it's done (Dare we criticise Mr.Spector?). Milli Vanilli were only the dumb ones to admit to it!

Anyway, a mixed batch blasting the speakers this week:

Bonk - Big Pig (finally found it on CD)

Hits (new Version) - Boz Scaggs (yes, I do actually like him)

Northern Star - Groove Armada (the elusive first album)

In A Silent Way - Miles Davis (quite possibly the world's first chill out album - ok, maybe Sinatra/Jobim then...)
Oh no. Frowner
What shocking revelations next??
Now i suppose you're going to tell me that The Thompson Twins weren't actually twins. Or that Fun Boy Three were actually Four!! Eeker

I've been listening to this challenging version of "A Whole New World" by
Peter Andre & girlfriend Jordan , although i really wished i hadn't. Perhapse you might wish the same thing. Things kind of go wrong at the start of the second verse, & just get worse. He obviously doesn't have the heart to tell her, but i think someone really should, before it really is too late.
(shuffles feet, embarrassed...)

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

The most pretentious album ever? - Perhaps, but probably not.
Weird?? - Yup.
Any idea what it's all about? - Well, I've done a bit of reading, and I sort of wish I hadn't... (the bit with the slippermen, Rael's 'loss' & the raven??? Eeker)

But I do like it I'm afraid. Very good to do the vacuuming to if you have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones.

It's a side effect of re-discovering the first 2 Peter Gabriel solo albums. And seeing this on YouTube when I was searching for Peter Gabriel stuff.

And I finally understand now why my brothers used to mock me so much when I liked Marillion as a kid...
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Alban Berg - Violin Concerto
Mahler - Symphony # 10
Schoenberg - Transfigured Night

Duke Ellington - Live at the Crystal Ballroom Fargo, Dakota 1940.

Amazing concert, two fans miked the band and the output of the mikes went to a disc cutting machine in the boot of their car (this being before magnetic tape). The whole concert exists on a number of 78rpm acetates (transferred to DAT), and the quality is better than some of the contemporatry studio recordings.

Duke Ellington - Complete Carnegie Hall concert January 1943.

Another amazing concert, the only released complete recording of Ellington's masterpiece in extended form, Black Brown and Beige.
Folkways a Vision Shared tonight after talking about U2's cover songs.
Its devoted to Leadbelly and Guthrie with top artists covering their songs, some excellent stuff on it. U2, Mellencamp, Springsteen, Arlo Guthrie, Emmy Lou Harris and the like. (can't be bothered going to dig the cd out. It's on the mp3 player, gotta love that thing).
Kickarse version of Rock Island Line on it. If you ain't moving to it you must be dead.
Didn't know U2 were a Folk Band!!??
I've been listening to Imaginary Kingdom by some chappie called Tim-somethingorother. Fun is it? Anyway, it's not bad. Goes alright.
A nice change from listening to Switched On Bach, & the Concerto for Piano, Goat & Kazoo In E#Major, by Wolfgang Armani Humdinger. Performed superbly by the Zanzibar State Orchestra & Goathearders Pastoral Choir, conducted by Yehudi Boyden De La Yoghourt. A wonderful recording available on the K-Tel Label.

Oh & amongst other things,
Vashti Banyan "Another Diamond Day".
Bert Jansch "The Black Swan".
Espers II
& Akron/Family "Meek Warrior".

& last but not least, the symphoic sound of rock, Tenacious D style.
They may be right about the robots. Eeker Wink
Here be the track listing if anyone's interestd.

A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly
Folkways a Vision Shared.

Sylvie (Sweet Honey in the Rock)
Pretty Boy Floyd (Bob Dylan)
Do Re Mi (John Mellencamp)
I Ain't Got No Home (Bruce Springsteen)
Jesus Christ (U2)
Rock Island Line (Little Richard with Fishbone)
East Texas Red (Arlo Guthrie)
Philadelphia Lawyer (Willie Nelson)
Hobo's Lullaby (Emmylou Harris)
The Bourgeous Blues (Taj Mahal)
Gray Goose (Sweet Honey in the Rock)
Goodnight Irene (Brian Wilson)
Vigilante Man (Bruce Springsteen)
This Land Is Your Land (Pete Seeger w/ Sweet Honey in the Rock, Doc Watson & The Little Red School House Chorus)

album credits
Jon Mathias Engineer
Joe McEwen Executive Producer
John Mellencamp Vocals, Producer, Performer
Toby Myers Bass (Upright)
Larry Mullen, Jr. Drums
Mark O'Connor Fiddle
Andy Paley Multi Instruments, Producer
Jody Payne Guitar
Chuck Plotkin Producer
Matt Reid Choir, Chorus
Ralph Rinzler Mandolin, Executive Producer
Jim Robeson Engineer
Toby Scott Engineer, Mixing
Bee Spears Bass
Jimmy Stewart Organ, Piano
Crystal Taliefero Vocals (Background)
Garry Tallent Bass
Mike Wanchic Dobro, ?
Max Weinberg Drums
Phil Wiggins Harmonica
Shelly Yakus Mixing
Victor Rooney Choir, Chorus
Anthony Seeger Liner Notes
Bobbie Nelson Piano
L Performer
Charlie Sayles Harmonica
Annie Guthrie Choir, Chorus
Bob Merlis ?
Angola Russell Choir, Chorus
Ali Sacks Choir, Chorus
Joan Scherman Stylist
Maggie Wood Choir, Chorus
Nitanju Bolade Vocals
Allyson Salinger Choir, Chorus
Alison Schair Choir, Chorus
Little Red School House Chorus Performer, ?
Yural Agranat-Getz Choir, Chorus
David Jackson Choir, Chorus
Sasha Tylim Choir, Chorus
Marissa DeVito Choir, Chorus
Lisa Germano Fiddle
Grady Martin Guitar
Bernice Johnson Reagon Vocals
Mickey Raphael Harmonica
Ysaye Barnwell Vocals
The Edge Guitar
Patti Scialfa Percussion, Vocals (Background)
Rusty Anderson Guitar
Michael Bernard Percussion, Drums
Roy Bittan Organ
Bono Harmonica, Vocals
John Cascella Accordion
John Cephas Guitar, Vocals
Adam Clayton Bass
Bob Clearmountain Mixing
Jack Clement Associate Producer
Donivan Cowart Engineer
Larry Crane Guitar (Acoustic)
Don DeVito Executive Producer
Paul English Drums
Danny Federici Keyboards
Don Gehman Producer
Charles Glenn Bass
Larry Greenhill Engineer
Evelyn Harris Vocals
Jesse Henderson Engineer
Jimmy Iovine Producer
Aisha Kahlil Vocals
David Kahne Producer, Engineer
Jon Landau Producer
David Leonard Engineer, Mixing
Harold Leventhal Executive Producer
Mark Linett Engineer
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Emmylou Harris Guitar, Performer, Producer, Vocals
Willie Nelson Guitar, Vocals, Performer, Producer
Doc Watson Guitar, Performer, Vocals (Background)
Arlo Guthrie Guitar, Performer, Vocals, Autoharp, Producer
Pete Seeger Banjo, Vocals, Performer
Sweet Honey in the Rock Performer
Bob Dylan Guitar (Acoustic), Transcription, Performer, Vocals
Fishbone Performer
Little Richard Vocals, Performer
Nils Lofgren Guitar
Bruce Springsteen Guitar, Vocals, Performer, Producer
U2 Performer
Brian Wilson Arranger, Vocals (Background), Multi Instruments, Performer, Producer, Vocals
Billy Gene English Percussion
Taj Mahal Guitar (12 String), Piano Accompanist, Performer

Maybe its what inspired Mr Springsteen's latest album.

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